Oh dear.

hypocrite3During my pre-teen and teenage years, time at university and probably for two decades after that I loved popular culture. Even the most blinkered know that the 60’s and 70’s were the golden decades for pop music. The success of the Beatles and those that followed had an impact on the growing influence of American pop culture.

Here I have to offer my first of many caveats. Criticising corporate-led, socially engineered, paedophilic and totally inverted American pop culture does not mean I am anti-American. My biological father was a US Air Force major. I have spent six weeks in America, most of my spiritual heroes are American and space does not permit me to list all that I admire of the I AM RACE (for the uninitiated this is an anagram).

“I only read women. I know that men write books. But their lives are so limited. It’s such a small and narrow experience,” the prolific Irish author said during an event at the Southbank Centre to promote her latest novel, Grown Ups…”Their literature just really can’t match anything written by a woman. I just think ‘**** off’.”

Marian Keyes, bestselling author.

The second caveat. To discriminate against someone because of the colour of their skin, their sexual orientation, their gender and all the other “fault lines” is beneath contempt. As a heterosexual white male who was confused about his gender and orientation 50 odd years ago I know in the current climate my voice may be limited to the wilderness.

Try as I might to avoid it, we are now totally immersed in the most insane period I can ever recall in my lifetime. You cannot pick up a newspaper, switch on the radio or watch the television without at least one “story” that has to do with victimhood. Most often, my response to what was once fringe “woke” insanity, but now seems to be mainstream, is laughter. If we satirise and refuse to take seriously American women paying $2500 to be told they are racist and millionaire actors accepting awards from the very industry they lambast also for being racist maybe we can turn back the tide.

Third caveat. My hero during my late teens and early 20’s was David Bowie. I used to dye my hair and dress up as Bowie. I encountered discrimination. Most of my life as someone proud to be working class, I have experienced subtle and sometimes overt discrimination. But no, not on a regular basis, nor has it ever got physical and I have not been murdered. It is of no consequence in the grand scheme of things. It is impossible to diminish the impact of discrimination on certain people and on certain groups. Read my post on The Windermere Children.

Not everyone is aware of “woke” insanity. Some of my friends think I am exaggerating. They may indeed be right. Regardless, this is something I feel strongly about simply because it is yet another tool to divide us. And whilst we are pre-occupied with victims and being a victim, what chance do we have of seeing the world as it really is, and can become? The algorithm age, the saturation of “social media”, the placing of “reality TV stars” (wtf?) on pedestals, the instant “talent” industry (Pop Idol…), “de-platforming”, “hate speech”, “safe spaces” and the lemming-like scramble to see who is the most oppressed victim (and what group they represent) are all signs of a world- as it is now- in terminal decline. But before you stop reading, thinking this eternal optimist has given up, stay with me.

Fourth caveat. During my time in local government in the 80’s I was personally responsible for enlightened recruitment policies, practices and education around gender, race and disability in two major local authorities. In those days it was safe to be a heterosexual white male and working with people who had suffered lifetime discrimination was a massive learning process for me and a wonderful privilege.

That’s enough caveats. I’m not even sure they are relevant, because if my arguments are valid I don’t need to lay out my credentials.

We are all one. A recurrent theme on this website. We are all walking round in a biological spacesuit that comes in many shapes and sizes, sometimes with appendages, sometimes not. To be judged and valued purely on the basis of the spacesuit is insane. Before the woke explosion we had homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and discrimination in all its forms. We still have it.

I still cannot process the mind-set of those who accuse all white men of being racists and incapable of writing anything worth reading. If those who make these ludicrous statements are incapable of seeing their own racism and their own toxic worldview which worsens the situation they purport to want to remedy then get the handcarts ready because we’re all going to hell.

On BBC Radio Five the other day, a broadcaster who I quite admire casually wrote off actor Laurence Fox’s position on “woke” and condemned anyone who agreed with Fox to the ranks of bigot (my interpretation. And Fox is now subject to all kinds of vilification). The same broadcaster has so bought into the climate change cult that it isn’t even up for discussion. He is not alone, this is the position of the BBC.

Anyone who has not yet been micro-chipped will find the closing down of free speech problematic. Rugby player Israel Folau has views I find abhorrent. Unfortunately we live in an age where criticising any discriminated group is a recipe for career suicide.

