Books and CD’s

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  • In the Stillness Everything Happens by Anne Stewart and Jack Stewart.
  • The Coaching Parent by David Miskimin and Jack Stewart.
  • The Coaching Parent Companion by David Miskimin and Jack Stewart.
  • Relax with Cats Audio CD by Jeff Moran and Jack Stewart.

All these titles can be bought from Amazon.

In 2020 Jack will be doing a series of talks, Love Heals, which will feature the wisdom of Diana from In the Stillness, Everything Happens. See if you agree with spiritual teacher Mark W Foster who wrote the foreword after you have read it:

” Enjoy and savour this gift, it is not a huge book for a reason. For, like gold, quality does not need to come in great quantities to be of immense value.”

Diana Symbol (2) clear

If you want a pdf (you can easily convert it to a jpg) of the Diana symbol, left, click Diana Symbol (3) clear.    And there is a 2 page pdf of symbol properties etc. when we used to sell them Symbol PR sheet Please note the sites mentioned no longer exist.