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we-rise-by-lifting-others-postLast night I attended an excellent talk at the wonderful Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham, given by Susie Mackie, originator of Women of Spirit, an organisation dedicated to empowering women.

In these days of creating victims, of division, of virtue signalling and unhinged social media trolls, to find someone who is dedicated to the opposite, who shuns the idea of being a victim, walks her talk and also embraces the other half of humanity is so refreshing. We are all work in progress.

There are those who discover their destiny at a very early age. One who immediately springs to mind is Mozart who was composing symphonies at the age of three. No matter  how long I have left in this present incarnation I compare myself with no one (and I would never with Mozart!), however I did realise at a similar age the world was not as it seemed. For someone who, in her own words, has had three disastrous marriages (excepting one glorious outcome, her daughters, the most significant consequence) to realise she no longer was served by her lifetime conditioning in her late 50’s is brilliant to put it mildly.

Yes it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and it’s never too late to awaken.

What struck me most of all about Susie and the ethos of her organisation and those who share her vision is that no one becomes empowered at someone else’s expense. Reading the brief of her talk, it was obvious it was aimed at women but it was also obvious that men would benefit. How can we hope to build a world where we all can relate to and love each other (yes I can say that, most of us get a very brief glimpse of it around Christmas time) by creating endless divisions using dubious criteria to exclude those who we blame for our misfortune?

Men may well be from Mars, and women from Venus in so far as our understanding of each other. Equally not all men are oppressors and not all women are the oppressed. However in my own experience enough men are oppressors and too many women are oppressed. Therefore it is right to focus attention on the liberation of the oppressed; however as my intelligent and articulate male friend who attended the talk with me pointed out, men need to be educated, from an early age, by confident women so that Martians celebrate, understand and consciously can relate to  Venusians.

Through the rejection of victimhood, but at the same time avoiding papering over the cracks of abusive and toxic relationships, progress is inevitable. Fuelling, pumping up and glorifying victimhood is a slow ride in a handcart to hell.

It is truly inspiring and liberating to read about anyone who has been abused, traumatised or consistently put down at any time during their lives and have subsequently woken up and transformed themselves. What is served by creating some kind of league table of abuse? There is always someone who has had a harder life than you. There is always someone who has been closer to the edge. The way out of all this is to use the abuse or trauma to propel you into helping others in the same situation and educating more to prevent the situation ever arising in the first place. Susie gave some examples of women who had done this. I can give you examples of some of my friends who have done the same. And from personal experience working with male survivors of sexual abuse many years ago, there are few things better in life than making a contribution to help people change their lives for the better.

We cannot have too much inspiration! What is the opposite of inspiration? Demoralising, cheerless, hopeless, grim, depressing. A sample of antonyms from an online dictionary. Yes, been there, done that. Throughout the whole two hour talk, my mind was flooded with thoughts about the person who consumes me, my beautiful lady who inspires me daily. At one stage Susie asked us to compliment each other, as many people struggle to both give and receive compliments. I noticed the person on my left who I worked with had amazing, piercing eyes. Of course I told her this and she accepted it with grace. Her compliment to me was that my skin and face glowed. Which it does, thank you.

It glows in part because my lady has persuaded me to use moisturiser. But it would still glow without it, because the incandescent glow comes from within, from her love and inspiration. She would ever agree with her own story becoming public, it is not her style, but I can assure you what she has done in this lifetime to date is inspirational to thousands of women and she is an exemplar of what women can achieve.

The point of all this is that we are inspired by the accounts of “Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives.” ♥ I am Divinely blessed because I have found someone who triggers inspiration in me. Cherish or seek out the one who does/can do this for you.

One of my favourite authors, Neville Goddard, likens the conscious mind to man and the subconscious mind to woman. Most of our behaviour is informed by the subconscious. The relationship, as described by Goddard is that of two lovers, equals, rather than one dominating the other. Every one of us is a fascinating blend of the masculine and feminine.

I like to think I am both strong and vulnerable. Vulnerability is a strength. It takes real strength and guts for your walls to come down. I am fortunate in knowing many people who are strong and vulnerable. They are authentic, aware and the finest role models in a world of deceit, eight second soundbites and (sorry if this is becoming repetitive) division.