“Islamic scholars continue to teach that same-sex relationships are a sin, too, and Sheik Mansour, owner of Manchester City, is part of the ruling family in a country in which homosexuality is against the law. Yet this is where liberal western beliefs and commitment to religious freedom collide.”

Martin Samuel, Daily Mail Sports writer.

So it must be obvious that almost all Manchester City supporters are by default homophobic. Folau has been rightly condemned and he has agreed now to keep his views to himself. Perhaps this is not enough, as he has yet to apologise to the gay community. One of my heroes, gay ex-rugby player Gareth Thomas has no time for Folau.

Thank God things have changed. Before 1967, homosexuality in the UK was all but illegal. There are still 73 countries in the world where it still is. Presenter Phillip Schofield has now “come out.”

Yes of course I am a fully paid-up member of the patriarchy. As a white male how can I be anything else? What does this say about my character, my actions, my beliefs and values about things other than the fault lines used to divide us? Is Hitler (a vegetarian and animal lover) a poster boy for vegetarianism? Should you now stop listening to any Michael Jackson song? God forbid you should watch any film produced by Harvey Weinstein. And move out of, or at the very least don’t visit cities built on the slave trade like Bristol and Liverpool. Let us put all these things in the same pot. Hitler, Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Bristol and Liverpool. After all we have here the equivalent of the climate change fanatics claim that the “science is settled.” It surely is. Chances are Weinstein will get off, Jackson is dead and I think Hitler is too. No doubt a sizeable percentage of Bristolians and Liverpudlians are racists. Perhaps all of them. And to think I used to work in Liverpool, and shame of shame, I support Liverpool FC.

Time to breathe, time for sanity.

I’m sick to my very core (thank you GretaTM) of having my life hijacked by all this. But of course I’m not. Perhaps the triggers were reading that men can’t write (thank you Ms Keyes, I will now buy all your books) and hearing how brave and courageous Philip Schofield was in admitting he is gay. I’m going to avoid any more “woke”. So far (since January 31st) I have been an abject failure. I now identify as a failure. Can we put an “F” into the alphabet soup?

We need to unplug from the mainstream, we need to begin looking at each other as spiritual beings having a human experience. We need to judge each other on our character not the nature of the biological spacesuit. The only speech that should be limited is that which encourages hatred and division. If this were rigorously applied there would be no “woke” culture. We need to see each other as becoming, rather than label each other along the fault lines so beloved of those currently in charge of running the planet. My biological spacesuit is no better or worse than yours. If I hate and condemn yours, I’m doing the same to myself.

Let us love each other, yes Ms Pelosi we are all sparks of the Divine, even Donald Trump and the Iraqis (who you voted to bomb). If we see each other with new eyes, as opposed to the weaponised ways in which we are currently exhorted to follow, we can give the handcarts back and walk confidently together to a new dawn, to rediscover paradise and ignite the Divine light within.

Namaste, Jack Stewart, Friday, 07 February 2020, feeling so much better having got this lot of his chest!

Let go and let God (God says Yes)

pinkCan be a bit of a problem can’t it? You must have heard of the serenity prayer:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

The above forms part of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and has done since its inception. The longer version of the prayer talks about surrendering to God’s will…

Okay, we have a problem, a big one. Do we allow it to defeat us and render our lives at best to be of quiet desperation, at worst completely giving up? Or conversely do we throw ourselves either into distracted actions (work, TV, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll) or do we take steps to create a new life for ourselves? Somewhere in the mix do we “let God” move in and let things happen? Or do we, mindful of Divine intervention as opposed to giving up, give the whole thing over to God?

Unless you are Richard Dawkins, who hasn’t turned to prayer?

What exactly constitutes handing (life) over to God? I’ve already dealt with the passive aspect; it certainly isn’t that. And surely, even letting God call the shots, we have to take deliberate actions ourselves?

And it is obvious to me, having experienced this many times and having talked to many others, being in what I would describe as an “allowing” state leaves the door open for amazing things to happen. What is the intention behind this? To be happy? How specific do we need to be? How about wanting to meet your soulmate? Experiencing abundance? Being healthy and pain-free? If your intention is to be happy and currently you are lacking a soulmate and abundance and possibly having health challenges then is this not sufficient? In other words, God knows what would make you happy.

