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we-rise-by-lifting-others-postLast night I attended an excellent talk at the wonderful Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham, given by Susie Mackie, originator of Women of Spirit, an organisation dedicated to empowering women.

In these days of creating victims, of division, of virtue signalling and unhinged social media trolls, to find someone who is dedicated to the opposite, who shuns the idea of being a victim, walks her talk and also embraces the other half of humanity is so refreshing. We are all work in progress.

There are those who discover their destiny at a very early age. One who immediately springs to mind is Mozart who was composing symphonies at the age of three. No matter  how long I have left in this present incarnation I compare myself with no one (and I would never with Mozart!), however I did realise at a similar age the world was not as it seemed. For someone who, in her own words, has had three disastrous marriages (excepting one glorious outcome, her daughters, the most significant consequence) to realise she no longer was served by her lifetime conditioning in her late 50’s is brilliant to put it mildly.

Yes it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and it’s never too late to awaken.

What struck me most of all about Susie and the ethos of her organisation and those who share her vision is that no one becomes empowered at someone else’s expense. Reading the brief of her talk, it was obvious it was aimed at women but it was also obvious that men would benefit. How can we hope to build a world where we all can relate to and love each other (yes I can say that, most of us get a very brief glimpse of it around Christmas time) by creating endless divisions using dubious criteria to exclude those who we blame for our misfortune?

Men may well be from Mars, and women from Venus in so far as our understanding of each other. Equally not all men are oppressors and not all women are the oppressed. However in my own experience enough men are oppressors and too many women are oppressed. Therefore it is right to focus attention on the liberation of the oppressed; however as my intelligent and articulate male friend who attended the talk with me pointed out, men need to be educated, from an early age, by confident women so that Martians celebrate, understand and consciously can relate to  Venusians.

Through the rejection of victimhood, but at the same time avoiding papering over the cracks of abusive and toxic relationships, progress is inevitable. Fuelling, pumping up and glorifying victimhood is a slow ride in a handcart to hell.

It is truly inspiring and liberating to read about anyone who has been abused, traumatised or consistently put down at any time during their lives and have subsequently woken up and transformed themselves. What is served by creating some kind of league table of abuse? There is always someone who has had a harder life than you. There is always someone who has been closer to the edge. The way out of all this is to use the abuse or trauma to propel you into helping others in the same situation and educating more to prevent the situation ever arising in the first place. Susie gave some examples of women who had done this. I can give you examples of some of my friends who have done the same. And from personal experience working with male survivors of sexual abuse many years ago, there are few things better in life than making a contribution to help people change their lives for the better.

We cannot have too much inspiration! What is the opposite of inspiration? Demoralising, cheerless, hopeless, grim, depressing. A sample of antonyms from an online dictionary. Yes, been there, done that. Throughout the whole two hour talk, my mind was flooded with thoughts about the person who consumes me, my beautiful lady who inspires me daily. At one stage Susie asked us to compliment each other, as many people struggle to both give and receive compliments. I noticed the person on my left who I worked with had amazing, piercing eyes. Of course I told her this and she accepted it with grace. Her compliment to me was that my skin and face glowed. Which it does, thank you.

It glows in part because my lady has persuaded me to use moisturiser. But it would still glow without it, because the incandescent glow comes from within, from her love and inspiration. She would ever agree with her own story becoming public, it is not her style, but I can assure you what she has done in this lifetime to date is inspirational to thousands of women and she is an exemplar of what women can achieve.

The point of all this is that we are inspired by the accounts of “Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives.” ♥ I am Divinely blessed because I have found someone who triggers inspiration in me. Cherish or seek out the one who does/can do this for you.

One of my favourite authors, Neville Goddard, likens the conscious mind to man and the subconscious mind to woman. Most of our behaviour is informed by the subconscious. The relationship, as described by Goddard is that of two lovers, equals, rather than one dominating the other. Every one of us is a fascinating blend of the masculine and feminine.

I like to think I am both strong and vulnerable. Vulnerability is a strength. It takes real strength and guts for your walls to come down. I am fortunate in knowing many people who are strong and vulnerable. They are authentic, aware and the finest role models in a world of deceit, eight second soundbites and (sorry if this is becoming repetitive) division.

If you surf the net to explore the definition of empowerment it makes very interesting reading. Essentially, empowerment is seen as being given something, possibly by a more powerful group. No, we empower ourselves, and the process of that empowerment can be assisted and accelerated by others of our choosing.

“I look into your eyes and I see the Divine. I see through the Divine and I see myself. I see through myself and I see you. I look into your eyes.”

© Jack Stewart 2020

“I am realistic – I expect miracles.

Wayne Dyer

Thank you Susie Mackie, Women of Spirit, my beloved and everyone on the planet working towards unity consciousness. We have a world to win; let us embrace it with passion, vigour and dedication.