If you surf the net to explore the definition of empowerment it makes very interesting reading. Essentially, empowerment is seen as being given something, possibly by a more powerful group. No, we empower ourselves, and the process of that empowerment can be assisted and accelerated by others of our choosing.

“I look into your eyes and I see the Divine. I see through the Divine and I see myself. I see through myself and I see you. I look into your eyes.”

© Jack Stewart 2020

“I am realistic – I expect miracles.

Wayne Dyer

Thank you Susie Mackie, Women of Spirit, my beloved and everyone on the planet working towards unity consciousness. We have a world to win; let us embrace it with passion, vigour and dedication.

♥ the strap line from Women in Spirit.

Other inspirational sites, especially including men,  Humans of New York, and We Are Man Enough.

Jack Stewart, inspired as usual, February 26, 2020. Nothing is copyright, but please acknowledge the source.


Birmingham Holistic Health Centre“If you are yourself at peace, then there is at least some peace in the world. Then share your peace with everyone, and everyone will be at peace.

Thomas Merton

I suspect I’m right by saying that most of us are rarely at peace. No matter what the issue, whether personal or about life in this crazy world, we are experts at maintaining tension. The best metaphor I have come across is that we are all sprinters, frozen in the “get ready” position, waiting for the starting pistol to sound. Of course it very rarely does; maybe it never does. Or someone comes along and shows you something completely different…

We are permanently on standby. However there are things we can do to be at peace. Some are obvious, work them out for yourselves. We are at peace in the company of certain people, if we are lucky. I am very lucky now, having had a few years of-what is the word?-let me say “stress.”

Shortly after my recent bereavement, a very good friend of mine, Stuart Morris (who runs the truly excellent Birmingham Holistic Centre) contacted me and offered healing. It didn’t feel right at the time to accept his generous offer but I made a mental note.

If you read my last blog post “I am unlovable no more” then you will discover I let go of some rather debilitating negative emotions on Sunday, February 9th. Yes after that I did feel peace. But the beauty (some might see it as a curse, but that is incredibly short-sighted) of letting go is that God/the Doctor within is then given permission to “line-up” more memories or beliefs that no longer serve you. And so it was.

When I am not in the presence of my lady, or talking to her on the phone, especially (but not exclusively) when I’m on my own I have felt an irrational, at times very deep and troubling fear. Fear of more loss, fear of abandonment, fear of isolation and fear of life losing its meaning again. Or at least these are the ones I can think of; there are probably other fears wrapped up with these. This is my stuff!

I suspect everyone reading this has had the experience of having let go of one fear finds another one pops up in its place. Fear of course is usually future orientated. Fear of what might happen.

And if you are in communication with someone who is very perceptive and intuitive (ring any bells?) then they will pick up on that irrational fear. And they may feel it has something to do with them, even though it hasn’t.

I took Stuart up on his offer and went to see him yesterday. Would you like to read about a rather significant synchronicity?

Anne and I met Stuart about eight years ago. We had a common interest in The Healing Codes. Stuart and I have always had a connection since and I know he loved and respected Anne. Anne’s spirit guide was and is “the greatest healer since Christ”, the incredible Harry Edwards. The late (for the uninitiated) Harry Edwards is one of my greatest heroes, a giant amongst men.

I’ve not seen Stuart for a couple of years and before we began we briefly chatted about his recent experience. Stuart has learned, taught and mastered many healing modalities and he has put many of them to good use not only with his clients but also with his son, Nathan. I picked up a leaflet at the centre before I met him and I noticed he was now a spiritual healer himself.

I’m sure many of you know what’s coming next. Yes, Stuart has had “spirit communication” from Harry Edwards and has trained as a healer at his centre in Shere, Surrey. I also discovered he has written a book about Harry, shortly to be published. Naturally he had no idea of the connection between Harry and Anne.

Given Stuart’s range of talents I wasn’t aware, or had no expectations or provisional choices about how he could help me. I just knew he could. And although I know many excellent healers, I just had to receive treatment from Stuart. It was phenomenal.

The irrational and troubling fear which has blighted my life for some months, feels that it has almost gone. Getting used to not having it is fascinating to say the least. Who can I thank for this? My boundless gratitude goes to my lady; to Kate Collier and my five co-participants on Sunday. And Franz Ruppert, Identity Constellations originator. And to Stuart of course, who seemed to know all along.