If you trust God do you need to tell him or her that you want to be happy? By doing this, for example declaring “I want to be happy” implies you are not happy in the moment.

I’m afraid we have to address that old chestnut, self-worth and deserving. I know as this is written there will be people reading this whose self-worth could be lifted and who have some reservations about what they deserve. And you know we can only notice in others that which we have had or have within ourselves. I recall times when I had low self-worth and it almost brings me to tears to see it in others. If we have a permanent programme or filter that blocks or deletes praise, compliments, expressions of love and appreciation then we suffer.

It has to go!

How about-see Neale Donald Walsch-allowing God to reinforce your transient high self-esteem, and your deserving happiness and all that that implies. As many of you know the key here is to feel it, rather than merely think it. Act as if you already have what you want, your birthright. The more you do this, the less transient the state, the better you feel, and the more you radiate this out to others. In time you become an exemplar, a shining light in the world when all around us could increasingly become grey and dark.

I would go as far as to say it is your duty to do this. We are all One, we did NOT “come down here” to be suppressed and subjugated. Help is all around you. It is within you. And if you need someone to “kickstart” your journey back to self-appreciation then grab them and keep them close.

All roads lead to God. You are God. If saying that causes you problems, settle for the truth that you are not only connected to God, but you have within you a spark of the Divine. If you were to read many of my posts you would be forgiven for noticing this recurrent theme. If I were to adopt the methods of the mainstream media then-I’m not sure how-you would be getting this message 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year for life.

In closing I am unsure of any formula for giving things over to God. I suppose I will conclude by saying that you should give everything over to at first your higher self and then to your angelic self. You may know these as your heart-mind, occasionally your intuition and your true feelings. Or conversely anything but your ego and lower, conditioned self. And if you want to know when your conditioned self operates, switch on your television, listen to your radio, read your newspapers and worst of all-the latest incarnation of mind control-paying attention to those who label anything which deviates from the agenda as fake news.

Beam me up Scotty. The day that love is labelled as fake news cannot be far away.

I’m going to give that over to God with the greatest of pleasure.

για σένα ελένη. Pink roses and love to you all, Jack Stewart, Tuesday, 10 December 2019. Music? Just love the song.

Paradise Won

miceFacebook is another Marmite phenomenon. Many love it and find it addictive, and others hate it and avoid it at all costs.

For those of us who are “public figures” it is not easy to dismiss. And I personally have friends in many countries. So I grin and bear it. However the “dopamine hit” no longer works for me. If I post something up there and don’t get many likes, so what?

What intrigues me is how many of my friends have views which are the polar opposite of mine. And are often forcefully held. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt. We all have “friends” who are distant (geographically) and we have never met. Others may be closer physically, but are closer in terms of our affections.

I probably visit Facebook 2 to 3 times a week. I probably spend anything between two and 10 minutes on it. However I was faced with the realisation this morning that I couldn’t care less if close friends or people I value (almost all of you) love or hate Jeremy Corbyn. It matters not at all what your views are on Boris Johnson. Brexit or Remain? Not bothered. I may have a “friend” who is racist or homophobic, but I have no idea who they are. And I’m sure they don’t exist.

We will never extricate ourselves from the current planetary crisis by arguing at the margins. I have my own views on all these issues obviously and will admit to getting at least irritated, sometimes angry when people in the public eye knowingly tell lies. Which regretfully is a pandemic. Most people have been misled; the power of the media to convince people black is white and white is black has never diminished. And yet despite our living in a post-fact Society with “fact checkers” I wouldn’t trust to tell me the time, it still doesn’t change my view of those who I value.

We are all sparks of the Divine, we are all Divine. We are all angelic whether we realise it or not. Who we are is not defined by our socialised values and beliefs. Everyone has helped someone else. Before help was given the person was not regarded as undeserving because of any unspoken opinion on anything. Random acts of kindness and all that jazz. Pay it forward. Unconditional love. I’m trying.

And if you too are struggling to rise above the nightmare that had once threatened to overwhelm us, take some faith from my personal experiences and never give up.

