On this page you will find occasional free resources such as presentations, articles or audio/video.

If you want a pdf (you can easily convert it to a jpg) of the Diana symbol, as referred to in my video, click Diana Symbol (3) clear.    And there is a 2 page pdf of symbol properties etc. when we used to sell them Symbol PR sheet Please note the sites mentioned no longer exist.


Who do you want to be? This is a series of nine, 10 minute videos. They are designed for the open minded, intelligent seeker. Straightforward and uncomplicated without being simplistic. They are about everything to do with who we are, how we operate, the nature of “reality”, how we grow and develop, and how we can truly enjoy this life, be the best we can be and through all this contribute to the creation of a better world. I’m no expert on anything but I’ve had a few ups and downs in my life, just like you have, and I like to think I’ve emerged from the darkest episodes with greater wisdom and insights.

The introduction appears below. The Afterlife, The Subconscious Mind, The Right Brain, Factors outside of our Control?, Love and Fear, and Experience and Purpose are on my YouTube channel.  Thereafter, a new video will be uploaded every week. The next three in the series are:  7) Lifestyle, 8) Religion or Spirituality? and finally, triumphantly. 9) PEACE. A transcript is available below for each video (except video 5) as a free downloadable pdf.

Links to further resources are also listed. Feel free to copy the links and to share the videos far and wide.

  1. The Afterlife (pdf with links).
  2. The Subconscious Mind (pdf with links)
  3. The Left Brain (pdf with links)
  4. External factors (pdf with links)
  5. Love and Fear
  6. Experience and purpose (pdf with links)
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Religion or spirituality (pdf with links)
  9. PEACE.

Return to Paradise for all sentient beings is a 3 minute, 9 slide production. It is based on the principle of Feel the Wish Fulfilled, popularised by Neville Goddard. To use it, please pause when necessary, and ensure for each slide after the first one, you FEEL the situation described. It needs more than just watching it, you have FEEL it. Accompany the show with your own music if need be. This works.