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The Pandemic of Inhumanity.

“The plague, whilst on its way through the desert, met a caravan. Asked by the leader of the caravan what it wanted in Damascus, the plague answered: ‘1000 people.’ As chance would have it, they met again in a few week’s time. ‘You lied,’ the caravan leader told the plague, ‘You took 5000.’ ‘No, no, no,’ answered the plague. ‘I honestly only took 1000. The rest were taken by fear.’”

Abu Battuta Muhammad Ibn Abu (1304-1368) from The Pandemic of Inhumanity, Franz Ruppert, IoPT Books, 2021

To be a successful therapist you must love your client. You have to let go of any bias, any judgement and be fully accepting of them. Someone coming to you to let go of maybe a lifetime of seriously troubling (often hidden) issues, and/or chronic mental or physical conditions does not want to engage in political debate.

Conversely, therapists are people and we have opinions.

Whilst I understand therapists, healers and trainers taking a backseat during this current attempted reset of humanity I will never endorse them or praise them for doing so.

Over the years I have seen world-famous spiritual teachers and personal development specialists avoid entering into the political debate. Whilst this has been going on the blackmailed, “woke” and compromised adrenochrome junkies from Hollywood have been queueing up to threaten Donald Trump, permanently bang the systemic racism drum, support defunding of the police, and endorse the whole host of “Democratic” rhetoric.

There are a few notable exceptions. Tony Robbins, Bruce Lipton., Eckhart Tolle, Russell Brand.

It is probably too much to ask friends and colleagues who run healing centres and therapy practices to make a stand. From personal experience I know there is opposition to this increasingly transparent scamdemic. However one phone call from the army of deluded and forever lost informants could close them down. Stay open, play the game.

  • IoPT

In the past couple of years I have come across and participated in Identity orientated Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT). Powerful, powerful stuff. The principal author of this process is Professor Franz Ruppert (Munich), a person I place in the highest regard. There are no splinters in his backside. His book, The Pandemic of Inhumanity, pulls no punches. Franz’s contention is that every single person on this planet is traumatised to a greater or lesser extent. It begins with conception, may occur during gestation and is probably most common at and post birth. Each generation (especially mothers) goes through this and it is passed on mostly without thought or acknowledgement. Some of us may have a beautiful conception/birth experience, but almost no one gets through childhood without trauma.

Alarmist? Justification and perpetuation of the victim mind-set? Yes, we now have a whole generation of pathetic race/gender/sexuality obsessed Stockholm Syndrome conditioned people. But what Franz Ruppert is talking about is far deeper, far more serious and is outside any mainstream media, ”education” (school), and Globalist plot. Or is it more sinister?

Watch “Who Am I in a Traumatised Society” (lecture May 2018 in London) on YouTube if you can’t be bothered buying Franz’s books.

Before introducing some IoPT theory, you need nothing other than an active mind to realise this whole Covid nightmare has not only traumatised billions of people but it has resurrected long suppressed and unresolved personal traumas, all of which compound our misery and compromise and negate our humanity.

  • Who am I really?

Our psyche determines who we are and how we live our lives. In a nutshell the psyche is how we connect with reality, through our senses, and also how we interpret and understand the world. It has three components, the healthy, the stressed/survival and the traumatised psyche. The healthy psyche allows us to differentiate between our internal and external worlds, between past and present, between reality and illusion and to separate I (my experiences) from You (your experiences). When in the stressed psyche, we are in the classical fight or flight mode. We focus on the stress or danger, which generates destructive negative emotions which persist until the perceived danger is over.

The traumatised psyche kicks in when we cannot resolve the danger through our thoughts and actions. Ring any bells? Lockdowns, masks, vaccines, anti-social distancing anyone? We deny what is happening, reduce our perceptions and become emotionally numb. We can no longer think clearly and our memories are unreliable. We go “into our heads” and are easy prey to manipulation and perverse psychological conditioning.

“Basically even breathing is now considered a risk factor… For the panic makers caught up in their control mania, the ideal situation at the moment would be that no one went anywhere at all.”

Franz Ruppert

  • Trauma?

Okay. So how are we traumatised in the first place?

Were you conceived from a position of love? Or violence? Were you wanted? Were your needs met? What was your mother’s mental state during the time you were in her womb? What happened during birth? What happened after birth? Did your parents want a boy and you were born a girl? Did your parents sacrifice their own needs during your childhood? Did they do this willingly or were they resentful? Were you abused in any way as a child?

Were you treated as an autonomous person in your own right? Or were you daddy’s girl? Or mummy’s boy? Did your parents attempt to fulfil their suppressed needs and desires through you?

And-no blame here-would you describe your parents as completely hang-up and issue free? Your siblings, did they have any issues or traumatic episodes? Did you have any family “secrets”?

I could go on, but the point should be obvious. And in case you’re wondering, stress during pregnancy has been scientifically proven to adversely affect brain development of the foetus.