It cannot be said too often we are all work in progress. And before anyone is poised to call me naive and simplistic let me say this. The primary global solution offered by those currently running the planet is war, violence and austerity in all its forms. If we have violence or anger within us it will always find a way out. The ultimate cliché and the ultimate truth. Love is all you need. I have no wish to spend my remaining years in this incarnation “fighting” all the wrongs in the world. I will never turn a blind eye to injustice and violence and hatred to any sentient being, but to repeat, love is all you need,

We are all richly blessed, thank you for reading this post. Any prizes for guessing the music?

Jack Stewart, Monday, 02 December 2019.

Thank you to one very special person. You know who you are.

What is presupposed?

vendetta-gDefinitely a sense of déjà vu with this post, but the older version, if there is one, was written by someone different. After all every one of us is changing continuously and when combined with awareness and conviction, for the better. Spot the presuppositions?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is “informed” by a series of powerful presuppositions. A few years ago I presented some of them alongside quotes from spiritual teachers. Here is a sample, the NLP presupposition is in normal font:

  • We always have choice.

The last of human freedoms-the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.

Viktor Frankl

  • We always make the best choice available to us, given the information we have.

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.


  • Being more flexible gives us our greatest influence.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.


  • We cannot not communicate.

Each cell knows what the other cell is doing.

Diana, from In the Stillness, Everything Happens.

Every communication, every interaction with others has behind it an assumption, a belief, a presupposition. For almost every one of us that presupposition is our truth. Sometimes we have an “aha” moment when the penny drops and we realise that the presupposition no longer serves us. Or another person challenges what we have just said and we realise at best it was built on quicksand, at worst a downright lie.

For example we may assume/presuppose that “the universe is a friendly place”. Thank you Albert Einstein (the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe). Those who are committed to this assumption will not be found arming themselves to the teeth and shooting non-terrestrials on sight. Quite significant I would suggest.

A little less grand would be when we are in or beginning a relationship to make a series of presuppositions for example about our (potential) partner’s attitudes and beliefs about being touched, being entertained, their appearance and what they like to eat. Two of these can be ascertained by questioning, the other two may be somewhat trickier.

(Oh just do it and say it! Ed.)

My current pre-occupation is with psychotraumatology. One of the leading lights in this field, Franz Ruppert offers some empowering “aims” for all of us to adopt. Imagine you had the following presupposed with all your interactions with people. And they were true for them as they were true for you. They:

  • were in permanent touch with themselves
  • wanted the right thing for themselves
  • felt their body and its needs
  • allowed their own coherent feelings
  • loved clarity of thought
  • developed constructive relationships
  • lived in healthy autonomy in a healthy community

Fabulous. Taken from Who am I in a Traumatised and Traumatising Society? by Franz Ruppert, 2019.

Eight years ago I had the quite unbelievable privilege to engage in dialogue with Princess Diana and to write up those dialogues in the book In the Stillness, Everything Happens. Last night and this morning I re-read the book again, which I haven’t done for a few years. Yes I may be somewhat oversensitive at the moment but reading just about every “channelling” brought me to tears. Of joy. I still pinch myself that this happened. Did it? Diana’s gift is replete with transformational presuppositions. Here are a few:

  • Your Earth is so beautiful, and God has given you so much, enough for every need to be met.
  • By changing our thoughts we can change; change the energy within the body, to make the body stronger and healthier.
  • It is our duty to educate and nurture others.
  • Health is our birth right.
  • Focus your thoughts on the beauty of it all; create your own world.
  • You have been chosen, and you chose to be on this planet now.
  • You are never alone.

Can you imagine the impact on all sentient beings and the planet if enough of us operated out of these presuppositions with conviction? Whilst I am far, far from mastery, I do attempt to operate out of five of these. And I strive (and yes fail badly at times), daily, to act in my dealings with people who matter to me and those who don’t yet on these truths:

  • You will find your path. So never give up. Never ever give up.
  • You need to be one with nature. Watch nature, learn from it. As nature unfolds, so do you. You are unfolding, you are blossoming, and your blossoms will be full.
  • We were brought into creation to be able to heal each other and to heal ourselves.
  • So as you give gratitude for everything that you have then your supply will multiply. But just giving gratitude isn’t enough; you have to feel it from your heart.
  • Know that you are powerful beyond belief.
  • The heart chakra is the engine of your body. Once the heart is opened, it softens the arteries, it lets the blood flow, and it helps the circulation. The blood can be purified.
  • Think big, think outside the box, think with love, be love.