Stuart “picked up” during the healing that Vanessa and Anne could now move back, that the highest level of support and protection I’d had from them was no longer necessary. They will always be with me, but consider the implications of this. And, later yesterday, I went to my wonderful friend Harry, who is very psychic and a brilliant healer. He told me that Vanessa was moving back too…And no, I hadn’t told him about Stuart’s revelations.

As I write this I feel different, more grounded. I need to move out of Malvern. I need to start work again.

I’m mindful of Stuart’s words about life. Life presents us with serious challenges. We have those who can help us; family, friends, therapists, healers. We have help from those in spirit. But then we have to do it. It will always be the same.

“My” formula too remains. Love heals. Find the one who completes you.

Namaste. Jack Stewart, February 12th 2020.

We are richly blessed. Here is your daily mantra from Wayne Dyer:

“Be still and know that I am God.”


My Heart Is Within You.


“In the depths of winter, I finally realised I had within me an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

Credit to unearthing this incredible quote above goes to Eckhart Tolle. How might you come to this realisation yourself? One way, and I’m not sure it hits the mark (it doesn’t), is to go to Eton or Harrow and become “fireproof.” In other words to have an almost unbreakable sense of entitlement and a hugely strong ego. It does get you to high positions in society. But might they have got it right when it comes to self-belief? Add compassion and you have the antithesis of this currently victim-obsessed culture.

Yes, this route is denied to the overwhelming majority, but…Anyhow, I wish to avoid another lengthy post about my old chestnut of self-esteem so let us look elsewhere.

“In the spring of 2003, I am 62 years old and going through my very first bout of extended the sadness… People close to me often ask if I have some sort of illness that I don’t want to talk about. I know I am in a state of depression…. I never imagined I would be experiencing the emotional effects of a separation.”

I Can See Clearly Now, chapter 50, by Wayne Dyer

The exact sequence of events isn’t clear, but Wayne Dyer’s wife Marcelene and he separated in 2001 (after 20 years of marriage), the year he had a heart attack. He also says in the above chapter:

“Today I have a healthy heart according to all of the medical exams- however; it is indeed very much broken otherwise.”

Now this man is one of my heroes, and if you read the above book you will realise from a very early age it was obvious he was going to “make it.” One of his books, Your Erroneous Zones has sold over 100 million copies. Wayne has written over 40 books. Towards the end of his life he did indeed become a living saint.

So this incredible man who spent his whole life immersing himself in self-development and spirituality and then having the gift of communication to appeal to the “ordinary person” succumbed to a profound relationship breakup. There is no discussion of what led up to the separation, and of course he attaches no blame to his wife but it is obvious the effect it had on him.

We all know it’s a cliché, and we probably describe it as a cliché because it’s so true. (Intimate) relationships require work. Being an imagined victim gets you nowhere. We also know that we can find ourselves in relationships that are almost impossible, despite the work, to rescue.

Going further, we have the principle of reason, season and lifetime. We meet some people for an obvious reason, or it may take a long time or never to discover what that reason was. I think the other two are self-explanatory.

I was “fortunate” that my parents had an incredibly strong relationship. They were married 12 years before I was born (adopted) and death indeed was their parting. At least here on the earth plane. I think I can remember only one obvious occasion when they seriously argued. My dad died when I was 33 and my mum when I was 50. I wish I could tell you their secret. Had my dad lasted to the same year as my mother, they would have been married for 62 years. And had smoking not claimed him, they would have made it.

Fabulous role models. Interestingly, Wayne Dyer was married three times.

My first marriage could never have succeeded. A few lessons. Second relationship? 36 years. Third one? We were together four years, married for two. In case you haven’t been following my “stuff” the last two both passed to spirit. Who hasn’t, even in very long-lived relationships, felt like leaving at some time? Is this a bloke thing? I’m no relationships expert, despite my attempts at doing everything my heart tells me to, but I can guarantee that I have become a hugely better person. Pause for a joke. If I was a complete bastard 40 years ago maybe I’m just a bastard now.

Every week I meet a group of male friends for lunch in a local café. One has just found love again and he is a little older than I am. Fabulous. Another has been with his partner for over 20 years. Two others are both single and are absolutely fine. Complicated to describe their situation and their outlook on all this. All I can say is, it is the opposite of mine. In both cases let us say they didn’t have the best role models as children. They are happy for me and I’m happy for them.