In your adult life, has anyone betrayed you? Have you betrayed anyone? Have you taken on the blame for someone else’s actions? Why does it always rain on you?

But you got/you get over all of this, didn’t/don’t you? No lasting effects, after all that’s life isn’t it? And you can’t remember most of it…

P.S. We model/copy the behaviour of significant others (parents, other family members, authority figures) especially during our first six or seven years. This is how we become who we are. This is how the psyche develops.

  • The goal for you, the goal for humanity.

You may be wondering, given this pandemic of fear and trauma, how anybody can function? In the same way we see serial killers, criminal politicians and assorted psychopaths in the media acting “normally” we operate out of our healthy psyche most of the time.

However frequently or infrequently your “trauma biography” affects you, it seriously diminishes your life. Are any of these things familiar?

  1. “I was traumatised, but now I’m over it.” (if trauma exists, it’s everyone else, not me. Denial of reality)
  2. “It shouldn’t be like this.” (creating illusions)
  3. Routinely accepting the advice, instructions and opinions of experts, authority figures and “celebrities”. (not being you, identifying with others)
  4. Sacrificing yourself and your needs for others. (relationships, “those less fortunate”, society)
  5. Feelings of shame and disgust about yourself and your body.
  6. Not accepting you are a victim until the mask slips…(keep smiling, obey the rules, care for others, feel guilt and shame, be strong)

Look carefully again at points 3 and 4. This is what governments all round the world are doing to their citizens. They are saying “You and your opinions don’t count.” In truth they have always said this, but have disguised it rather well. You must trust the experts. If you don’t stay at home, keep away from other people, wear a mask (get vaccinated!), you are killing people. Ignore the fact that every single one of these points can be challenged and disproved. Ignore the “inversion.” Those telling you to do this are the killers, not you. By denying you the basic human need of social contact, by instructing you to breathe in your own recycled germs, get hypoxia and take an experimental vaccine, “they” are killing the most vulnerable members of society. And if you are not vulnerable, by triggering the stressed and trauma parts of your psyche, they will ensure you soon are.

Might you hazard a guess as to who are the most traumatised members of our society? It couldn’t possibly be those who are in positions of power and influence, those we have allowed to do this while we have been asleep at the wheel?

The goal for everyone is to let go of the parts of our stressed and traumatised psyche, to further develop our healthy psyche and as we do this as individuals, so the collective does the same.

  • And?

“The situation is serious, but not hopeless.”

Author unknown.

“If we want a more humane future, it will depend on how much we are willing to face up to our truth, both individually and collectively. Because all these survival strategies, from epochs of humanity caught up in the madness of power and money, will only lead this earth further into chaos and into the erosion of any existence worth living. As has often been the case in human history, an empire that has become overpowering will then collapse because of the ignorance and decadence of its elites. In the long run, truth can never be replaced by propaganda, justice can never be superseded by the arbitrary use of force, and true humanity cannot be replaced by cynicism and hypocrisy.”

Franz Ruppert.

Thank you Franz for having the courage to speak out, to speak the undeniable truth at probably the most significant time in human history.

Jack Stewart, May 6th 2021.

What Do You Expect from Someone with A Wooden Head?

In the 60’s, Eric Berne wrote about an emerging branch of psychology called Transactional Analysis. It has a great validity, and there was even a song written about it by Joe South called Games People Play. There is far too much to cover in a blog post, so if this interests you check out the books of Eric Berne and Thomas Harris.

I want to cover the topic of Games. Berne’s theory is that we have six ways of “structuring time.” How we primarily structure our lives in relation to others. Firstly, we can withdraw. Essentially, we retreat into ourselves whether or not other people are present. Secondly, we have rituals which need little explanation. An example of a ritual is saying the same greeting to someone, perhaps on your way to work, every day. Thirdly we have pastimes. Indoor pursuits such as reading, watching TV etc. Or external pursuits such as going to the gym or for a walk. Fourthly we have activity. Work mostly. Fifthly we have games and finally intimacy. One day I won’t have to put a caveat on the word intimacy, but that day may not arrive in my lifetime. Intimacy is not restricted to sexual or physical intimacy.

Intimacy is an authentic encounter with another, a moment of shared openness, trust and honesty. An intimate encounter may be an argument, conducted with respect and openness to each other’s feelings. It is the highest level of emotional intensity, but also involves risk taking and vulnerability.

Almost all games are an attempt to secure or reject intimacy. And most games are driven by the subconscious.

Let’s look at a couple of games. NIGYSOB (Now I’ve Got You, You Son Of a Bitch) and Wooden Leg.