♥ the strap line from Women in Spirit.

Other inspirational sites, especially including men,  Humans of New York, and We Are Man Enough.

Jack Stewart, inspired as usual, February 26, 2020. Nothing is copyright, but please acknowledge the source.

Romantic transcendence.

Happy Valentine's Day Calligraphy with Red RosesHere we go again!

In case you haven’t discovered it, Eckhart Tolle is one of my heroes, an exceptional person, a gift to the world. Because I subscribe to his YouTube channel I get regular updates. A recent offering is Selfless Love and Romantic Transcendence. It is worthy of your attention.

The essence of this, and many similar contributions from other spiritual teachers, is that we should aspire to and ultimately access a state of selfless love, i.e. we love everyone equally. Naturally this is a very tall order, but it has great merit.

If someone is “special” to you and you are “special” to them in an intimate relationship then this might be considered to be of the ego. Your partner is giving something to you that you have not accessed within yourself. And if you watch Eckhart you will see that he suggests such relationships have the potential to fail. Or it might depend on the word “need.” Another term for it is co-dependency.

I haven’t yet worked out how this ties into the concept of symbiosis, of one person complementing the other. Yes we are complete within ourselves, but do we wait until we are in a blissful, “surrender” state before committing, and taking a risk in a conscious relationship?

It is almost becoming a broken record, but the world has no meaning for me unless I can share it with another person. All of nature’s wonders, a sunrise, sunsets, unspoiled beaches, mountains, forests and all kinds of beautiful vistas are enhanced exponentially when experienced with another. The same can be said about music, and art and an appreciation of shared interests.

Tolle is not suggesting it is either or, it isn’t part of his philosophy, and as he has a significant other, it would be the height of hypocrisy.

A meaningful, conscious relationship requires work. If our enemies and people who we disagree with are our greatest teachers, then what value is the contribution from someone who we love, and loves us in return? The world will give you a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t be with someone, why they are “toxic” and you are better off on your own. Maybe you will find a hundred reasons to support the opposite position.

If we are to cultivate a love for humanity then surely, like the journey of 1000 miles, it begins with one other person?

Woke alert.

We are currently negotiating our way through a cultural phase in which the list of characteristics which distinguish us and separate us from everyone else is growing by the hour. All the ills of the world can be blamed on another group. And you know where the buck stops.

Compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and understanding are all necessary in an intimate relationship. If it takes us many lifetimes to get to know ourselves, I suspect it takes a little longer to get to know another person.

Wandering round this town (Malvern), it is full of people seemingly eking out some form of existence on their own. It is a kind of self-partnered resting place for ageing hippies.

And we all know there are no coincidences, so despite it being Valentine’s Day a timely email dropped into my inbox:

“With authority, eloquence, and an easy-to-read style, Lipton covers the influence of quantum physics (good vibrations), biochemistry (love potions), and psychology (the conscious and subconscious minds) in creating and sustaining juicy loving relationships. He also asserts that if we use the 50 trillion cells that live harmoniously in every healthy human body as a model, we can create not just honeymoon relationships for couples but also a “super organism” called humanity that can heal our planet.”

Bruce Lipton, The Honeymoon Effect

I cannot recommend Bruce Lipton too highly; I have made reference to his work frequently. I can expand from my own perspective on quantum physics, it is essentially the Law of Attraction, feeling and seeing your wish fulfilled. Not convinced about love potions, but that’s just me, and as for the subconscious mind, bring it on!

No doubt those who appreciate this blog are of a similar mind. The mainstream hammer out a repetitive series of “memes” and “tropes.” I’m not 100% sure what these words mean, and I couldn’t care less, the point has been made. The open minded and awake know what I’m talking about. If you don’t just watch any number of daytime television trash programmes, listen to Radio Gaga (don’t you just love this!) and read the “celebrity” section (most of it) of a tabloid.

Part of being truly awake, so I’m told, is to accept what is and do so with grace. I love the way Eckhart Tolle makes light of everything which grates and satirises the insanity of the world. I’m on my way certainly, but at times a good rant helps.

We all know, and certainly I do from my days as a political activist, that attempting to force your opinion on someone else is a recipe for a wasted life. The only way people like me can justify our actions is the belief that what we are putting over is the truth (excepting the rants) and at some level it resonates with those open to personal, relationship, and planetary change.

And if you don’t want to be the best version of yourself in this incarnation, and you have no interest in attracting and cultivating a conscious loving relationship and the state of the world as it is suits you perfectly, then fine. God bless you.

A good friend of mine has admitted (he is 54) he has never truly been in love. He wants it and is prepared to let go-once he finds out what it is-of the barriers which prevent him from this incredible state. I have no idea whether my situation intensifies his desire for this.

