Lest we forget.

I have no idea how many graveyards have special white tombstones which designate the resting place of a member of the armed services. One of the two principal churches in Tetbury, St. Saviours, has a few dotted around the churchyard.

Specifically in this churchyard is a cenotaph to those soldiers, sailors and air force personnel who died during both world wars. It was recently cleaned, and there are other tributes to these particular men and women.

During one of my recent meditations, it became apparent to me that the peace which is present in graveyards could be enjoyed at any time. A minor concession to technology of mine is a wristband which measures the number of steps I take during the day and my heart rate. This afternoon I sat on one of the many benches in the graveyard. My heart rate was 57 bpm. For the uninitiated this represents a high level of fitness for my age (which is true) and to me it superfluously tells me I am relaxed.

The current nightmare we are all experiencing affects us all uniquely, how could it not? Not only do I find peace in the graveyard, but find dozens of reminders that millions of my parents’ generation sacrificed their lives fighting tyranny. The arguments about who started, who funded, who was to blame and what happened subsequently after both wars will always rage for anyone who is a serious seeker of the truth. I would not make a very good soldier; I would make a much better general. But it will never happen, it’s not my bag.

If ever I need renewed motivation to push against the mask/vaccine/anti-social distancing/carcinogenic hand cleaning/cringing behind the sofa/Covid passports/mandates tyranny I reflect on the sacrifice made by those remembered so poignantly in St. Saviours churchyard. We are only following orders.

Recently I have been experiencing random, brief, but on a couple of occasions much longer, “bursts” of extreme happiness, even bliss. Whenever anything like this occurs (which it hasn’t before) being the kind of explanation junkie I am, I seek to find the cause. The primary reason is obvious. My lady. Other reasons may be less obvious, but they too are significant. I’m totally sold on the knowing that God Wins. I know humanity is going to come through all this, even at times when I hear distressing stories from any number of people about the consequences of lockdown insanity.

When we become ill or dis-eased there may be any number of causes or a single root cause and many contributory factors. However, our immune system, an integral part of the “doctor within”, without which we would not be human, and would die, operates to return us to health, to wellness. So, there is a metaphorical future scenario created by the doctor within in which all our vital signs, our systems, our organs and everything that makes up our bodies function normally. The intelligence of our bodies moves us from the dis-eased scenario to the healthy scenario. Many things can assist this, not least the absence of stress, a healthy diet and lifestyle and a belief system which is aligned with this natural process.

So, when working with clients the first thing I do, after having ascertained what it is they want, is to help them build a full sensory (what will you see, hear, feel, taste and hear?) future situation in which they secure what they want. In other words, we are mirroring what happens effortlessly. Unfortunately for many people (how many, I have no idea) they cannot assist this natural healing process. I think I will leave a detailed explanation for a future blog post.

In case you’re feeling somewhat cheated, the biggest single obstacle to wellness is fear. Who knew?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard of the galvanising effect of comradeship when facing death on the battlefield or in a war zone. Had I been around during a world war, I would have needed no motivation to serve. Yes, that isn’t true now, but the most enlightened souls tell us we are in World War III.

Where is all this leading? Short of interviewing a few million people from the “other side”, I wonder how many gave their lives dreaming of a brighter tomorrow? A world free from tyranny, control, mandates and absent a joyless, meaningless, regimented existence?

As above, so below. I spent most of my adult life fighting “the system.” I can honestly say that these blissful glimpses, these blissful states, are part and parcel of what, however unbelievable, awaits us all.

I really do have a problem accepting heartfelt praise and endorsement when expressed openly. Whilst I love and accept myself, I would struggle, really struggle, to live a blissful life in an ongoing way as of December 2021.

And yet I am being prepared for that blissful life, as are we all, if we can step aside from the false Devils and Demons that surround us. Whilst I’ve never asked her, I suspect my lady finds it difficult to understand my frequent outbursts of appreciation and gratitude! It could be my natural personality, or it could just seem to be out of sync with what appears to be going on in the world. But the way she deals with what’s going on inspires.

And now?

Difficult though it may be, and challenging it is, set aside time to be grateful for your relationships, for your family, for your companion animals and for those people who bring you that which sustains you. Another word for humanity. Always, whenever you can, keep your eyes on the prize.

The prize?

Another dimension. Here on earth.

Jack Stewart, December 17th 2021.

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