In the game of NIGYSOB, both partners experience hostility towards one another, however the NIGYSOB player usually shows their anger, and the other may supress it. In relationships, the NIGYSOB partner may be in a bad mood about something. Their partner may trigger a tirade of anger in the other with a poorly timed question or comment. The other, sensing this, might ask: “What have I done wrong now?” which triggers the NIGYSOB partner to launch into a long angry monologue of how the other person is at fault. In other words, “Now I’ve Got You, You Son Of a Bitch!”

So, the NIGYSOB person selects a partner who will allow them to avoid their anger/jealous behaviour by providing them with a seemingly legitimate way to vent their rage. They then feel justified for behaving the way they do. It allows them to avoid personal issues such as fury and resentment, and gives them justification of their inability to control their emotions. The NIGYSOBer confirms their belief that “I’m OK, but other people aren’t,” and avoids self-responsibility…

  • Wooden Leg.

Playing this game is all about having a defensive attitude of “What do you expect of someone with a wooden leg/bad childhood/neurosis/alcoholism?” Almost any behaviour is OK, because the person cannot help it. It excuses the lack of competence or motivation, but mostly the person does not have to take full responsibility for their life.

For me, this victim game is like a cancer in society. It’s blatantly obvious that there are systems and structures in this world that not only prevent entry, advancement and justice but keep us all down in every way imaginable. Equally the “rugged individual” can overcome these restrictions. The wooden leg player blames everyone but themselves. Quite clearly, especially in America at present, systemic and institutional racism and white supremacy prevent anyone of colour getting on in the world, getting justice and being successful. Because of this we should all “take the knee”, pay reparations, and feel guilty (if we are white). It is clearly impossible for black people like billionaire Oprah Winfrey, corrupt politician Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, and Patrice Cullors (BLM co-founder) to name just a few, to achieve anything, given the corrupt system.

So, if you’re scratching your head about the lunacy and insanity of it all, this is why we can excuse rioters, encourage criminals and hate the police. After all, what do you expect from a society riddled with white supremacist attitudes, individuals and structures?

Silence is violence! Sanity is profanity! (Just made that one up).

All this truly appalling, abhorrent bullshit is designed to divide us. I remain colour blind and look forward to the taking down of all those with wooden heads. For the uninitiated, this means the Cabal and their brainwashed foot soldiers.


Namaste, love to you all. Jack Stewart, April 15, 2021.

The 11th Hour.

Both my spiritual (5D) and material (3D) research confirms that the war has been won. It was won many years ago. However, lower levels of the mind-controlled Demons are thrashing around trying to do as much damage as possible.

So, we have preparation for the next pandemic (UKHSA), vaccine passports, masks on the face forever, travel restrictions and everything that goes with it. And of course, we have the opposite. Many states in America and New South Wales in Australia are throwing out the Covid dystopia. We have countries that never “locked down” (I cannot think of a term I despise more). Protests have erupted across the globe.

We also have suspicions that Johnson and Hancock and their equivalents worldwide are all part of this “production.” Pushing the comatose population so far that people wake up or perish.

Mainstream journalists (Tucker Carlson, Fox News, USA) are now admitting to the existence of a “Deep State.” Corrupt officials are being exposed right, left and centre.

Either the arrogance or delusion, or both, of these people (the Demons) is almost irretrievable. Biden isn’t even in the White House. The White House isn’t even real. Biden is not Biden. They are relying on the power of the mainstream media, as they always have done, to convince a sleeping population of a Satanic narrative serves their agenda. Keep telling lies, repeat the lies, make the lies big enough. Cancel and crush dissent. Swamp the airwaves with corrupted and soulless “influencers.”

Apparently, the last to go down will be the mainstream media. Cracks are appearing everywhere. So programmed are we (I would include myself in some ways) that we can watch or hear 20 accounts of the takedown of the Deep State and then fret over one account on the mainstream that actually or potentially tightens the screw.

We have to promote and explain the counter narrative. Another term for the truth. Those who follow the mainstream lies are in danger, despite the war being won, of going under from physical or psychological “interventions.”

Yes, my friends, “they” are on the run, but the damage “they” are inflicting on millions of people will continue until the BBC and their global clones close their doors for ever.

Rejoice, remain vigilant and fight the good fight.

Namaste, Jack Stewart, March 26, 2021.

  • Postscript.

I have been trained in NLP (do your research) to the highest level. I have worked in the media industry. I know stuff. These days, I can’t watch “ads”, trailers for upcoming “programmes” and breathless, manipulated continuity announcers spewing out their high volume, dancing bullshit without recoiling in disgust and shouting at the TV. Pray for me, and yourself. It will get you in the end.

Post-Covidia Fenestration (UPVC, the new tool of white supremacy).

The window fitters are in today. Normally, I hate routines, but this morning, before they arrived, I felt really down.

The blessing (at times the curse) of being aware, conscious and awake is that you can deal with these episodes. “Where did that come from?”

Last night I was watching an old episode of Waking the Dead. In it, one the characters went inside prison, undercover. He was a policeman and it was an attempt to gather some intelligence on an unsuspecting inmate.

