The Love Trilogy

The Love Trilogy is a project based on three books, Love Heals, You are gods, We are gods. From the books have emerged three workshops, Healing for All (Love Wins), Recovering Your Soul (God Wins) and Healing of All (Faith Wins).

As this is written (October 2021), the first two books are being finalised, the last one is 90% complete. Healing for All workshops are planned for 2022 onwards, at the Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham, and Birmingham Holistic Health Centre. Talks are also planned. The first one is at Cheltenham Connect on Wednesday January 12th at 7 p.m.

In both Love Heals and You Are gods, you will find a section called “Do this if you do nothing else.” In essence this covers a process which will be taught on the workshops but if you want access to it you can download it as a PDF below. There is no charge but you may consider buying a book, attending the workshop or giving some money to your favourite charity.


Love Heals is about using the power of (unconditional) love to heal and how it can create and sustain conscious relationships. You are gods will help you realise your god potential, here, now in this lifetime. And lastly, the aftermath of the biggest attack on humanity ever conceived has resulted in a real global pandemic of mental illness. We are gods offers (together with the first two titles) spiritual solutions to the challenge.

Books can only do so much. One day workshops will give you the tools to help heal yourself, family and friends, companion animals and all sentient beings. I have spent most of my life learning how to help people heal, develop and grow. The philosophy behind the first workshop, Healing for All (Love Wins), is to offer (at cost) two of the most powerful and easily learned “modalities” (NLP and the Healing Code) in a format which anyone can master. “At cost”, i.e. £30, is to cover room hire and my travelling expenses. This is my way of giving back my gratitude for the rich and challenging life I have been given/chosen. The video below explains all of this.

Recovering Your Soul (God Wins) takes healing up a few gears. It covers the healing of trauma, healing of key “actors” in your life, and help with your life purpose. Again, we are keeping the fees down (£50), and you must have attended Healing for All to benefit from it.

Healing of All (Faith Wins) is for those who wish to use all these tools and knowledge to help heal humanity. We cannot, nor should not, rely on drugs, distractions, trivia and addictions to mask the symptoms of lifelong and recent (Covid) traumas. Denial and suppression of these symptoms will lead to disaster. We can use a “5-D” approach to accelerate planetary healing.

I wonder what Diana knew…

See you very soon!