I’ve written most of this on the evening of Tuesday, February 4th. Tomorrow (today) I’m going to share my new situation with Vanessa’s family. I think you can guess what the situation is.

There are no comparisons to be made. Live in the moment. My last two relationships, as I have already said, have transformed me. So the emerging and developing relationship I am now in is not between the old Jack of even six months ago.

The beautiful soul I have met is a very private person and there is no way you will ever discover anything about her from reading these posts, except in the most general terms. It wouldn’t take a magician to work out my feelings for her, but in case you are struggling, she is my invincible summer.

Namaste. Love to you all.

Jack Stewart, Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

P.S. “I begin to see that I’ve been wallowing in my ego, and I’m filled with deep sadness because I retreated to an ordinary level of consciousness, I temporarily lost my connection to God.” Wayne Dyer again, offering an explanation for his depression. If your partner is your invincible summer, then in my world, s/he is the primary connection to God. This one will run and run…

What will be your legacy, now?


“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


As I write this, part of me feels some kind of trepidation as I would like at least another 20 years here on the earth plane so talking about my legacy may be somewhat premature…. However my aspiration, something which informs and has informed my actions for a long time is captured in my favourite song, “Just Pass It On” by the late Joe Cocker. Listen to the complete song at the end. Here are some of the lyrics:

I’ll be praying,

I’ll be praying that the best will come your way.
And when it comes, that’s going to make my day.
I’ll be praying.

To say I’m completely selfless would be outrageous and untrue but few songs move me like this one. I know where the seed was sown; it was from my adoptive parents. They passed on so much to me, so it was only a matter of time before I followed their example. I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have met and spent my life with those who subscribe to this “paradigm.”

Examples of those who also subscribe to this are all around us. Despite the best efforts of the mainstream I strongly suspect a sizeable minority (the majority?) of the global population buys into this. Few things seem to move us more than heroic, selfless acts of courage and bravery. However such adrenaline rushes are not that common, what I’m talking about is the dedication of those who serve. Feel free to interpret the word “serve” anywhere you wish.

Yes there are many who get paid to serve but I have met and worked alongside enough people who would do it for nothing if they were financially secure enough to do so. Which leads me to another point. If everyone on the planet- it is affordable- were paid a living wage then passing it on would be the norm, it would be mainstream, it wouldn’t even be debated.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new and a great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents come alive. And you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dream yourself to be.”


Most “personal development” approaches strongly endorse the self-reliance and self-love ideals. When you consider the personal development industry is overwhelmingly American, this should not surprise you. But readers of my previous blogs will know this leaves me cold.

I can’t be certain of an old story, but I’m sure it referred to a group of Hopi Indian children who when asked an individual question refused to answer rather than appear “superior” to their peers. And we know there are many indigenous people around the world with a similar mind-set. And whither “We Are All One”?

Yesterday I watched the film Unsinkable, and very good it is too. Again the emphasis on the individual is paramount.

As my new life comes together, more and more, the direction I wish to go in is becoming increasingly clear. I would like to think my legacy will be encourage others “to let go of the barriers” to love. My specialism for the last 15 years has been healing. Love is the greatest healer. When we find the right person, we have to commit 100% to making it work. We cannot find ourselves on our own.

The motivation for being healed is relatively clear cut. We wish to let go of the pain and we don’t want to die. The motivation for seeking “the one” is fraught with difficulty. Jumping in with those who are clearly disastrous for us (though they may appear the opposite at the beginning) may help us learn and grow but they increase the possibility of “hardening our hearts.” And when the person who has the potential to complete us comes along, s/he may find the challenge of breaking down the barriers too much. Or they may not.

Perhaps this will be my legacy.

Love and blessings to you all, Namaste. Jack Stewart, Tuesday, 14 January 2020.

“If we could take every child on earth at the age of five and have them meditate for one hour a week on compassion, we could eliminate all violence on our planet in one generation.”

Dalai Lama.


Love was the Enemy (part two of Love is the Resistance)

Dont-be-satisfied-with-stories-how-400x600What gives us life on this planet? The sun. The sun has been demonised. The sun gives us cancer, “climate change”, and deserts. Bill Gates thinks we should block out the sun.

So, let us demonise the glue that holds us together, the substance of the universe, that which gives life, that which gives life meaning.

Without love there is nothing.

