Jonathan Brown

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Not long after the passing of my mum to spirit in 2002 I went to see the celebrated (and fabulous) medium Mavis Pitilla. Mother “took over” the session, unprecedented in Mavis’s experience and this “visitation” was instrumental in lifting the deep depression I had been experiencing at the time. One of the many amazing revelations was that some years down the line I would be supportive and be a mentor for a young man who I was yet to meet.

In February 2015 my wife Anne and I attended a somewhat ill-fated mind-body spirit event in Birmingham. The single highlight was to witness a young medium who stole the show. It has been my privilege to meet, consult and share a life with some exceptional mediums. I saw massive potential in this young man and loved his generosity, humour and humility. Anne and I met him after the event and he agreed to do readings for us both. A few months later he came over to Malvern and established a relationship with us. He also gave readings to many of our friends in Malvern, not least Vanessa.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Ironically I only realised relatively recently that the young man Mavis had talked about 17 years ago was Jonathan Brown. Like all of us Jonathan is a work in progress, but the insights, the wisdom, the help and support he has given me is beyond price. Yes I have and continue to support him. There is no one else who could have brought me through the two periods of intense grief, losing Anne in 2015 and Vanessa in 2019. Apart from his gifts, Jonathan has timeless wisdom and compassion which belie his 35 years.

And did I also say he is an exceptional medium who is making steady progress to becoming world-famous? He is realising something extraordinary that Anne and I spotted in him back in Birmingham.

Here is how he describes himself, go to his website and connect:

“Jonathan is a Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher and Global Speaker who reaches out to people around the world. Jonathan Brown is a natural born Psychic Medium, he was born with the gift and as a child he could see and hear others that other people did not.”