When we find ourselves with people or in situations that shine light on a glorious path, that open the heart, and enable us to “be love” it is beyond words. Of course it is one thing to be in these situations but it takes effort, insight and (again) conviction to sustain them. A recurrent theme of this site, synchronicity, keeps leading us back to where we belong. And who has no doubt, may be a little afraid, and knows the path with certainty?

Many times in the last few months have I indulged myself by looking back over my life. I reckon it’s valid if there are still lessons to be learned. But more valid, more important, and critical for those closest to us is for every one of us to create our own (new) world.

You don’t need to wait for Robert De Niro. He and Anne Hathaway are in your heart chakra’s energy field. And you in theirs.

Blessings to you all: please reflect on what you assume. I assume what you presuppose serves you, your loved ones and all sentient beings. Jack Stewart, Guy Fawkes Night 2019.

P.S. Déjà vu indeed. 15 months ago I began a post with the same title. Wrote two paragraphs of angry rubbish and stopped. I’ve deleted it.

Don’t know why I chose this song. Written by Rufus Wainwright.

The personal life is alive and kicking

Rwanda-Genocide“We are born with hope; we are born with a smile.”

David Luiz, Brazilian footballer who plays for Arsenal, commenting on the similarities between African culture and Brazilian culture when on a recent visit to Rwanda.

Amongst the endless pearls of wisdom that flow from Eckhard Tolle one is that the ego demands of us that we should always oppose something. Opposition is institutionalised in our culture. Not all cultures of course, because at least one native American Indian tribe, I believe it is the Hopi, will resist all attempts by others to make any of their people appear superior to anyone else.

I am not one who opposes competition. I don’t believe people should be given prizes just for taking part, nor do I believe in the over-hyping, of the obsession, especially in America, with “winners.”

We are all different, we are all unique. We all have something of value, a purpose for being here on earth. Culturally we know that certain things are valued above others. To be a “successful” actor or actress is accorded infinitely greater value than carers, parents, helpers of all descriptions, cleaners, peacemakers, healers, gardeners…the list goes on. It is obvious even to the most distracted.

I have always admired David Luiz, even when his mistakes have benefited teams I support. Although he has the occasional meltdown, you don’t become a Brazilian international and play for teams like Arsenal and Chelsea without having talent. Luiz plays his football with a smile and, unless you know I’m who I’m talking about, looks like Sideshow Bob out of the Simpsons.

Characters like Luiz light up the world. Boris Johnson stands for just about everything I don’t, but I like the man. I can give you a long list of people whose values are radically different to mine and who conduct their lives in ways in which occasionally appals. I celebrate their “bottle” and the controversy they create.

“Feelings, insights, affections…its suddenly trivial now…the personal life is dead in Russia, history has killed it.”

(Pasha) Strelnikov (Tom Courtenay) from the film Dr Zhivago.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last five years you will be aware of the assault not only on free speech is also now on free thought. After all language is the universal expression of what we think. If we are continuously checking what we say for fear of causing offence or worse then it reaches back into our thoughts. If we delete the words we might normally discuss, we are in effect deleting the thoughts behind them. As a number of people who will not go quietly have said, being offended is part of life. Even in my personal utopia people would compete in ways which avoid lionisation of the winner and destruction of the loser. Have you ever competed for the affections or attention of a parent/family member/partner/friend/husband/wife/teammate/sibling? What was your prize?

You might believe all this is trivial, yet another facet of a rapidly changing contemporary culture. However you might be slightly more concerned if you realised that around 51% of Americans would like greater control over “hate speech.” Is there anything more sinister, anything more ridiculous and anything more representative of the brainwashing of our times than “anti-hate” groups screaming obscenities at those they deem to be peddling “hate?” Peace marches that end in violence. Bombing/killing civilians to “save” them from regimes the West has deemed should be changed.

What is our true nature?

The answer is of course, it depends who you ask. If you put forward a partial viewpoint, recruit certain “names” to your cause and repeat it often enough then it becomes assimilated by the majority. Gender may not be fluid, but perception is malleable, fluid and subject to influence by the mainstream 24/7/365.

So my friend Mr Luiz, carry on playing your football with a smile on your face and all you characters out there, excepting those created by the media (want another oxymoron?) e.g. “reality TV stars”, stay with it, resist all attempts to make you toe the line, conform and become a grey, meaningless nobody.