In the last post, Love is the Resistance, I listed seemingly endless ways in which life appears to give us a good kicking. I ended on the somewhat cryptic comment that from this moment onwards it needn’t be like that. It would be ridiculous to suggest that those who have had a somewhat loveless life can heal quicker than those who haven’t.

Or would it?

Over the years I have worked with some severely damaged people, and that damage is a polarising force. It can propel you towards wanting resolution and redemption so badly that the healer/therapist just has to find the right approach and the client does the rest. Equally, and I recall one person’s situation with great sadness, the damage can lead to a conclusion of total despair and disillusionment.

Cue the mantra. Anything can be healed, not everybody can be healed.

I suppose another way of looking at it, again simply because almost all revelations which serve humanity come from uniquely personal journeys, is what would life be like without love? Those of us for whatever reason have blocked love (or “hardened our hearts” to use Lorna Byrne’s profound phrase) where would we be in a totally loveless life? I think you all know the answer to that.

Love is essential as the air we breathe and our lack of it, to varying degrees, has impaired our lives. What can we do?

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France

We can start by loving another sentient being.

I’m hearing the words now inside my head: “What happens if I’m not loved in return?” The obvious presupposition in this question is that your choice of who to love is random and conditional. We are back surely to a “lucky” and chance-ridden existence. Just suppose you had it within you to find even an animal who would love you back and more significantly a person with whom you could have a conscious, game-free relationship?

What would you rather believe? Are you prepared to make the effort?

(In order to keep my sanity I have to satirise the latest outpouring from “woke” culture. I suppose as we move inexorably towards merging with machines then sex with a metal vessel to heat food is not beyond the bounds of possibility. So how many of us will be embarking on a “pansexual” adventure to discover the secret of a soulmate’s genitals? Maybe paradoxically the inclusion of this apparent insanity reinforces the message that love as referred to here is nothing to do with sex….)

I could go on forever repeating the messages from just about all my previous blog posts. You will be spared that. So in summary let me say this:

  • Everyone is capable of loving and being loved
  • “The energy frequency of pure love heals anything” (Dr Ben Johnson)
  • You are neither a prisoner of your genes nor of your beliefs. Both can be changed almost effortlessly, but let me repeat the old joke about the light bulb. How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the bulb has to want to change.
  • You are powerful beyond belief (Diana)
  • Consciously (re) connect to a higher power
  • Put as much effort into making your life a masterpiece as you have into your work or career or all your projects
  • You are neither a victim or a patient, unless you have broken your leg…
  • Serve!
  • Take risks, follow your heart
  • Do what’s right; you know what is right!
  • Keep an open mind, be forever curious
  • Get help and support to release your past
  • Daily, weekly, regularly immerse yourself in beauty, positivity, knowledge and intimacy; let go of mainstream conditioning and negativity
  • Find appropriate role models, they abound

If you scroll back to most of my blog posts you will find references merely a click away.

I’ll leave you with this, love to you all and continue to have a wonderful New Year. If I can do it, you can do it, and therefore the world can do it. We are all one.

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”


Jack Stewart, eternally inspired, December 5th 2020.


“You have a gigantic pool of information and experience to draw upon (from your simultaneous, not past lives), but this will be utilised according to your present conscious beliefs“.

Jane Roberts, Chapter 19, Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, 1994.

Love is the Resistance

who makes all decisions for you?We are born, and then we die. Things happen in between. How we turn out is influenced by many things. How were we conceived? In love, lust, indifference, convenience or violence? What happened during our mother’s pregnancy?

When we were born did either parent, assuming both were present (which may not have been the case), exclaim “I wanted a girl/I wanted a boy” and the opposite happened? Were there complications, and what happened afterwards?

What genetic blueprint did our parents gift us? What cellular memory did we come with from our ancestors? Were the planets sympathetic to our birth and did we get dealt a good hand? Is there such a thing as karma or are we all powerful angelic beings who can call the shots?

Were our “natural” gifts of telepathy, “second sight”, curiosity and insight encouraged or denied? Were we abused?

Were we loved? Were you a mistake?