Many years ago, I visited clients (sex abuse survivors, imprisoned because crime was a coping strategy) in four different prisons. Grim doesn’t cut it.

So, in the scamdemic, we rely on routines, we are imprisoned in our own homes, have to “comply” and some of us (everyone reading this) despise injustice and value freedom above all.

I instantly found the source of my depression. And it lifted. Lasted all of 30 minutes.

A close friend is devising a programme (brilliantly simple but powerful) to empower people to resolve mental health issues. Post-Covidia, the world will be beating a path to his door, unless the trauma is so deep denial kicks in. Which it will.

  • My point here?

Depression episodes are normal given the current dystopia. Acknowledge, explore and let go. If it’s happening to you, it’s happening to others. In some cases, almost everyone. When someone communicates with you, it’s their reality they are projecting. Novels, books, videos, it’s all filtered through someone’s paradigm, their world view.

For a day, I can’t go out, can’t work normally and enjoy my space. My God, I’m a victim of Fenestration! Call up the keyboard SJW’s! Cancel the fitters, ban new windows, boycott double glazing. Stand firm with the oppressed! UPVC windows are tools of white supremacy!

Stay in, beat yourself with a stick, blame someone. You know it makes sense. Enjoy the view from behind the sofa.

Have you seen the most powerful scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest? I won’t spoil it if you haven’t. Now is the time to break free, or check in at your local re-education camp.

Well, at least I can join a Fenestration Unheard Common Cause group…

Namaste. Smile, you’re on Facebook camera!

Jack Stewart, 24 March 2021.

Where to begin?

This may be false…

A couple of days ago I posted the picture you can see on the left, with my comment “Food for thought.” A family member, who I greatly respect, but have not heard from for some time, informed me that this was false, designed to incriminate a transgender activist. She may well be right, in fact, I believe she is.

Anyone bothering to read this blog post knows that false narratives, false flags and downright lies and distortions are the order of the day on social media and in the mainstream. Unfortunately from all sides of the political spectrum.

However I am exceptionally grateful for Amy’s feedback.

Politically, I have spent almost all of my life as a left winger, a socialist, a liberal. I have fought for the rights of oppressed minorities and been instrumental in creating policies to counter discrimination and promote diversity. Before this whole, hideous transgender debate (over 20 years ago), one of my first psychotherapy clients was a man who had had surgery to change him into a woman. Such were the social attitudes of the time, my client suffered (s/he contracted pancreatic cancer) under the weight of ignorance and media concocted lies about people like her. Gender reassignment was in its infancy.

Moving on to the present day, or at least a few years ago. Before Covid, the “news” story that would never go away was transgender. Whilst I’m no expert on the subject, and very few people are, it only affects a very small minority of people in the world. If this issue consumes you I would recommend strongly the Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray.

Using Murray’s term intersex, people “born in the wrong body”, who genuinely need surgery to become fully functioning human beings, have my full backing. My client was one such person.

The world came very near, and some would maintain it is still an all present threat, to becoming a global communist dystopia in 2016. Child trafficking, paedophilia, corruption at all levels of government, endless wars, social credit, total surveillance, medical negligence and euthanasia, GMO’s, Chemtrails, 5G… Need I go on?

Any challenges to the mainstream globalist agenda are first met with the charge of racism. This usually does the trick, but if it doesn’t misogynistic, homophobic and…wait for it… transphobic seals the deal.

Can someone explain to me that if I object to 3 year olds being considered for “gender reassignment”, for drag queens in their full regalia telling sexualised stories to primary school kids and biological males competing in women’s sports I am somehow being “transphobic.”

For the record, I have not been accused of being transphobic by Amy, but this term has been thrown at me previously.

I’m sure the figures are wrong…

I don’t hate anybody. This use of language is insane. If I object to the behaviour of any human being, their identity, self-declared or otherwise, is an irrelevance unless they are promoting an agenda. It is on record that many senior Nazis were homosexuals. Is this a homophobic statement?

My God, we live in the most surreal, ridiculous and depraved period of human history. There are over a hundred genders? Men can give birth? Open borders, uncontrolled immigration is OK? “Surgical contraception”, i.e. abortion, of a nine-month-old fetus is OK? All levels of criminal behaviour are OK because of white privilege? Riots are peaceful protests?

None of this is.

In several previous blog posts, I have made the point that the war we are currently fighting, is a fight to the death. A war between good and evil. Truth activists and genuine freedom fighters far, far braver than me and those in the military, are standing up to global tyranny. This obsession with inclusivity, gender fluidity, diversity and criminal rights is a sideshow. These issues should all be treated on their own merits and not conflated.

If we don’t fight the paedovores, the Satanists, the psychopaths and their bag carriers, what remains will be internment camps for not only white supremacists like me but also the “oppressed,” downtrodden unfortunates and their advocates.

