Q (uayles) and a new beginning?


I have a view on this but I am not so certain. It would be interesting to see if other people are experiencing the same phenomenon. Both myself and a very close friend, J, are having things happen in our personal lives that are mirrored in the wider world.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Having recently (since the Plandemic) been introduced to the real phenomenon that is Q, an enigmatic and partially coded narrative about Trump and the Patriots takedown of the New World Order I have also moved home. Where I now live, Tetbury in the Cotswolds, has a variety of cafes all closed due to the newly discovered virus that is humanity. One of which is called Quayles and it has the Q on all its windows and the door. Unique? Of course not. Are there other cafes with this logo? I’m sure there are but not in Tetbury.

I can honestly say without having discovered Q (the US version, eternal thanks Jeff) I cannot imagine the state of despair I would have been in. I’m past caring what you think about Trump and I’m almost past caring about 98% (and falling) of the population cowering behind the sofa and going out in public dressed like mummies and being socially tasered.

My own life in the last few months has been a resurrection following a tragedy. The realisation that many of my old beliefs and values no longer served me. A new relationship whilst challenging, in the early days exceptionally so, offers the promise of something unique in my lifetime.

The ups and downs of what the real Q has reported have been a mirror of my personal life. Could this really be happening? Just about sums it up.

In J’s case, the heart of the matter is that his personal life, in terms of his responsibility as a father, is at the moment entangled in some domestic issues. I will not go into any detail because it is private to him. However one thing I can say is that what is going on in America, in terms of the wall-to-wall, 24/7/365 lies and newspeak of the Democrats/Deep State/Satanists mirrors J’s experience in one of his key relationships. I’m talking about lies and deceit not anything more sinister. The Democrats are being exposed, and as they are exposed the lies are cranked up. I will say no more.

My challenge has been to believe what I have worked for my life, being an infinitesimally small cog in the larger machine, is happening. J’s challenge has been to wait until the truth comes out. Which it will. It is doing.

It is decades since I watched a short clip featuring Dr Larry Dossey of how life would change if we all lost our fear of death. Do I want death? No way. Does it scare me? Of course it does. However what is left of this life, this incarnation, excites me beyond words. But if the boot descends on the face, and it won’t, and new adventure beckons for us all.

I cannot wait, and I know I’m repeating myself, to start work again. The inhuman, brutal but entirely predictable treatment of humanity will leave scars long after I have passed. Or it may not, as personal and planetary vibration rises, the Covid scam may become more than a distant memory.

Today is an interesting day. A very close friend of my partner passed away in the early hours. Today is also my late wife Vanessa’s birthday. Grief is part of the human experience, as is sadness.

When someone close passes it is devastating. Because we have lost part of ourselves. But as long as we are “down here” life has to go on. Isn’t it interesting that house arrest, the ludicrous slave mask and glove wearing fiasco and to me the worst thing of all, f****** “social distancing” makes life a living death. Words cannot do justice to the truly appalling wall-to-wall spectacle of people “enjoying” isolation and house arrest in adverts. It is sickening beyond belief.

As the iron grip of oppression slackens and “normality” slowly returns (f*** “new {New World Order} normal”) then perhaps enough people will start to value life, this life, not the one the Illuminati has been dictating for eons and will wake up to a new dawn of civilisation.

No my friends, forget the sheeple, a lost cause. Join forces with Q (see below for link).

Many years ago it concerned me that many of my spiritually-inclined friends struggled with revelations about the state of “reality,” primarily from David Icke. More than anyone else in the last 20 years David Icke has removed the veil. Millions now realise he was telling the truth. His divinely inspired role was and is to do that.

But of course no one has all the answers. And his site can leave you feeling low, as almost everthing on there is revelation, not hope. How were we ever going to move from a situation of oppression and slavery (the current situation isn’t?) to genuine freedom? The return of a Messiah? A non-terrestrial cataclysm?

Everything I have read and researched in my lifetime reveals that humanity has to take the lead. Yes we have help from other dimensions, but we have to do it. I would suggest if this is true then messiahs and cataclysms may still be an option, but only after a gradual takedown of the principal actors propping up the “New World Order.”

I certainly buy into Icke’s prescription that we should raise our vibration, love ourselves and each other and thereby become immune to the fear agenda. But very few people on this planet have the personal resources to do this. And very few people suffered the ridicule that Icke did following his appearance on the Wogan show in 1991. That ridicule steeled him and allowed him to develop a mind-set which has enabled him to fulfil his mission.

