Love Heals

If you could heal your own life, heal the lives of those close to you, and maybe contribute to healing the lives of every sentient being on the planet would you be interested? Read on. Below is a flyer advertising the talks. Check out this blog post too.

Love Heal 1s-page-001

I’m in overdrive at present [March 4th 2020] writing the book to accompany the talks and workshops. Target 50,000 words, around 200 pages. 72 down, 128 to go. Chapter headings:

  1. What is Love?
  2. Who are We?
  3. Healing the Mind and Body.
  4. What Are We Here For?
  5. Conscious Relationships.
  6. It’s In The Stars.
  7. Feeling The Wish Fulfilled.
  8. Love Heals.

“Love Heals not only grief and loss but Love Heals every kind of physical and emotional dis-ease.”

Publication? Before summer 2020.