Jack Stewart

cropped-jack-nov-16-20-2.jpg“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” 


My personal development career began in 1977 when I studied for a Diploma in Personnel Management. I got married around this time but it didn’t work out. Meeting Anne in 1979 changed everything. I have spent over 40 years learning ways to help people, to heal organisations and through those actions to make a contribution to healing the world. It was Archimedes who said “Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the world.” My quest moved from personal development to healing when I woke up to how many people as individuals and employees were in need. It’s very difficult to realise your potential and to optimise your contribution when your mind is clouded by past unresolved and unprocessed “stuff.” And as already alluded to, most powerful forms of healing have a spiritual dimension. 

In the 1980’s I discovered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming). It works; it is based on years of research and enquiry about how we actually function. Theory is absent, NLP is an intensely practical tool. Some of the “presuppositions” of NLP could have been articulated by Jesus himself. Practitioners, despite the fact NLP has been hijacked by some for some very dubious motives, are exposed to an uplifting and liberating view of humanity. The single most powerful concept is that if one person can do it (any highly developed and worthwhile ‘performance’), anyone can. Yes this has limits; at 68 I’m not likely to break the four-minute mile. But this concept opens the door to all possibility and the lifetime programming we all have had about limitation can be released.

In 2010 Anne and I were massively excited by very simple process called Healing Codes. With the originator Alex Loyd’s (we met in London in 2012) permission we simplified it even further and taught both the original and simplified process all over the UK, in Ireland, Greece and Cyprus. For some years now I have combined NLP and the Healing Code (visualised). In my lifetime I have also learned, experienced and taught over 40 different modalities. My track record for one-to-one therapy is rather impressive- tapping deeply into 25 years of therapeutic experience.

In closing, in addition to therapy, my next chapter involves offering (some subsidised) workshops and talks, see The Love Trilogy, which will enable you to embrace the life you always wanted, to heal, and if it grabs you, to enhance your Divine connection. I reached the stage many years ago of wanting to put back into society my gratitude for the endless opportunities and gifts that have come my way.

A view from Dr Alex Loyd, Healing Code originator:

I have known Jack Stewart for about 12 years now. He was recommended as “someone I just have to know” by a highly respected doctor who I had spoken at an event with. I subsequently met Jack and ended up doing two events with him, that I considered highly successful. The thing that I have always felt the most from Jack is his extraordinary, to any and all lengths love and caring. Yes, he is also meticulous, and one of the best speakers/interviewers I have ever seen – but I felt warmth and sincerity just oozing out of his every pore. It really set me up to do one of the best things I have ever personally done -because he made me feel so comfortable and important. I really can’t name anyone else I would say this about except Jack, and that covers about 25 years in this field. He is a very unique human being, in kind of the way you would feel if you were digging in your garden and happened on a perfect uncut 10 carat diamond. In one sense it takes your breath away for a bit, in another you find yourself breathing more deeply and peacefully than you can recall.

I love Jack Stewart, can’t wait till I see him again, and highly recommend him.

Many blessings, Alex Loyd.

Namaste. Jack Stewart, January 2020, updated May 2021.