The rest of us need hope. We need to see that the liars, deceivers and corrupt people in positions of power and influence are not only exposed, but removed. We need to experience a step-by-step process whereby their apparatus is dismantled. And most of all we need the system that keeps them in power, the system that creates the reality for 99+% of the global population, the mainstream media of course, is taken down. I remember jokingly saying many years ago (I cannot claim ownership of this idea) that even if the global enslavement apparatus was almost completely destroyed, what was left of the mainstream media would still be telling you their most cherished lies at 11.59 when total transformation would be at 12.00. And you know what they are.

For those of us who do know what is going on, how many examples of the truth are necessary to wake up the global population? I’ve covered this in depth ad nauseum. Before closing I will leave you with this from www.qmap.pub:

USA total pop: 328 million
COVID-19 deaths: 100,000 [lockdown]
Japan total pop: 126 million [condensed (island)]
COVID-19 deaths: 850 [no lockdown]
2 + 2 = 5?

“Drop” 4343.

And if anyone reading this still trust their “leaders” this should do it:

“Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, continues to allow nursing homes to admit COVID-19 positive patients even though nursing home residents make up 81 percent of all coronavirus deaths in the state.”

Keep watching And We Know and the X 22 Report.

Love is what we need, truth is what we need, Love + Truth + Action is all we need.

Jack Stewart, May 28th 2020.

Right enabling left.


In my world Jesus was the first socialist. Indeed if you research the Essenes you will find much to support this. I have spent most of my life “fighting” for equality, justice, freedom and believe everyone has equal value.

However… I have always believed in personal responsibility. Yes “the system” should support those who are in serious difficulty. But it is each one of us who is in charge of our own destiny, given the caveats of karma, “free will” and the influences of other dimensions. Indeed since I discovered NLP in the 80’s my career has all been about self-empowerment.

The arrogance around the globe of those in power I have always associated with conservatism and right-wing ideology. I will admit to have been partially sighted, partially deaf to the actions and voices of those who believe in personal freedom.

When I worked in Manchester City Housing Department also in the early 80’s, the actions of the leadership of a particular trade union (most of my working life I have been a trade union member) open my eyes to a different form of tyranny. I never forgot it.

So over the last few years I virtually believed everything the media told me about Donald Trump. But the problem is that the media controls the narrative, controls our perception and controls our lives. Obama good, Trump bad.

I used to be at the forefront of policies and actions designed to liberate oppressed sections of our society (race, gender, sexual orientation, disability) and to this day remain proud of my contribution. Yet contemporary identity politics is an abomination. Pansexuality, cis-gender, non-binary and identifying as a teapot. The alarm bells started to ring.

In a process used in psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, there is a priceless concept called the Drama Triangle. I might have written about this before but make no apologies for repeating it. We all have our favourite role. Victim, persecutor or rescuer. The victim believes they are “not OK” and view their oppressors as “not OK” or “OK.” Naturally victims have low self-esteem and if they view their oppressors as “OK” they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Victimhood of course lies at the heart of identity politics. Straight White men are the worst oppressors/persecutors. They are most certainly not OK.

In this model persecutors need their victims. The persecutor may appear to believe they are personally “OK”; they certainly believe their victims are “not OK.” The rescuers believe they are OK and appear to believe their victims are OK. But most of those in power and especially those drunk on power, trot out platitudes of “safe” (God help me), protection, security and concern. In truth professional rescuers hate humanity. You don’t need me to list who these people are. Switch on the television, you will see them. Wall-to-wall; 24/7/365.

It has been a massive education for me talking about the nature of reality with my lady who is a Conservative. She is also compassionate, open-minded and very assertive. How she has opened my eyes! I will always believe in the philosophy of the Essenes but I am nearer to her values than I ever dreamt possible.

The liberation of this inverted, insane and Satanic world will not occur from the wolves in sheep’s (rescuers) and wolves (persecutors) clothing. The best examples I can give you of these people are Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and most leading Democrats in the USA. We have them over here in the UK but they seem to have gone to ground. Their day (persecutors and “not OK” rescuers around the globe) will come. Very soon.

Well, you will be pleased to know there is a life-affirming version of the Drama Triangle. Victims are learners, persecutors are teachers, and rescuers are enablers.

None of us can learn if we are kept in a permanent state of fear. We look to our “leaders” to rescue us from this nightmare, thinking they have our best interests at heart when the opposite is true.