We must all stand against all forms of genuine oppression. Perhaps we can start by putting our energies into exposing and bringing down the global human trafficking and paedophilia networks which include most of the Satanists hiding behind the razor wire in Washington DC.

And I don’t care what kind of “phobe” that makes me.

In closing, I have had hundreds of psychotherapy clients over the last 25 years. I have interacted with thousands of people on self-development and healing courses. No doubt amongst those people have been a handful of dubious characters. But I doubt it, and the wonderful work I am fortunate to be able to do, deprived of it temporarily by this Covid scam, means that I have to love my clients, treating them all as equals.

This I can do effortlessly, and I do it gladly.

In future I will no doubt come across this issue again, and this is the principal reason I have written this blog post. Any accusations of any kind of phobia will be met by a referral here. And if this doesn’t cut it, I can do and will do no more.

Love to you all, Namaste.

Jack Stewart, March 9, 2021.

The Critic.

Ah the irony, the double standards, maybe even the hypocrisy…

We are all critics. No justification is needed when we criticise something that is blatantly wrong, immoral, potentially dangerous or in need of considered attention.

Taking it all up a few notches, criticism becomes activism. There’s not a person on this planet that doesn’t believe in at least one cause.

We have the polarisation that’s going on in the world at the moment. Conservatism and liberalism. Personal responsibility weighed against (universally in America) systemic racism. It’s no one’s fault but their’s.

No, my friends, this is a diatribe against a specific kind of critic. The one whose sole aim in life is to criticise others, and through that to leave personal awareness, personal responsibility and creativity outside the bedroom door.

There’s no limit, none, to the list of things even critics of critics could set about. I do remember the days when “news” was the actual reporting of things that had happened.

As we know these days, there is speculation about the news, “breaking” news, delivery of an all too obvious agenda through the “news”, discussion and often character assassination of those who “make” the “news” and blatant lies through what is revealed and what is concealed. Criticism has become a way of life.

Let’s get back to the bedroom warrior. I occasionally look at the thumbs up/thumbs down count on YouTube/Rumble videos. I think I have, but I can’t remember when, “disliked” a video. If I don’t like it, I don’t watch it. If I watch it, I either like it or feel neutral about it.

God knows how long ago, when creating and posting videos, I always (and to this day) disable comments. I cannot waste my life arguing with or being irritated or offended by the bedroom critic.

Stuff I’ve done in the past, along with my wife Anne, has received getting on for 500,000 views. Recently, I’m lucky if I get past 20! And I smile. Almost everything I’m doing at the moment is a safety valve, a whimsy, an indulgence. Fear and ignorance fuel what people watch during the Covid era. Or they just may be crap videos. I wish I cared.

So in closing, I’m probably writing this because it’s been a month since the last one, and the word “critic” just popped up in my head last night as I was entering a Theta state.

The bedroom warriors won’t read this, and you know what would happen if they did.

Create something yourself, forget the permanently oppressed/depressed, and step out into nature. There is far less you can criticise when it comes to trees, fields, grass, shrubs and the big blue sky.

Unless it’s covered in Chemtrails.

Have a fabulous day, whatever the weather. Namaste.

Jack Stewart, March 8, 2021.

A state of permanent dissatisfaction.

Over the years I’ve used a number of words to describe myself. Restless, curious, optimistic, always changing, searching… And then it came to me a couple of days ago. I mostly live in a state of permanent dissatisfaction.

And so do you.

The past, which has gone, haunts us. Why did I do that? I can’t blame them. It won’t happen again. I’ve not yet learned the lessons. It’s so easy to queue up unpleasant memories.

The future, which is always ahead of us, which is mostly unknown, makes us anxious. I don’t fancy that. Here we go again. What happens if? Ah well. Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.

Okay. So what’s going on in the wider world?

We don’t know. Most of our freedoms have been stripped away. World “leaders” parrot the bullshit. Socially distance, wear a mask, get the vaccine. Life is joyless. Upturned benches, fenced off seating, shop alone, die alone. IF YOU GO OUT, YOU CAN SPREAD IT. PEOPLE WILL DIE.

It’s worse now than it was when it began.

Body doubles strut their stuff. Have you seen Biden’s ears? Clinton’s ankle tag? Have you forgotten Maxwell?

Tomorrow it will all change. It will all change before/during/after the Super Bowl. It will change next week. Maybe March. Possibly April. It might be October. Keep the faith, follow the plan.

Dissatisfied doesn’t cut it. Millions, if not billions, in a state of permanent anxiety. Terror frozen in the eyes between the hat and the top of the mask. Keep your distance, step into the road. Follow the rules.

Smile, say hello to a stranger. Lifts you and them for a while. Try to make eye contact, they step off the pavement before you do. Wear six masks. Get the clap from the NHS. Die with, from, or of Covid. Wear your mask whilst driving, the virus is rampant. They are prostrate.