We are neither zealots, racists, homophobes or snowflakes, social justice warriors and climate extremists at our core. It has nothing to do with nature or nurture and everything to do with consciousness.

Consciousness is who we are and our consciousness is informed by our perception. Swimming with the currently engineered tide is a recipe for what happened ten years ago in the country David Luiz recently visited, Rwanda. Do your research.

“We are all one.” It cannot be said often enough, for if I were to say it 1 trillion times it would be a long way behind the number of times the mainstream has parroted the lies that we are “useless eaters” needing to be programmed, divided, controlled and saved from ourselves.

David Luiz is a very good footballer who has made occasional errors, fortunately not enough for him to be dismissed or written off. But the quote I began this article with is of global significance and that is why I felt compelled to write this post.

Blessings to you all, love to you all. Namaste. Jack Stewart, October 26, 2019.

You’ve missed these P.S.’s, be honest…Anyway, David Luiz scored today [27/10]. Must have read this post.

Something Unexplored

cats awkward

“Let us enter the eternal and infinite Garden of Mystery, our Spirits in Oneness with the Heavenly Father; our bodies in Oneness with the Heavenly Mother; and our hearts and minds in Oneness with each other and with all of creation.”

The Essene Prologue

Who hasn’t seen The Matrix film series? Probably more than I can imagine, it was never compulsory. For those of us who have, we will have one or more special moments which chime with our own world view. Isn’t everyone born with a splinter in their mind? Doesn’t everyone want to get to the bottom of who they are, why they are here and what life is all about? Surely?

No they don’t. For many it will be because they are metaphorically asleep, preoccupied with the next episode of Love Island, how they can get their next monosodium glutamate  (MSG, a toxic food additive) fix and source the latest gadget. If this is you I can guarantee you will not be reading this.

We now move into significant territory. And paradox. Some people are born into truly dysfunctional families. The worst kind of dysfunction can emotionally (and ultimately physically) destroy people. The lid has been taken off Pandora’s box, they have been scared witless and it has been nailed back on. Their lives, perhaps like everyone’s life, are catalogues of coping, highs and lows, bliss and tragedy and a splinter, something unresolved, that they have no desire to acknowledge or consider its removal. But don’t we all know, or at least have read about, someone born into a dysfunctional family who becomes a gift to humanity or to at least his or her (functional) family? Hallelujah!

The Infinite Garden of Mystery.

I suspect those consciously aware of their splinters struggle to understand those who have no motivation in addressing theirs.

And the consequences?

If someone sets out on a personal quest to resolve their own issues and as a consequence live a better life and allow that improvement to radiate out to others, that is surely sufficient. Every process of “raising one’s vibrations” (can’t seem to get rid of this!) impacts on the whole of creation. And no one can be blamed, because who truly knows another’s life, for keeping the lid on.

Beyond the personal quest, but it almost always (100%?) begins in this way as maybe perhaps we reincarnated for this very purpose, lies the motivation to improve the lot of humanity. Exploration, research, experimentation, questioning, curiosity all drive the human being as historians, archaeologists, geologists, biologists, medical researchers, physicists, chemists, and even genuine politicians to serve all sentient beings. We know much research and therefore its publication or manifestation in physical form is driven by greed, corruption and psychopathy. For some other time.

I would like to think, in truth I’m certain, that we would all wish a better world for the next generation. Those who are down here to manipulate, control and exploit are not part of this discussion.

Readers familiar with my blog posts will know about the Archimedes principle of finding a lever long enough to move the world. In other words, to paraphrase an NLP mantra, what is the difference that makes the difference? And to draw from the work of sages described in several other of my blog posts, to find the truth, we need to let go of, to release all the untruths, the negative conditioning of many lifetimes. This may become an algorithm.

So we could say (notice I’ve shifted from me to we) that those resigned to a life of something unexplored are uninterested in the truth? Or the cynic would say that those of us pursuing something unresolved are deluding themselves. This world is all there is, and trying to understand that and live through it with any degree of happiness is enough. To “dabble” with even the possibility of other worlds is a step too far.

“The main purpose of the myth of Pandora though is to address the question of why evil exists in the world.”


It is fully understandable when those other worlds are construed as problematic, “evil”. We even have famous media people (Brian Cox) who could never subscribe to another “world” as he believes there is only one planet that supports life in an infinite universe.