Maybe I am lucky; I know my situation is not common. I cannot and will not express in this post my deep feelings for my beautiful soulmate. I don’t need to and it is not appropriate. When I am inspired, which seems to be pretty often these days, I feel able to express myself in writing to my soul mate in ways which sometimes amaze me. We are all richly blessed, I cannot say that enough. Find your bliss, whatever that means for you, and follow it.

oasisI don’t care either about the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day, any excuse for romantic love and the sharing of it and the expression of it will do me. An oasis on the long journey towards surrender?

Or maybe, the oasis is the place for surrender.

Love to you all, Jack Stewart, Valentine’s Day February 14, 2020.



Birmingham Holistic Health Centre“If you are yourself at peace, then there is at least some peace in the world. Then share your peace with everyone, and everyone will be at peace.

Thomas Merton

I suspect I’m right by saying that most of us are rarely at peace. No matter what the issue, whether personal or about life in this crazy world, we are experts at maintaining tension. The best metaphor I have come across is that we are all sprinters, frozen in the “get ready” position, waiting for the starting pistol to sound. Of course it very rarely does; maybe it never does. Or someone comes along and shows you something completely different…

We are permanently on standby. However there are things we can do to be at peace. Some are obvious, work them out for yourselves. We are at peace in the company of certain people, if we are lucky. I am very lucky now, having had a few years of-what is the word?-let me say “stress.”

Shortly after my recent bereavement, a very good friend of mine, Stuart Morris (who runs the truly excellent Birmingham Holistic Centre) contacted me and offered healing. It didn’t feel right at the time to accept his generous offer but I made a mental note.

If you read my last blog post “I am unlovable no more” then you will discover I let go of some rather debilitating negative emotions on Sunday, February 9th. Yes after that I did feel peace. But the beauty (some might see it as a curse, but that is incredibly short-sighted) of letting go is that God/the Doctor within is then given permission to “line-up” more memories or beliefs that no longer serve you. And so it was.

When I am not in the presence of my lady, or talking to her on the phone, especially (but not exclusively) when I’m on my own I have felt an irrational, at times very deep and troubling fear. Fear of more loss, fear of abandonment, fear of isolation and fear of life losing its meaning again. Or at least these are the ones I can think of; there are probably other fears wrapped up with these. This is my stuff!

I suspect everyone reading this has had the experience of having let go of one fear finds another one pops up in its place. Fear of course is usually future orientated. Fear of what might happen.

And if you are in communication with someone who is very perceptive and intuitive (ring any bells?) then they will pick up on that irrational fear. And they may feel it has something to do with them, even though it hasn’t.

I took Stuart up on his offer and went to see him yesterday. Would you like to read about a rather significant synchronicity?

Anne and I met Stuart about eight years ago. We had a common interest in The Healing Codes. Stuart and I have always had a connection since and I know he loved and respected Anne. Anne’s spirit guide was and is “the greatest healer since Christ”, the incredible Harry Edwards. The late (for the uninitiated) Harry Edwards is one of my greatest heroes, a giant amongst men.

I’ve not seen Stuart for a couple of years and before we began we briefly chatted about his recent experience. Stuart has learned, taught and mastered many healing modalities and he has put many of them to good use not only with his clients but also with his son, Nathan. I picked up a leaflet at the centre before I met him and I noticed he was now a spiritual healer himself.

I’m sure many of you know what’s coming next. Yes, Stuart has had “spirit communication” from Harry Edwards and has trained as a healer at his centre in Shere, Surrey. I also discovered he has written a book about Harry, shortly to be published. Naturally he had no idea of the connection between Harry and Anne.

Given Stuart’s range of talents I wasn’t aware, or had no expectations or provisional choices about how he could help me. I just knew he could. And although I know many excellent healers, I just had to receive treatment from Stuart. It was phenomenal.

The irrational and troubling fear which has blighted my life for some months, feels that it has almost gone. Getting used to not having it is fascinating to say the least. Who can I thank for this? My boundless gratitude goes to my lady; to Kate Collier and my five co-participants on Sunday. And Franz Ruppert, Identity Constellations originator. And to Stuart of course, who seemed to know all along.

Stuart “picked up” during the healing that Vanessa and Anne could now move back, that the highest level of support and protection I’d had from them was no longer necessary. They will always be with me, but consider the implications of this. And, later yesterday, I went to my wonderful friend Harry, who is very psychic and a brilliant healer. He told me that Vanessa was moving back too…And no, I hadn’t told him about Stuart’s revelations.

As I write this I feel different, more grounded. I need to move out of Malvern. I need to start work again.

I’m mindful of Stuart’s words about life. Life presents us with serious challenges. We have those who can help us; family, friends, therapists, healers. We have help from those in spirit. But then we have to do it. It will always be the same.