Hydroxychloroquine is racist. Vitamin C is transphobic. Exercise discriminates against refugees. Climate deniers, Trump supporters and truth seekers should be rounded up and shot.

Tomorrow it could all change. It might change before/during/after the impeachment proceedings. It will change the week after that. Maybe May. Possibly June. It might be 2022. There is no plan.

Parkes, Ward, O Savin, Decode, Wood, Dave and LT are all part of a Psyop. Powell and Flynn are part of the Deep State. Women’s sports are dead. Move aside while that bloke declares himself a woman.

We are all victims. Unless we are white men. We are all oppressors but only if we are white men. White men are scum, super spreading scum. The world is institutionally racist, the streets are racist, dogs are racist. How dare you!

But Biden’s ears are different. So are his mannerisms. The inauguration was a joke.

We have to do it ourselves, no one can do it for us. Rip off your mask, stride out into the traffic and shout loudly: “IT’S A SCAM!”

No one can do it for us. No one is coming over the hill with an army.

Do it for yourself!

Do what exactly? Stand-up? Sit down? Stay at home? Go out and kill someone? Who am I killing? Is my virus more virulent than yours? How many have died? What is a case? Take part in the trial? Die a death.

Get online. You don’t need to go out. Have Zoom meetings. Have virtual hugs, virtual conversations, virtual breaths, virtual sex; have a virtual life. Is that right Alexa? When do I take my meds? How soon can I get my microchip?

What’s on TV? A game show. Watch the ads. Betting, BAME, booze. Hybrids, hamburgers, hernias. Do any of you remember the days when comedy was funny? Sorry I forgot, it was all racist.

Oh how I love my servitude. Did I just say that? What does it mean? I’m free. I can shop alone in the supermarket, I can watch TV 24/7, I can see my mum on Skype. And after all it’s only while we flatten the curve. The NHS is at crisis point. People are dying in the streets. Gritters come in the dead of the night to pick up the corpses. A round of applause for the key workers. How about a round of applause for me?

I complied. I cowered behind the sofa. I stopped using the same bathroom as my wife. I used a bucket instead. We both wear masks. We never touch each other, we communicate with What’s App. My hands are red raw from sanitiser. I have a rash around my mouth. My breathing is impaired. You selfish bastard, my hands and my rash are worse than yours. Your breathing is better than mine. And you’re only wearing three masks.

Life is shit. Life is joyless and truly appalling. But at least I’ve got a life, unlike the two billion who have died from this virus, and but for the Covid deniers it would have been only one billion.

When will it end? Covid is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m not sure I want it to end. I don’t have to think about anything. I’m safe. I’m just a hollow shell. Thank you Boris.

Bur things do seem to be going on around the world. Denmark, the Isle of Man, Myanmar, Taiwan. Why is that? Psyop?

Hang on though, it’s good to stop thinking. It feels peaceful here. I feel at home. It’s strangely pleasant, and God forbid, the word “hope” just popped into my mind.

I’m getting a bit fed up of hiding behind the sofa. Maybe I’ll go out, maybe I’ll feel the sun on my face, maybe I’ll appreciate nature…maybe life has changed.

For the better.

Jack Stewart, 9 February 2021. Love to you all.

What will you miss?

What will life be like without, can you cope:

  • Screeching, interminable wokeness?
  • Gender fluidity?
  • Politicians, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Energy clones telling lies every time they open their mouths?
  • Virtue-signalling supermarkets, deluded small shopkeepers and assorted jobsworths?
  • Wall-to-wall victims, playing all the “isms” cards?
  • Cretinous, patronising and truly appalling lowest-common-denominator advertising?
  • Smug, self-righteous, clueless “journalists” from “quality” newspapers?
  • Lying, paid off “doctors” and “professors” peddling fear porn?
  • The BBC, CNN, MSNDC, ABC, ITV, Sky…?
  • Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood, Joe Bribem, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocassional Cortez, Don Lemon, the Cuomo’s, Gretchen Whitmer, Lori Lightfoot, Owen Jones…?
  • Dancing idiots?
  • Box tickers?
  • Overbearing bureaucrats and “law-enforcement” operatives?
  • Mask wearing, people avoiding humanity, jumping into traffic, cringing?
  • New Covid strains?
  • Cancel culture?
  • Joylessness, hopelessness, Stockholm Syndrome?
  • “News” (w) anchors?
  • Prescribed, confined, pathetic, predictable and totally unfunny “comedy”?
  • Compliance, restrictions, limitations… Mandates?
  • Snitches, curtain twitchers, lost souls?
  • “Essential” items?
  • I was only following orders?
  • Covidised town centres, arrows on the pavement, STAY 2 M APART!
  • Only two/four/six/eight people allowed?
  • Queues outside any shop selling anything of value?
  • STAY HOME, ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY signs on motorways?
  • Wars, human trafficking, paedophilia?
  • “Peaceful” riots, vandalism, Black Lives Matter?
  • “Celebrities”?
  • Plastic food?
  • Greta Thunberg?
  • Extinction Rebellion?
  • White privilege?
  • “Fact” checkers?
  • Social media censorship?
  • Outside winter “dining”?
  • The word SORRY?
  • Denial, delusion, cognitive dissonance, brainwashing?
  • Supermarket excessive profits, “crisis” profiteers?
  • Zoom, Tik-Tok, ON-LINE?
  • “Air” gestures, elbow greetings?
  • Gadgets?
  • Mail-order, click-and-collect, track your parcel?
  • False flags, crisis actors, mockingbird media?
  • Electoral fraud, mail-in voting, Dominion machines?
  • Bill de Blasio?
  • Piers Morgan?
  • Hollow, programmed, two-dimensional “spokespeople”?
  • “Staycation’s”?
  • Upturned tables and seating?
  • Government guidelines?
  • Satanism, child murder, “spirit cooking”, “minor attracted persons”?
  • The Georgia Guidestones?
  • The Cabal, the Phoenicians, the Global Reset, The World Economic Forum?
  • Global warming/climate change/global cooling/carbon footprint/Al Gore?
  • Chronic illness, managing symptoms, plls for every ill, coping?
  • Lives of quiet desperation?
  • Gamble (Be) Aware?
  • 70/80/90/95% “effective” vaccines?
  • Wi-Fi soup?