Ducking the charge of being hypocritical, I personally resisted the whole idea of spirit, reincarnation and other dimensions for a very long time. My left brain prison was sometimes very comfortable and even when it just had a straw mattress and a slop bucket it offered security and some certainty in a world we are told daily is frightening and threatening. As a recovering academic I would suggest there is such a thing as left brain institutionalisation. Those suffering from it are in charge of the mass media.

One of the great gifts of this exceedingly beautiful but eternally challenging life is that as you get older you realise none of us are “better” than anyone else. That I have spent my life, or at least most of it and will continue to do so, in a form of service and am highly motivated to find the Holy Grail of cause and effect when it comes to illness fails to make me “special” except in the minds of others. I was told and realised many years ago if you ever became a therapist to be placed on a pedestal and to receive continuous acclaim from others then don’t bother. Priceless advice.

We all know that to negotiate our way through this insane, inverted world we must have more than our fair share of humility.

And although in closing I fully accept the paragraph below it will never stop me from my personal (did I say global?) quest:

“Sometimes, too, an illness remains inexplicable in spite of our best efforts to understand it and this needs to be received and appreciated as something beyond our grasp, beyond our control.”

Svagito Liebermeister, Roots of Love

I can’t, and won’t, let it lie.

That’s Just the Way It Is…

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“He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.”

Harold Wilson

I like interesting quotes and one of the more disturbing aspects of contemporary living is that zealots and some “woke” activists want to rewrite history by having statues and similar of those who may have (in most cases did) carried out racist, sexist, or at the very least colonialist actions, taken down. Are they wrong? Because on the page I found the above quote there was another one from arch-satanist and psychopath Hillary Clinton…

Blessings to you all, Jack Stewart October 17, 2019.

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Do you really want to know what inspired this post? This morning I “bumped into” an old friend. We shared some stories about Vanessa. Then she told me that her husband had just been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. For some time after, I walked around cursing and swearing; devastated. How much more horror do I need to hear about? Her husband is a brilliant bloke, in his late 40’s/early 50’s. Then I saw one of Vanessa’s calling cards, a white feather…

We chose this life…

vanessa picture skiathos

Respond to the hand you were dealt, and come back with a better one. Or wake up at the end of the show and move on somewhere else.

I have a written so much about the nonsense that our lives are determined by our genes. If you remain unconvinced all I have is two words for you. Bruce and Lipton.

Our lives are determined by how we respond to our internal and subsequently external environment. Our first seven years are critical. We will be carrying a mixture of “good” and “bad” cellular memories from our ancestral line and God knows what from our past lives. Going a bit deeper we have our soul contracts, made in agreement with our soul group prior to incarnation. Free will offers us choice points, some significant, some trivial.

We have the people who enter our lives for a reason (bastards!), season or a lifetime.

How well did we choose our parents?

You may have heard the old cliché used by psychopaths to justify the killing of innocent people? “Kill them all, and let God sort them out.”

So we observe people doing unspeakable things and we may at best understand their actions or at worst justify them if they had a particularly traumatic childhood. Wouldn’t it be interesting to factor in cellular memory and past lives?

Again I have written before about the reincarnation scam. That is when we “pass” we go to a place (Nosso Lar) and unthinkingly plan our next incarnation as if we had no choice in the matter. We can choose, and I’m suggesting you choose to go somewhere else, unless you are committed to helping the world transform.

Changes things doesn’t it?

By rejecting the mainstream “leopards can’t change their spots” mantra it behoves us to look elsewhere for an explanation. I know many who read this will have spent a long time swimming against the tide and you have both my sympathy and empathy. Pause for a statement of the bleeding obvious. If you are awake, as opposed to the manufactured, manipulative and hellish “woke” bullshit hitting these shores like a tsunami, then you truly have no choice but to stand with the awakened.

Today we are engaged in a war of consciousness. Climate change, fake news, conspiracy theories, identity politics and technological hegemony. I’m sure I’ve missed at least a dozen other processes which are toxic to a loving paradigm. In the end it defaults to retaining our connection to the Divine and our immersion, at a cellular level, in unconditional love.

No one ever said it was easy but the alternative is unthinkable.

Namaste, Jack Stewart, September 26, 2019.