“My” formula too remains. Love heals. Find the one who completes you.

Namaste. Jack Stewart, February 12th 2020.

We are richly blessed. Here is your daily mantra from Wayne Dyer:

“Be still and know that I am God.”


I am unlovable no more.

smilerI attended my second Identity Constellations workshop yesterday. For those new to this idea it may help to read I Remember It Well, parts one and two first in this blog.

Everything is confidential of course, however I can give you greater insights into the process as on this occasion I was taken through it. There may be two versions of my experience: one that most accords with the originator of the process, Franz Ruppert and the facilitator Kate Collier, and probably the other five fabulous participants. And then an “Angel” version which accords more with my worldview. A caveat (my seeming word of the month?). You don’t need to have my worldview to benefit from this truly magical experience.

My “intention statement” is the title of this blog post. I truly believe I am loved again but there is this nagging doubt which has to go. I’ve done a lot of work over the years to be at peace with my origins of being adopted.

The night before I was listening to “In the Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics. This song has always touched me. But it really got to me and I thought it was about my rather distant relationship with my adoptive father. My beautiful lady seeing I was visibly upset came over and she had assumed (knew) my sadness was about never having met my biological father. Of course she was right, she is always right. Her words were of great comfort.

The next day I drove to Cheltenham, flying down the country lanes and dodging the aftermath of hurricane Thatcher. My SatNav was acting up too. But I got to the centre on time, full of anticipation and excitement about letting go of “stuff” that no longer served me or my relationship with my lady. Whilst I knew I would be taken through the process (numbers and the drawing of lots can prevent “randomly” any of the participants from going through it. There is not enough time for everyone in groups larger than 5 to participate fully), there was a nagging doubt I may not, probably the same nagging doubt I brought to Cheltenham.

There were six of us. I was first off. I wrote “I am unlovable no more” on the flip chart and then each word on five separate labels. I then went round the room handing the labels to the other five participants having asked them if they were willing to accept the word and play out, through resonance, the parts of me that longed for integration.

Like choosing a tarot card, you always get (my view) the perfect person to play the parts of:

  • I
  • Am
  • Unlovable
  • No
  • More

Which is exactly what happened.

Some (most?) times during these workshops there is a cathartic release. With the skill of the facilitator it is not anything dramatic, it is just a release. Having been through a similar process (though not as powerful) 25 years ago I am aware that my cathartic release is somewhat subdued compared to others. The whole point of Identity Constellation is to get out of your head and get into your feelings. I have and do resist doing this but I am more than capable of getting into my feelings when the situation requires.

What emerged?

  • A baby in the womb, surprise, surprise.
  • A massive, almost uncontrollable ego connected to a potential heart-damaging release.
  • A small, but loving heart.
  • A “part” who withdraws under extreme stress.
  • More…

It was as if a volatile mixture of my conscious and unconscious “parts” was being revealed and was unravelling before my eyes. I felt a range of emotions: frustration, indifference, love, rage, sadness, neglect and betrayal. The strongest negative emotions were reserved for my biological parents. My mother is still alive and lives in Florida, my father never wanted to know me in this incarnation. I thought I had processed all this and forgiven both of them. I think it would have been seen to be more helpful to me had I expressed my rage more fully. But I have been expressing my rage all my life in different forms. I don’t need some cataclysmic screaming and shouting to let it go.

Yes, I could have voiced the rage and the obscenities I felt towards my biological parents, but having run them through my mind, and I did feel them, I felt a sense of release. The person resonating with part of me that was “No” tapped into something I had always suspected, that my biological mother wanted to abort me. I have met her and I see no point in pursuing this. I would be surprised if she hadn’t done at the time. Whether she did or she didn’t is an irrelevance, the “truth” emerged during the constellation and it is something I had clearly buried or avoided.

My biological father passed many years ago. As I write this I feel a sense of peace and resolution. See postscript below.

It is difficult to remember everything that happens when you are taken through this process. It is a time of high emotion, of accessing things buried for years. After the session was over I was rather spaced out. I came with an intention of wanting to both know and feel that I was lovable. I have that. Beyond price.

If everyone in the world was to go through at least one Identity Constellation it would change humanity forever. Franz Ruppert’s contention is, and one which I agree with wholeheartedly, is that we all live in a traumatised world. By releasing our traumas individually we contribute to global change. We become authentically who we are, the goal of the process.

We are not our “surviving” selves. We are not our “traumatised” selves. We are our authentic, true selves. But of course we are the first two, unless we do something about it.

Until 25 years ago I spent far too long as my traumatised self. Though it wasn’t always obvious. The workshop yesterday helped me let go of a large part of my surviving (compromised, occasionally maladjusted and unfulfilled) self.