Jack Stewart, January 15, 2021.

Truly imagine, feel what it is like without some or all of these nightmares.

Namaste, love to you all.

What is the Endgame?

“There is convincing evidence that the new virus was not the result of intentional genetic engineering and that it almost certainly originated from nature, given its high similarity to other known bat-associated coronaviruses,”

James Le Duc, Head of the Galveston National Laboratory.

The mainstream narrative is that Covid “just emerged.” What follows from that is obvious to anyone. Future “viruses” can do the same. They can just “emerge” and therefore humanity is permanently, eternally at risk.

So get used to your masks, anti-social distancing, isolation, death and despair. Take the vaccine and you can travel and have a half or quarter normal existence. Until the next time.

So the “new normal” is to be on permanent standby, turning your back on others to pass them when you haven’t got the “mandated” two metres to manoeuvre.

It’s already happening. Nothing I have stated above is disputable by the mainstream; it is mainstream. So we’ve had the first wave, the second wave and now there is a Covid variant. What is to stop a further Covid variant? Get used to it.

Almost all of your freedoms have been taken away. No “unnecessary” travel. Stay at home. Spend your entire existence online. Binge-watch banal and cretinous television, avoid human contact as if your life depended on it, because the BBC/CNN tells you it does. Await tier five.

The virus came from nowhere, so we had to flatten the curve. Computer modellers predicting millions of deaths proved to be fundamental liars. But they haven’t gone away. Get in your house and stay there. The Welsh and the Scousers are super spreaders. Lockdown Wales and test every Liverpudlian.

Stick and carrot. From tier 3 to tier 2. From tier 3 to tier 4. See your family on Christmas Day. For the rest of the year, indeed for the rest of your miserable existence, go on-line. If you get depressed, phone the hotline. Have you been tested? You can’t touch another person, you will give them the virus or you will get the virus from them. Even though they have no symptoms.

  • Freedom-the vaccine!

Some truth activists have stated that once a cure for the virus is freely available, the whole thing will come down. It won’t. There already is a cure, hydroxychloroquine. If you have a test that tests for something that cannot be isolated, that tests for something we already have within us (coronaviruses are natural), then “cases” will continue to rise exponentially. More fear, more restrictions. The same testing regime will apply to the endless numbers of Covid variants. So you have a permanent fear mechanism.

Covid/Covid variant is spreading like wildfire. Everyone will get it unless they lock themselves away. And you have it even when you’re dead!

Of course you never hear what happens to the millions of “cases.” Are they dying a painful death? Self-isolation is the cure, unless you go out.

Take the rushed through vaccine, but still wear your mask, stay at home, wash your hands incessantly until the government tells you otherwise. You will need a “booster.”

If not enough of you buy into the doomsday scenario, Covid variant three will be released. We know every hospital in the world is being stretched to breaking point. But we knew that anyway, long before Covid was created, sorry, emerged.

It’s taken that bastard Trump a year to get a vaccine for Covid one. Another year for Covid two?

Supermarkets are making record profits. Most big companies and corporations are doing the same. Small businesses are folding daily. Your independence to earn a living is ebbing away. Take the knee, be thankful for your universal basic income. But if you rock the boat, it will be withdrawn, the computer will say “no.”

