Conversations with John Shawcross.

When I was experiencing healing recently from my very good friend and therapist Stuart Morris, an insight came to me. Some of you may call it communication from spirit. Stuart has a very close connection to the famous (late) Harry Edwards, widely regarded as one of the world’s great healers. He has also written the first in a series of books called In the Company of Harry. My late wife Anne’s principal spirit guide just happened to be… Harry Edwards.

It was suggested that I do a series of video dialogues, “Conversations with John Shawcross.” This is the name on my first birth certificate before I was adopted. As you will see below, John Shawcross represents my higher self, my true self or my soul. Below is the opening video, shot on February 23rd 2021. As the series evolves all subsequent videos will appear on my Rumble channel. I think the expression is enjoy.