So, everything is solid. Logic rules. Our genes determine our disposition towards illness and misfortune during our lives. We can buck the system through hard work and a modicum of intelligence. We need luck. We need the breaks and the opportunities. Hopefully it all works out. When it doesn’t, when we are abandoned, betrayed, humiliated and shamed we either pick ourselves back up, carrying the damage for life (or work out a good coping strategy) or we allow ourselves to be crushed and we begin the slow steady decline. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. What doesn’t kill us gives us a hidden psychological limp. We cope, we get by. Life isn’t bad except when it is.

And then we plan our funeral or an “accident” deprives us of that luxury.

We take steps to ensure our children get a better deal than we did. We invest much of ourselves in making sure they do. They rise to it, they flourish or they squander the opportunities, God forbid.

We nod, and pay lip service to the dreamers. We wonder why only the good die young. We watch, aghast, as the bastards win again. We grin and bear it because after all it’s only for life.

We carry on. By occupying ourselves with routines, work, chemical crutches and busyness we sail on, like the swan or the duck, seemingly gliding serenely but with our feet going 20 to the dozen. And yet despite all this we serve. We make a mark, and the world is infinitely better for our being in it. Some of us, paying attention to the splinter in our minds, are intrigued by the dreamers.

We realise, deep down, it is impossible to get through all this without love. But our own experience of love at a personal level colours everything we do.

Did our parents tell us we were loved? If they didn’t tell us, did they show it? Did our parents love each other? Were our parents some kind of anomaly? Was one parent, or no parents enough?

How did we learn to love? Is it ever too late to have a happy childhood?

To be continued. Clue to the answer to the last question. It is never too late.

Imagine. Have an absolutely wonderful, love-filled 2020. You are richly blessed.

Jack Stewart, January 3rd 2020.

What do you want?

mystery womanOver 30 years ago I attended an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) conference in London. It was to change my life. How? Because I realised having been asked the above question for the first time, in the widest possible context, that I, not other people or fate, was actually in charge of my life!

It also makes my heart sing, despite the avalanche of nonsense and manipulation that passes for news these days, that in 2019 it is almost embarrassing to admit this. Despite the best efforts of the naysayers the idea that we have control of our lives persists. Hallelujah!

And if you are one of those rare souls who has ventured onto this page by accident then this is especially for you.


Oh, where to begin…

Let us start with that rightly maligned corporate manipulator, Henry Ford. But aren’t even the “bad” guys capable of insight and wisdom? Of course they are.

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

Obvious isn’t it? Well if it isn’t please start to reflect on how much your beliefs influence everything you do. And if you end up doing something you regret or that which leads you to suffer see if you can track down the obvious or not so obvious belief that took you down that path.

Not convinced? Try this one:

“A 2002 article published in the American Psychological Association’s Prevention and Treatment by University of Connecticut psychology professor Irving Kirsch titled, “The Emperor’s New Drugs,” made some more shocking discoveries. He found that 80 percent of the effect of antidepressants, as measured in clinical trials, could be attributed to the placebo effect….Researchers all over the world have found that placebo treatments can stimulate real biological and physiological responses. Everything from changes in heart rate to blood pressure and even chemical activity in the brain. It’s been effective with a number of different ailments from arthritis, depression, fatigue, anxiety, Parkinson’s and more.”

From The Placebo Effect: Transforming Biology with Belief, by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution, 20/7/13

It’s difficult, having woken up to this reality 30 years ago, to communicate the massive implications of this truth. Let us continue.

Most people have heard about the Law of Attraction, LOA. If you haven’t watch the film The Secret.

“Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.”

Taken from

The way the Law of Attraction has been presented is not perfect. Of course, to just sit back, visualise what you want and hey presto, it appears, is a huge oversimplification.

We are on a roll now.

Before I deliver the coup de grace (there’s probably a better phrase) let me share with you some of my experiences. I have been in the “Flow”, in “the Zone”, so many times I only really pay attention when I’m not. Cue parking places everywhere. Things that most people would imagine are inaccessible or don’t exist I naturally find. If you take it further I can recall influencing the weather, time and all kinds of “illness”. It’s also obvious to me, because I haven’t mastered this process, when I do get down or deflected, or life sends me a trauma or two, then shit really does happen. And of course, like everyone reading this, I have been socialised to see at best a half empty glass, at worst no glass at all. So when life gets hard I can be guilty of wallowing in it, which attracts more things I don’t want. Fortunately, having spent half of my life finding out how to turn all this around, it doesn’t last long. Boundless gratitude.