Your indispensable mobile phone already tracks your every move and has done for years. Every purchase you make with your card is recorded. “They” know where you shop, where you travel to, what you buy and your overall spending patterns. Having the test and trace app just makes it easier for them. Cash is dirty but receipts are not.

Sign up for the Great Reset. You will own nothing, they have already announced it. This is the Endgame. But just like a captive of an individual criminal, or a murderous regime, if you “behave” you might just get a crumb from the master’s table, or you might just get half a life, or you might just survive.

Welcome to a world of permanent surveillance, of vaccine hell, of genetically modified everything, of social credit, of censored communication, of modified weather, of total state dependency. And if you don’t play ball, permanent lockdowns and endless Covid variants.

  • But they wouldn’t do that would they?

Sorry to disappoint you, but they are already doing it. Just like the frog placed in a pan of cold water which is then placed on the stove to boil, it’s already too late. When the water boils, the frog dies.

Just in from that bastion of truth, the Guardian. There’s worse to come. WHO.

Are you depressed enough yet? Or do you still believe in “them”? What do you believe in? God?

Churches are closed, religious leaders are silent or the brave ones are being silenced. Do you believe in “science”? Whose version? The Government’s science or independent science?

 “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor Frankl (Austrian psychiatrist who survived Auschwitz)

  • I like metaphors. The uplift.

The vaccine is the equivalent of the pan of cold water. Once you’re in it you have no idea what is going to happen next. It might take 5, 10, 15, 20 years before serious side effects kick in. Most people reading this will already be at the very least sceptical of government diktats. For those who believe in government benevolence, if you want a life of masks, isolation, deliberately contradictory and confusing policies, the death of small businesses, of a permanent “dark winter” then that is and will be your reality.

I feel almost smug. No one can argue that “hands-face-space” is the current reality. No one can argue that arbitrary restrictions that make no sense abound. No one can argue that life is almost intolerable.

  • Sorry folks, here’s where it all changes.

If I could be convinced, by the reality, by actually seeing thousands of people dropping dead in the streets, by mortuaries overflowing, by having supplies delivered by drones and by the stench of decomposing corpses then I would comply. And if that scenario was the best available I would not want to live a minute longer than it took me to be overwhelmed by what I had just experienced. “They” can’t handle something that barely remotely resembles this. All they have is propaganda.

At the moment we are being told that without lockdowns this is what is in store for us. I don’t buy it.

I don’t buy it because I see people filming inside empty hospitals. I see medical staff dancing on Tik Tok and vaccines being administered through clothing and with empty syringes. I read statistics that prove global death rates from all causes have not changed. I watch and listen to doctors who have administered hydroxychloroquine and saved lives. I see scientists who tell me the government is lying. I see evidence in the USA of massive electoral fraud. And I ask myself why social media companies censor me for saying so. I see people with severe side effects, including death, after taking the vaccine. I see the same stories and narrative about everything across all mainstream media outlets across the world. I notice anything detrimental to Biden and his family is censored. I experience posting anything on social media that relates to Covid is immediately challenged. I read about countries which have rejected lockdowns are thriving. I read about states in America that have rejected lockdowns are doing the same. I wonder why YouTube has cancelled the President of America’s channel.

I also discover that failed and incompetent scientists who advise the government are still in office, still calling the shots. I see Covid-related contracts being awarded to friends of government ministers. Every day I hear about a politician or “journalist” flaunting Covid rules.

Despite the fact it is unconstitutional I see churches closed in America. Here in Britain churches are closed.


Over in America I see no new wars in four years. I see peace accords breaking out everywhere. I see human traffickers, paedophiles and Satanists being arrested and imprisoned. I see millions of people attending Trump rallies, and half a dozen anti-social distancing in Biden’s basement. I read about states in which more people have voted than are alive. And they vote for one candidate, president-reject Biden.

I have read about the flourishing pre-Covid economy. And I see and hear so much more than I can usefully record.

The Endgame that I prefer is one in which power is transferred from unelected, corrupt and despicable politicians, institutions and thirteen Satanic families back to the people. A scenario in which morality is restored, gender fluidity is rejected, freedom to pursue one’s own life choices is the norm, and distorted, humanity-hating indoctrination is stopped. This Endgame is one in which the sun shines in a sky free from geo-engineering, in which suppressed medical breakthroughs are available to all and in which human contact and interaction is no longer toxic. This world is free from manufactured viruses, Frankenstein foods and permanent restrictions. It is one full of hope, of peace, joy and optimism.

I’m almost at the point of no longer caring about the mask wearing, behind the sofa cringing, neighbour reporting, hand washing sheep. They can no longer harm me or kill my dreams.

I will not be around in a world of endless viruses, lockdowns and despair. It isn’t for me even though it might be for you. No my friends, a better world awaits us whether you believe it, support it or deny it. It will not be secured through compliance. They were only following orders. And you know it; but dare you admit it?

Namaste. Jack Stewart, December 29, 2020.