  • Speaking Angel.

To me there is no doubt that I would be taken through this. Even if I’d walked into a room of 20 people, I would have been taken through it. I also knew I would experience a release. I also know I am divinely guided.

It emerged during the process that I had been using “Divine Connection” as a means to avoid confronting my material reality. And this I would agree with. However nothing, no workshop of any quality will ever change my worldview about my divine connection.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We can lose ourselves in spirit and ignore our material, emotional, physical and mental selves. Identity Constellation work is a process par excellence for removing the trauma of incarnation!

Another aspect of this. I have spent over 10 years and longer using the technology of The Healing Codes, which tap into the power of unconditional love to release trauma. I have seen this with hundreds of clients. However for some it doesn’t get deep enough and that is where identity constellation work comes in.

I’m a great believer in the power of the Divine, whatever that means to you who is reading this. It is a massive issue which would require scores of blog posts.

We all know people for whom any kind of quality therapeutic invention would massively improve their lives, but they strenuously resist it and go on in quiet desperation. At the other extreme we have those who spend far too long in therapy without taking action. The therapy itself almost hijacks the person’s life. And of course there are reasons for both.

There are some people who are so constituted as to be able to almost seamlessly emotionally process the most extreme difficulties. We need to learn from these people.

Can we “get rid of” the whole of our shadow (mostly our traumatised selves) during a lifetime? Is this something we should aspire to? The first step in any shadow work is to acknowledge we have one. There is no doubt that big parts of our shadow would benefit from the light. How much should we focus on releasing the trauma and how much should we focus on attracting, securing and experiencing unconditional love?

It is a personal choice but it is also a global issue.

  • In Conclusion.

If you are conscious of any trauma you wish to release, access Identity Constellations. If you have a nagging “splinter” in your mind or body, access Identity Constellations.

But take it from me, do whatever you can to attract or at least remove the barriers from connecting to your soulmate. This process can help anyone but what I get from my soul mate is more than beyond price. But whilst it is relatively easy to access identity constellations never give up on trying to find your soulmate.

I am truly loveable. And I have found the perfect person to show it. And can I show my feelings? Have a guess.

Jack Stewart, feeling richly blessed, Monday, 10 February 2020.


I subscribe to a belief, often a knowing, in the greatest good for everything. Whilst we might be spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to process what happens to us “here.” Feeling rage against the people I chose to create a vehicle for my soul is not a judgement but a necessary release of a negative emotion in my body.. From a spiritual perspective, how can I do anything but love my biological parents? Where would I be without them? I was unaware of this rage. It didn’t serve me. I don’t care what my parents did or didn’t do 67 years ago. They did what they did knowing what they did at the time. I no longer am carrying anything around about my adoption. I forgave them years ago. Nothing has changed about that. Feeling rage allowed me to move on. Rage no more!

This song, instead of filling me with sadness, now fills me with joy:


Oh dear.

hypocrite3During my pre-teen and teenage years, time at university and probably for two decades after that I loved popular culture. Even the most blinkered know that the 60’s and 70’s were the golden decades for pop music. The success of the Beatles and those that followed had an impact on the growing influence of American pop culture.

Here I have to offer my first of many caveats. Criticising corporate-led, socially engineered, paedophilic and totally inverted American pop culture does not mean I am anti-American. My biological father was a US Air Force major. I have spent six weeks in America, most of my spiritual heroes are American and space does not permit me to list all that I admire of the I AM RACE (for the uninitiated this is an anagram).

“I only read women. I know that men write books. But their lives are so limited. It’s such a small and narrow experience,” the prolific Irish author said during an event at the Southbank Centre to promote her latest novel, Grown Ups…”Their literature just really can’t match anything written by a woman. I just think ‘**** off’.”

Marian Keyes, bestselling author.

The second caveat. To discriminate against someone because of the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation, their gender and all the other “fault lines” is beneath contempt. As a heterosexual white male who was confused about his gender and orientation 50 odd years ago I know in the current climate my voice may be limited to the wilderness.

Try as I might to avoid it, we are now totally immersed in the most insane period I can ever recall in my lifetime. You cannot pick up a newspaper, switch on the radio or watch the television without at least one “story” that has to do with victimhood. Most often, my response to what was once fringe “woke” insanity, but now seems to be mainstream, is laughter. If we satirise and refuse to take seriously American women paying $2500 to be told they are racist and millionaire actors accepting awards from the very industry they lambast also for being racist maybe we can turn back the tide.

Third caveat. My hero during my late teens and early 20’s was David Bowie. I used to dye my hair and dress up as Bowie. I encountered discrimination. Most of my life as someone proud to be working class, I have experienced subtle and sometimes overt discrimination. But no, not on a regular basis, nor has it ever got physical and I have not been murdered. It is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things. It is impossible to diminish the impact of discrimination on certain people and on certain groups. Read my post on The Windermere Children.