The number of people I have shared “miraculous” anecdotes with about clients recovering from all kinds of problems and my own experiences is legion. As may be obvious it is pointless trying to convince cynics and those plugged into the mainstream. Perhaps the most common response is: “That’s amazing, but seeing is believing, and I’m a realist.”

Well, to get to a place of believing is seeing requires an open mind, sometimes an iron will, and more often a determination to let go of a dozen things that no longer serve us. And I would add, finding credible teachers or therapists to facilitate the transition. Letting go of a lifetime’s conditioning is impossible without help. It really does boil down to this, what do you want and how much do you want it?

So it’s all very simple isn’t it, so why doesn’t it happen? It doesn’t happen on a regular and consistent basis, given the caveats above, because we are conditioned by our subconscious mind. Almost everything that we do is informed by our subconscious (hidden) mind. We don’t know what we don’t know. And for many people, even realising this fact, trying to unearth limiting beliefs is quite a challenge.

The next bit of this post will challenge you more than any other. Why? Because I find it challenging, and I have spent most of my career in pursuit of ways we can realise our angelic/superhuman status other than by taking Elon Musk’s microchip.

Most people have heard the expression we create our own reality and that in itself usually leaves many people cold. So how about this:

“Although we are indeed co-creating this experience alongside others, everything each of us experiences is only a reflection of our own thoughts and beliefs. What is more this is true for every single one of us.”

Sh*t Doesn’t Just Happen by Ian Lawton, p34.

I’m only halfway through the book and because this is such a challenging idea it would take more than a blog post to do justice to it. Besides which I would recommend Ian Lawton to you.

We therefore have a spectrum of beliefs. My personal pre-1980’s mind-set of life just happening to me. This is probably still a large minority view, maybe a majority I just don’t know. Moving along we then have the prospect of changing our beliefs to ones which serve us rather than ones we have internalised from authority and authority figures. The spectrum may blur a little when it passes through our subconscious but it ultimately leads to the place where we are in total control of our lives.

The idea also that the truth only emerges once we have let go of a lifetime’s distortions and traumas persists and I have explored this in previous posts.

Recently I have found myself in a situation where expectations of progress in a specific context have been my life raft. One of the ways I can personally deal with difficult situations is to write about them, and some of that writing never sees the light of day (the rest goes on here…). What I can say with complete certainty is that progress never stops, and I find myself in the very (amazingly improved) situation I wish to experience within a few days of reflection. God forbid, it is as if I am in control of my life.

Where I’m stuck at present is imagining I am influencing other people against their will, something I could never contemplate. The way round this of course is to ask their higher self and if part of me knows that it is in their best interests I will go for it. And the beauty is, that if it isn’t for them it won’t happen! However I would be disingenuous if I didn’t admit to subscribing to the universal truth that we all want to love and be loved.

Perhaps my personal greatest work-related gift is being a psychotherapist. Over the years I have worked with a huge variety of clients, some of which (their personality and their prejudices as opposed to their condition) would be very challenging to anyone. However as I have said repeatedly, and this is (or should be) almost any therapist’s mantra, if you don’t love your client go and do something else.

I suppose this piece would be incomplete without acknowledgement of the mystery of life. After all even Ian Lawton and others like him must surely welcome the challenges of life. Would anyone want to be so in control as to be God-like? In accepting that we are indeed God-like, the backdrop of our being in total control is that God his or herself wishes to learn and evolve. It’s slightly more complicated than that but we can’t learn and evolve unless we are challenged. And yes everyone reading this will have had challenges they rather would not have had to face, but you did and you came through them.

So in conclusion my dear friends, this is yet another post in which I hope you are becoming more and more disposed to accepting the “reality” of your angelic situation. And know you can let go of your personal tragedies and create a life for yourself which no longer requires you to suffer massively. How much I wish, sat here on Christmas Eve 2019, I could accelerate this realisation. I will have to be content with working with those closest to me and those who choose to come to me in a professional capacity. Or in 2020, my talks.

Whilst I still aspire to be part of the global movement involved in awakening humanity, if all I did in the foreseeable future was to help one person then my life would be complete.

Have a great Christmas, and start to create the kind of 2020 you hitherto only dreamt about.

Love and blessings to you all, Jack Stewart, Tuesday, 24 December 2019. Σε αγαπώ ελένη.