Psychotherapy and Healing

“From the moment we are born we begin to heal”

How to book a therapy/healing session.

I am taking personal clients at my new therapy room in Tetbury, Glos. I also find my processes work exceptionally well on Skype, especially if you have personal contact issues.  Or telephone. My mobile is 07847 954142. Please email me at or use the Contact form to begin the process. From that we can speak briefly if necessary, or you can ask me to suggest a mutually convenient time for the first session. My goal is to set you on your way to self-healing, so please expect results which may be sooner than you expected… And I’m always available to support you.

Unless you are truly exceptional and have lived a life free of challenges, betrayals, traumas, rejection and disappointment, you need healing. A short lifetime of unresolved issues, abuse, suppressed emotions, resentments and regrets is a fast-track to making it even shorter.

Every one of us has a “doctor within” without which no treatment, repeat NO treatment would succeed.

The power your beliefs hold over everything about you, specifically health, is almost total. You are your beliefs. You are your thoughts and you are your feelings. Whilst responsibility for your health lies with you, we all need help at times of crisis or helplessness. I will be your coach and guide. In the 25 years I have been doing this incredible work, I have helped clients with just about every conceivable condition.

Maybe you can imagine a time in the future when you are healed. Feel what it is like NOW. What can you see, feel and hear? Is there anything stopping you? And what will you do after you are healed? Healing is embracing health and wholeness and letting go of “blocks” referred to in the last paragraph. The catalyst, the “secret” of all this? UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

We are indeed born to heal. Let me help you remove any barriers you may have.

Jack Stewart, updated May 2021.

If you just want distant healing, it is free, but I ask for a donation to the Greek Cat Welfare Society. Please use the Contact form to request it..