As Martin Luther King said we need leaders (teachers, enablers) who are in love with humanity. Apply this test intuitively to the specimens you see daily telling you their Orwellian measures are for your own and the collective good.

It’s a hard lesson for the sheeple to stomach. Their rescuers are contemptuous of their existence.

So in closing my awakened friends, enable, teach and love humanity.

Jack Stewart, May 23 2020.

And by the way, psychopathy may grossly distort it, but many persecutors despise themselves and project self-hatred on their victims.

Stockholm Syndrome (SS)


Everyone is trying to make sense of the Orwellian nightmare we are finding ourselves in. Despite the fact I am comfortable with my perspective on it all, there is always doubt. To that end I welcome views which do not accord with my own as long as the person expressing that view has an open mind and has taken the trouble to do some research.

I can’t remember if it was Leonardo da Vinci, and who cares anyway, but it was certainly the Essenes who said humanity can be split into three categories. The awake, the drowsy and the asleep. Those who buy into everything the government tells them, enjoy lockdown and are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (SS) can be safely ignored. You have virtually no chance of making any inroads into their programmed perception. God help their kids.

Even those of us who would class ourselves as awake have periods of drowsiness. We have to appeal to those who are seeking the truth, those trying to make sense out of the propaganda and mainstream media barrage and those wishing their friends, family and all of humanity well. I’m sure some of the SS brigade are well-intentioned but isn’t that the road to hell…

So my friends you don’t need any lessons from me about waking the drowsy. All I can offer in this very brief post is to say, as many others have said, we need extra-terrestrial and/or Divine help. Here is another cliché which can be suitably modified. When humanity is ready, God appears. For the first time in my incarnation there is a powerful force working tirelessly to take down the Satanists.

The Satanists/Cabal/Illuminati have their brainwashed, bribed, threatened and conditioned people in every stratum of society. The one that matters most of course, is the (mainstream) media, those who create the reality for 99% of the global population.

The SS/sheeple cannot and will not accept the extent of paedophilia, adrenochrome drinking, false flags and democide. And you all know if we had to “convert/wake up” this lot we might as well give up and turn ourselves into Bill Gates.

Enough credible truth activists and spiritual leaders have told us the solution lies in loving each other. So we have a twin “thrust” of exposing and removing the Satanists and loving each other. It was always going to be the case in a world of duality.

Find your own balance between these two. There is no contradiction here. If you saw a child being abused or harmed, almost everyone reading this would intervene. And I know the most difficult part for most people is to love the oppressor. It is all about timing; forgiveness (remember the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa?) is essential as is remaining calm and in control on a day-to-day basis.

One thing is for certain. Passivity, compliance and ignorance are recipes for the boot on the face for ever.

Yes Herr Goebbels, stay alert, do your research and love life, whilst at the same time never taking your eye off the oppressors.

Love to you all as always, Jack Stewart May 21st 2020.

Who do you believe?


Before I go on, we keep 2m from the rest of humanity for the following reasons:

  1. We might (will) infect them.
  2. They might (will) infect us.

What does this presuppose?

So, “morbidly obese” Trump, another term of abuse added to misogynistic, racist and sexist is in mortal danger by taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Isn’t it fascinating that the person accusing him of stupidity, Nancy Antoinette (Pelosi), would like nothing better than to see him out of the way. Permanently. UK newspaper the “Independent” (oh George Orwell you would have had a field day) joins in too. That this amazingly effective treatment with a 40 year old history should constitute risk is beneath contempt. Ask the French. And go and order some grapefruit.

Might I mention Thalidomide, GlaxoSmithKline, Purdue to name just a few? And before that we had kids been sprayed with DDT, asbestos was okay, cigarettes were as cool as a mountain stream and Bill Gates, who the mainstream still deifies, is a living saint.

48 states in America are now open, i.e. moving towards “normality.” Again the mainstream is cheerleading a handful of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers going round in totally useless and hypoxia creating masks exhorting those exercising their free will to go home and die. A handful of US politicians, either drunk on power or part of a larger conspiracy or both, are repeatedly warning of a new apocalypse when all previous cries of Wolf were consigned to the dustbin of history.

Now I shouldn’t let this bother me should I? After all the Deep State is being taken down, the pathological conspirators and liars exposed and numbers of the socially tasered, knee-jerk sheeple are declining daily.

