Anne and Diana…

Diana Spencer passed this day, August 31st, 1997. Anne Stewart passed on August 22nd 2015. The impact of her passing was devastating. Apart from being my wife, friend and confidant, she was my business partner, healing workshop co-trainer and inspirer. Beloved Vanessa Stewart passed on August 23rd, 2019. 

Anne continues to be a continuous source of inspiration, guidance and wisdom from spirit. How often have you heard it said “I should have appreciated him/her more when they were alive?” Regrets have little value, and my communication with Anne reinforces, daily, the existence of spirit. If you wish to improve your close relationships, I suggest Love Heals.

I never met Diana on the earth plane. I was in dialogue with her for four years when Anne channelled her. Read In the Stillness, Everything Happens. Visit Anne’s You Tube Channel. 

We live in a time (December 2021) of exponential change and uncertainty. Nothing follows a predictable path. Diana’s messages, words and wisdom from spirit are, nine years after their transmission, wholly relevant and significant NOW.  In conjunction with the Love Trilogy, a series of videos about In the Stillness, Everything Happens are being created. None of them capture the drama, the essence and the power of Anne’s live channellings (below), but there are many routes to the top of the mountain. 

 Below is a video of Anne channelling Diana in my favourite city, Athens (where else?), in 2013. “Remember, you did choose to be here…”