Not everyone is aware of “woke” insanity. Some of my friends think I am exaggerating. They may indeed be right. Regardless, this is something I feel strongly about simply because it is yet another tool to divide us. And whilst we are pre-occupied with victims and being a victim, what chance do we have of seeing the world as it really is, and can become? The algorithm age, the saturation of “social media”, the placing of “reality TV stars” (wtf?) on pedestals, the instant “talent” industry (Pop Idol…), “de-platforming”, “hate speech”, “safe spaces” and the lemming-like scramble to see who is the most oppressed victim (and what group they represent) are all signs of a world- as it is now- in terminal decline. But before you stop reading, thinking this eternal optimist has given up, stay with me.

Fourth caveat. During my time in local government in the 80’s I was personally responsible for enlightened recruitment policies, practices and education around gender, race and disability in two major local authorities. In those days it was safe to be a heterosexual white male and working with people who had suffered lifetime discrimination was a massive learning process for me and a wonderful privilege.

That’s enough caveats. I’m not even sure they are relevant, because if my arguments are valid I don’t need to lay out my credentials.

We are all one. A recurrent theme on this website. We are all walking round in a biological spacesuit that comes in many shapes and sizes, sometimes with appendages, sometimes not. To be judged and valued purely on the basis of the spacesuit is insane. Before the woke explosion we had homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and discrimination in all its forms. We still have it.

I still cannot process the mind-set of those who accuse all white men of being racists and incapable of writing anything worth reading. If those who make these ludicrous statements are incapable of seeing their own racism and their own toxic worldview which worsens the situation they purport to want to remedy then get the handcarts ready because we’re all going to hell.

On BBC Radio Five the other day, a broadcaster who I quite admire casually wrote off actor Laurence Fox’s position on “woke” and condemned anyone who agreed with Fox to the ranks of bigot (my interpretation. And Fox is now subject to all kinds of vilification). The same broadcaster has so bought into the climate change cult that it isn’t even up for discussion. He is not alone, this is the position of the BBC.

Anyone who has not yet been micro-chipped will find the closing down of free speech problematic. Rugby player Israel Folau has views I find abhorrent. Unfortunately we live in an age where criticising any discriminated group is a recipe for career suicide.

“Islamic scholars continue to teach that same-sex relationships are a sin, too, and Sheik Mansour, owner of Manchester City, is part of the ruling family in a country in which homosexuality is against the law. Yet this is where liberal western beliefs and commitment to religious freedom collide.”

Martin Samuel, Daily Mail Sports writer.

So it must be obvious that almost all Manchester City supporters are by default homophobic. Folau has been rightly condemned and he has agreed now to keep his views to himself. Perhaps this is not enough, as he has yet to apologise to the gay community. One of my heroes, gay ex-rugby player Gareth Thomas has no time for Folau.

Thank God things have changed. Before 1967, homosexuality in the UK was all but illegal. There are still 73 countries in the world where it still is. Presenter Phillip Schofield has now “come out.”

Yes of course I am a fully paid-up member of the patriarchy. As a white male how can I be anything else? What does this say about my character, my actions, my beliefs and values about things other than the fault lines used to divide us? Is Hitler (a vegetarian and animal lover) a poster boy for vegetarianism? Should you now stop listening to any Michael Jackson song? God forbid you should watch any film produced by Harvey Weinstein. And move out of, or at the very least don’t visit cities built on the slave trade like Bristol and Liverpool. Let us put all these things in the same pot. Hitler, Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Bristol and Liverpool. After all we have here the equivalent of the climate change fanatics claim that the “science is settled.” It surely is. Chances are Weinstein will get off, Jackson is dead and I think Hitler is too. No doubt a sizeable percentage of Bristolians and Liverpudlians are racists. Perhaps all of them. And to think I used to work in Liverpool, and shame of shame, I support Liverpool FC.

Time to breathe, time for sanity.

I’m sick to my very core (thank you GretaTM) of having my life hijacked by all this. But of course I’m not. Perhaps the triggers were reading that men can’t write (thank you Ms Keyes, I will now buy all your books) and hearing how brave and courageous Philip Schofield was in admitting he is gay. I’m going to avoid any more “woke”. So far (since January 31st) I have been an abject failure. I now identify as a failure. Can we put an “F” into the alphabet soup?

We need to unplug from the mainstream, we need to begin looking at each other as spiritual beings having a human experience. We need to judge each other on our character not the nature of the biological spacesuit. The only speech that should be limited is that which encourages hatred and division. If this were rigorously applied there would be no “woke” culture. We need to see each other as becoming, rather than label each other along the fault lines so beloved of those currently in charge of running the planet. My biological spacesuit is no better or worse than yours. If I hate and condemn yours, I’m doing the same to myself.