But it does. It does because I know the power of language; house arrest = “sheltering in place.” Social distancing = treating humans as toxic. And “essential travel” clearly does not include visiting relatives in hospital or going to their funerals. It is all so clearly insane it is beyond parody and it could have been beyond hope.

Since this whole bullshit broke my default emotion has been anger and frustration. Anger and frustration gets you nowhere. It plays into the hands of those who wish to divide us and to remove us from the face of the earth. It has been my personal challenge to remain calm and in control and loving towards mummified idiots jumping 6 feet in the air if I enter their two metre personal space. I think I have just about managed it but I am not pleased with myself.

I try to make a point of consciously maintaining my connection to the Divine. Not scored too well on that one either. I can only thank the Divine for my now living in a truly wonderful place and having met a truly amazing woman.

It is impossible to turn on the radio or the television here in Blighty without some reference to Coronavirus. Covid appears on videos that I watch, it ends up on my phone and computer and merely stepping through the front door plunges you into the collective insanity once again. Facebook has been another coping mechanism, despite the fact that Stockholm Syndrome zombies persist. Where would I be without a handful of key friends who are at least alongside the game and often ahead of it.

And what are “we” (leave me out of this. I suspect I will be picking up some of the pieces) doing to the next generation?

Rant over.

As the sun shines, naked fear slowly drains from people I encounter, and what is going on in America saves the day. Humour helps, massively. Comedians who can extract comedy out of this surreal, inverted nightmare are amazing.


And anyone who has read at least one of my posts will realise that love is the solution. Yes hard though it is at present it is needed more than ever. And I know that love has enabled me from losing it. It is love that will take us all to the next level and all the levels above that. I certainly cannot call myself an exemplar in the current climate but no doubt like almost everyone else who is awake I’m doing my bit.

Love to you all, yes even you Neil Ferguson.

Jack Stewart, May 19, 2020.

Lying Dormant

satan arm-wrestle-god

Have you ever told a lie? A white lie? Do you lie often, and if you do would you admit it? What about your friends and family, know anyone who tells lies?

I’ve just watched an old video of Hillary Clinton making statements about her personal emails. Every statement she made has been proven to be a lie. This woman is one of the worst liars in living memory. But why single her out? I could fill this whole website, let alone a blog, with a list of names of people who lie habitually and consistently.

The problem is of course is if you have a network of stooges and a supine media who back up your lies, then you appear credible. If the reach of this network extends across the globe and the depth often goes down to regional levels then every time you open your mouth it comes over as the truth. If you add to this an arrogance, a psychopathic nature and the absence of any kind of conscience then you have a recipe to say and do what you like.

I have just described what is going on in the world right now and has been for millennia. Use your imagination to work out how this situation played out before the advent of mass media.

My suspicion of what I was being told by people in authority was awakened over 60 years ago. However as any truth activist will tell you, the challenge of going against mainstream public opinion (lies) can be exceptionally and sickeningly exhausting. I have no wish to spend every waking hour tuning in to an alternative (the truth) reality. So for a glimpse of a peaceful life I go along with it. The BBC isn’t run by paedophiles, Epstein committed suicide, Weinstein was an isolated bad apple, Trump is a misogynistic xenophobe, 9/11 was carried out by a handful of amateur idiots, weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq, and no government has ever murdered its own citizens. How long have you got?

It is no exaggeration to say we are living in end times. The potential to liberate humanity is real and apparent. I have just watched a short extract of Candace Owens, a wonderful woman, being interviewed by Brian Rose. What a telling statement she made about the way we have been way we have been conditioned into left brain thinking and told our intuition is faulty. The total sea of confusion, the mixed messages, the information overload would challenge Leonardo da Vinci. We have been deliberately led into a “post-fact” society. So those with the loudest and most repeated voices (politicians, the supine, controlled mainstream media and the millions of paid off/naïve/stupid “influencers”) dictate the narrative.

I am so sick and tired of people jumping in the air, apologising profusely and acting as if they have been tasered if they infringe this ridiculous nonsense-I struggle to even use the term-that is social distancing. I’ve done to death the reasons why this is a form of slow genocide. But we are all one, the socially tasered are part, an equal part, of humanity. Yes they incense me, but I have compassion for them as well, even the ones walking round with masks and faces almost mummified with cloth barriers.

That’s the bad news. You know what’s coming next.

Trump-for it is he-and a group of people in America are taking down the Deep State, the Cabal, the Illuminati. World-wide millions are waking up, millions are defying the lockdown, and rejecting the false opinion polls that tell them everyone loves (don’t you love Orwellian language?) “sheltering in place.” Oh my God. The public face of this evil, for my part it is the Clintons and their acolytes, tell more lies, warn of another pandemic, crank up the deceit and the misinformation. Contemporary book burning in the form of You Tube, Twitter and Facebook censorship runs amok. But new platforms are emerging and people are asking themselves why is this censorship happening?

Real heroes are emerging, many of whom have been castigated and ignored for years. What they have been saying is now coming true. It’s here. Now.

My late father, who I never really knew, was probably the most honest man I ever met. He instilled in me an aversion, the total rejection of lies and deceit. Of course I have told lies, but hand on heart not many.

Probably the greatest gift, thank you Candace, you possess in this maelstrom of information overload is discernment. Trust your intuition, follow your heart, ask “cui bono”, and have pity on the socially tasered, mask-wearing apologists. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

We will win this- if you doubt that consider the alternative- and we have to be patient so I’m told, perhaps the biggest challenge of all.

Love heals, love is the answer; now what was the question?

Jack Stewart, May 8, 2020.

The Symptoms of Being Asymptomatic.

covid common

“From the moment we are born we begin to heal”

Gregg Braden, celebrated author and former geologist

Yes you’ve heard this before folks, it headlines my psychotherapy page. And Gregg has more:

“The ancient message- God/eternal within the body– is preserved with each cell of the estimated 6 billion inhabitants of our world; the message is repeated, again and again to form the building blocks of our existence.”

Gregg Braden, The God Code

“A hundred years ago, about 99% of babies in orphanages in the United States died before they were seven months old. Orphanages were an everyday part of the social landscape. Unwanted babies were deposited in these institutions, where modern antiseptic procedures and adequate food seemed to guarantee them at least a fighting chance for a healthy life. But the babies died, not from infectious diseases or malnutrition; they simply wasted away in a condition called “marasmus.” Sterile surroundings didn’t cure it; having enough food made no difference. These babies died from a completely different kind of deprivation: lack of touch. When babies were removed from these large, clean but impersonal institutions to environments where they received physical nurturing along with formula, the marasmus reversed. They gained weight and finally began to thrive.”

From http://www.benbenjamin.net/pdfs/Issue2.pdf

I remember learning this around 40 years ago during my counselling training. You don’t need counselling training and you don’t need to spend your life surfing the net to realise the power of touch. And no, fact checkers, don’t tell me it only applies to kids.

At the start of this “pandemic” I recall some talking head telling us all that we were asymptomatic. The lot of us. So by escaping our domestic prisons we were the modern day equivalent of Typhoid Mary. We also live in an era of “toxic masculinity.” Be careful, stay safe, reading this may be detrimental to your health.

So, we don’t need to cough and sneeze and be short of breath. We are all potential killers despite showing no symptoms at all. Don’t for God’s sake go out on your own and  play golf!

The insidiousness of this lock down is staggering. I breezed into Holland and Barrett shop in Tewkesbury the other day. There were no shopping baskets. At the entrance is a sign “Don’t come in here to browse.” I forgot to follow the protocols, i.e. treat other human beings as toxic and life-threatening, and walked past a bloke without thinking. He had a mask on so I suppose his having a go at me for walking past him came as no surprise.

I go for a walk on the local common for my exercise. It is huge. When I see someone who may cross my path 100 yards away it already informs whether or not I should walk within 20 feet of them. This nonsense is unique in my lifetime. I am painfully aware the majority of people subscribe to this social distancing. And for that reason I am respectful. But don’t ask me to celebrate being at home. Some truth activists have suggested the real reason for social distancing is to enable us to be surveilled. Maybe. I just don’t buy any of it. I’m sure I’m going into another repetitive loop of stuff I’ve said many times. Clearly I’m learning from the mainstream.

We are all toxic now. In one month billions have learned to avoid eye contact, and to step into the road into traffic in order to keep 6 feet away from other toxic, asymptomatic burdens on society.


What if my beliefs are toxic? What if I hate humanity, and cannot tolerate those who I label racist, sexist, able-bodiedist, trans-phobic or worse? What if my beliefs are in lockstep with satanic, adrenochrome-drinking paedophiles who are currently calling the shots? If it is all too much for you do you really believe that politicians are acting in your best interests? Really? How do you feel having read any daily newspaper, even pre-Corvid? Ecstatic, informed, full of joie de vivre, proud of who you are?