Let us love each other, yes Ms Pelosi we are all sparks of the Divine, even Donald Trump and the Iraqis (who you voted to bomb). If we see each other with new eyes, as opposed to the weaponised ways in which we are currently exhorted to follow, we can give the handcarts back and walk confidently together to a new dawn, to rediscover paradise and ignite the Divine light within.

Namaste, Jack Stewart, Friday, 07 February 2020, feeling so much better having got this lot of his chest!

My Heart Is Within You.


“In the depths of winter, I finally realised I had within me an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

Credit to unearthing this incredible quote above goes to Eckhart Tolle. How might you come to this realisation yourself? One way, and I’m not sure it hits the mark (it doesn’t), is to go to Eton or Harrow and become “fireproof.” In other words to have an almost unbreakable sense of entitlement and a hugely strong ego. It does get you to high positions in society. But might they have got it right when it comes to self-belief? Add compassion and you have the antithesis of this currently victim-obsessed culture.

Yes, this route is denied to the overwhelming majority, but…Anyhow, I wish to avoid another lengthy post about my old chestnut of self-esteem so let us look elsewhere.

“In the spring of 2003, I am 62 years old and going through my very first bout of extended the sadness… People close to me often ask if I have some sort of illness that I don’t want to talk about. I know I am in a state of depression…. I never imagined I would be experiencing the emotional effects of a separation.”

I Can See Clearly Now, chapter 50, by Wayne Dyer

The exact sequence of events isn’t clear, but Wayne Dyer’s wife Marcelene and he separated in 2001 (after 20 years of marriage), the year he had a heart attack. He also says in the above chapter:

“Today I have a healthy heart according to all of the medical exams- however; it is indeed very much broken otherwise.”

Now this man is one of my heroes, and if you read the above book you will realise from a very early age it was obvious he was going to “make it.” One of his books, Your Erroneous Zones has sold over 100 million copies. Wayne has written over 40 books. Towards the end of his life he did indeed become a living saint.

So this incredible man who spent his whole life immersing himself in self-development and spirituality and then having the gift of communication to appeal to the “ordinary person” succumbed to a profound relationship breakup. There is no discussion of what led up to the separation, and of course he attaches no blame to his wife but it is obvious the effect it had on him.

We all know it’s a cliché, and we probably describe it as a cliché because it’s so true. (Intimate) relationships require work. Being an imagined victim gets you nowhere. We also know that we can find ourselves in relationships that are almost impossible, despite the work, to rescue.

Going further, we have the principle of reason, season and lifetime. We meet some people for an obvious reason, or it may take a long time or never to discover what that reason was. I think the other two are self-explanatory.

I was “fortunate” that my parents had an incredibly strong relationship. They were married 12 years before I was born (adopted) and death indeed was their parting. At least here on the earth plane. I think I can remember only one obvious occasion when they seriously argued. My dad died when I was 33 and my mum when I was 50. I wish I could tell you their secret. Had my dad lasted to the same year as my mother, they would have been married for 62 years. And had smoking not claimed him, they would have made it.

Fabulous role models. Interestingly, Wayne Dyer was married three times.

My first marriage could never have succeeded. A few lessons. Second relationship? 36 years. Third one? We were together four years, married for two. In case you haven’t been following my “stuff” the last two both passed to spirit. Who hasn’t, even in very long-lived relationships, felt like leaving at some time? Is this a bloke thing? I’m no relationships expert, despite my attempts at doing everything my heart tells me to, but I can guarantee that I have become a hugely better person. Pause for a joke. If I was a complete bastard 40 years ago maybe I’m just a bastard now.

Every week I meet a group of male friends for lunch in a local café. One has just found love again and he is a little older than I am. Fabulous. Another has been with his partner for over 20 years. Two others are both single and are absolutely fine. Complicated to describe their situation and their outlook on all this. All I can say is, it is the opposite of mine. In both cases let us say they didn’t have the best role models as children. They are happy for me and I’m happy for them.

I’ve written most of this on the evening of Tuesday, February 4th. Tomorrow (today) I’m going to share my new situation with Vanessa’s family. I think you can guess what the situation is.

There are no comparisons to be made. Live in the moment. My last two relationships, as I have already said, have transformed me. So the emerging and developing relationship I am now in is not between the old Jack of even six months ago.

The beautiful soul I have met is a very private person and there is no way you will ever discover anything about her from reading these posts, except in the most general terms. It wouldn’t take a magician to work out my feelings for her, but in case you are struggling, she is my invincible summer.

Namaste. Love to you all.