And in case it isn’t obvious, what we believe we become. We act on our beliefs. If we believe we are helpless, so helpless and stupid that we have to have microchips installed in our brains and take a Bill Gates nano-particle, aborted foetus, mercury-laden vaccine every year when another bio weapon is released then what is the point of humanity? If we really are as toxic, compliant and stupid and helpless as we are told we are, then…

The problem for Gates and his ilk is that we are the opposite of what we are told we are. We are intelligent, magnificent and potentially superhuman. If enough of us step into that reality then game over.

There are no words to express my revulsion to and rejection of being labelled as privileged simply because I am a white man. I reject all “isms” because I am blind to them all. I just don’t care what colour and shape your biological spacesuit is.

We have been hoodwinked, lied to and treated like insects since the beginning of time. This is now our time; time to wake up, time to stand tall and time to embrace a world free of this truly appalling doctrine and those peddling it.

I don’t want to “stay safe”, safe from what? My immune system is in rude health. But I am determined to stay safe from the toxic, relentless verbal poison that spews out from all those I have far too frequently exposed, labelled and identified. Yes my friends even Bill Gates is human and not beyond redemption. But in the meantime I will continue to regard him as toxic and treat those who buy into his lies and deceit with the contempt they have for humanity. With humility of course.

When all this is over we will realise this is what we signed up for in this incarnation. Love will ultimately triumph but you need to stop looking the other way when the train is coming.

As ever, love to you all; I’m leaving here soon. Jack Stewart April 26, 2020.

P.S., Want a laugh about it all? Watch Andrew Lawrence. Loosen up. Smile!

And from AOL on line, 25/4:

“Nottingham Trent University sociology professor Dingwall told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “We cannot sustain [social distancing measures] without causing serious damage to society, to the economy and to the physical and mental health of the population.

‘I think it will be much harder to get compliance with some of the measures that really do not have an evidence base. “I mean the two-metre rule was conjured up out of nowhere.”

Dingwall said there was a certain amount of scientific evidence for a one-metre distance but there’s never been a scientific basis for two metres. He called it a “kind of a rule of thumb” and said there wasn’t rigorous scientific literature that it is founded on.”



As above, so below.


Forgive me. There is repetition here, for that is the way of the world as it is presently constituted. And I may have used the graphic before too.

All my life I have waited for this time.

Of course no doubt like millions of others around the world, part of me never thought it would happen. Such is the power of the media, so long have “they” been in control, and how much can one person take?

The paradox is that I am rapidly getting to the point where the doubting voice inside me is becoming silent. I’m not sure how much it is part of the human condition, because we are so programmed from birth, but I would have thought almost all of us have a fall back position if it didn’t work out.

I love the metaphor of people like Bill Gates entering a room, a room on which the spotlight has fallen. And the door through which he has entered is now closed.

My own fall back position? I haven’t got one. I am not wasting another minute of my energy on a scenario that I could have contributed to with my thoughts. By thinking “this may not happen” through lack of trust, through a lifetime of negative immersion but fundamentally because of fear and a renewed glimpse of lack of self-worth, sabotage would always have been a possibility. And it has reared its ugly head on a few occasions.

You, humanity and all sentient beings deserve the paradise that is within our grasp. What stops us from creating this paradise? Are we worthy? Yes. Is it possible? Once we see through the lies, of course it is. Are the opponents of tyranny relentless? It appears they are.

Has it been easy? What is easy? Letting go of old programmes, things that no longer serve us, deep reflection, curiosity, but most of all subscribing to the power of love. Everyone knows the opposite of love is fear. When we are fearful, we doubt and default to our programmed egotistical lower selves.

We are taking this journey together as a species. Millions if not billions of us are so conditioned that the prison door is open but we are fearful of going through it. After all what will “they” say and do?

We have to take the first steps ourselves. If we then move forward with a significant other, a significant other who is our greatest teacher whether s/he is here physically or in another dimension, we fly.

All my life I have waited for this time and I suspect very strongly that the individual lives of everyone reading this, and everyone who is awake on the planet are in the process of being transformed.

The ocean is composed of an infinite number of individual drops. Where do we end and the ocean begins? I have been waiting for ages to post this particular Rumi quote, for it has resonance, massive resonance, in my personal life:

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

At last I’m beginning to realise, for myself, what it may be about. I’ll see you in the field my dear one. We are the field, we are the Ocean.

Love to you all, Jack Stewart, April 24, 2020.