Jack Stewart, Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

P.S. “I begin to see that I’ve been wallowing in my ego, and I’m filled with deep sadness because I retreated to an ordinary level of consciousness, I temporarily lost my connection to God.” Wayne Dyer again, offering an explanation for his depression. If your partner is your invincible summer, then in my world, s/he is the primary connection to God. This one will run and run…

The Windermere Children

windemere childrenReaders of this blog will have heard of the Essenes. Most people have heard of the Cathars. The Armenian genocide? Everyone has heard of the Holocaust. Most people have heard of Pol Pot.

The common thread? It should be obvious; the slaughter of innocent people by unhinged dictators, psychopathic regimes (all of them) or institutions (the Catholic Church) wishing to protect their hegemony.

Another dominant theme of this blog is the Afterlife. Removing the veil between this world and “the next”. And unlike the mainstream’s depiction of the spirit world (there are a few notable exceptions) it is effortless for me to portray it as anything other than paradise.

I have just finished watching The Windermere Children, a BBC film about a group of Jewish children (with an age range from around 5 to 18? ) who had survived the Holocaust. In total 732 young people came over to the UK after World War II. The film concentrated on around 300 who were housed in former workers barracks near Lake Windermere. Nothing I can say in this post can do justice to the magnificence of this production. If watching it doesn’t move you, depress you, sadden you, anger you, but ultimately uplift you then you are not breathing.

If you were to sit down and consider the likely reactions of a traumatised group of children when exposed to something approaching normality, you would probably work out what I am about to share with you. But it still shocks.

Getting off the bus? What fate awaits? Being housed in army-like barracks, having to remove their clothes, being given medicals. Might this be problematic?

Having their own rooms, being fed properly, encountering dogs.

Not knowing, but deep down truly knowing, the fate of their relatives. Night terrors. Official letters from the UK government confirming their worst fears.

As one of the quite wonderful people working to rehabilitate this group admitted the children knew nothing other than horror. Any religious zealot wishing to portray hell could do nothing which remotely approximated to the hell in a concentration camp. This brilliant film didn’t need to show any of it. It was revealed by the children’s behaviour, by their unbelievably dark paintings and by their attempts at readjustment. In one scene a group of around five young men used humour, successfully, to take the sting out of their personal nightmares. Priceless.

As a psychotherapist my greatest tools are “reference experiences”, positive, loving episodes we all have to enable us to function properly. For example being told “I love you” by a parent or carer, doing something well and being recognised for it, recovering from a difficult situation, setting goals and achieving them. Most of these kids either had none or they were buried very deep. Deeper than the horrors expressed through their art.

It would be almost insulting to list the lessons from The Windermere Children. I can only offer my own. People close to me have visited Auschwitz. I have visited a few prisons in the UK, medieval sites and battlegrounds, picking up extremely negative “vibes” but none can be compared to a concentration camp. Insofar as we can be certain of anything in this world we can be certain the Holocaust was real as were the atrocities listed in the first paragraph. To identify any person because of their race, or their membership of a group as lesser humans needs no commentary. Anti-Semitism exists. This we know. I didn’t need to watch the film to realise how the Jews have always been persecuted. I can fully understand the anger and “never again” mind-set following the Holocaust. Had I been in it and survived I would have been a dangerous man. However persecution of the Palestinians and the weaponisation of the term anti-Semitic for those who disagree with the Zionist policies of Israel is not the way forward.

This film captured so much about the human condition. I will not spoil your enjoyment of it. Before I watched I read a description of the film and a critic said that the end scenes would “undo” you. The critic was right. But there is another scene before the end which was equally powerful.

Many of us have prescriptions for today’s youth. The Dalai Lama suggests meditating on compassion. I would suggest to eliminate or massively reduce any real or perceived anti-Semitism would be best served by people watching this film. Or just the scene when a group of local youths are taunting the refugees outside an ice cream shop.

You can probably guess what’s coming next. What rehabilitated these truly heroic young people was love.

A couple of my friends have watched this programme on my recommendation. They were impressed. In the last few months I have personally undergone many changes. In the last six years I have experienced some kind of transformation. I know I am coming from watching this in a way different to almost everyone, perhaps excepting regular readers of this blog.

I was told by a very good medium friend of mine, who else but Jonathan Brown, that my heart would open some time after the passing of Vanessa. He omitted to say one person would be instrumental in that. So I look at The Windermere Children with a very aware eye.

Next week I am going to attend (again) an Identity Constellations workshop. I wish to let go of my abandonment issues. Watching this film has made a huge contribution.

As I close this post I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and love. The perfect recipe for the prevention of any more holocausts and the perfect recipe to defuse and emasculate those who wish to exploit victimhood for their own divisive and anti-humanitarian ends.

We are richly blessed. We are all “special”. We are all aware and awake. Namaste. Jack Stewart, February 2, 2020.

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat Eibhlin.