Anything Goes…

“In olden days, a glimpse of stocking

Was looked on as something shocking.

But now, God knows,

Anything goes.

Good authors too who once knew better words

Now only use four letter words

writing prose.

Anything goes.”

I’m not sure how many of you have heard, or even heard of the above, rather catchy, song. It was written in 1934 by Cole Porter. Recently I’ve been listening to an audio programme by Caroline Myss called Having the Courage to Face Evil. A close friend, someone with insight and credentials, and I were discussing the meaning of evil. How do you define it?

Caroline Myss suggests it is doing something in the full knowledge that it could or will harm someone else. I don’t think we’ve reached the stage, but with some zealots we clearly have, that being born a white male constitutes evil.

Cultural changes almost always occur over time. Drip, drip, drip. One powerful vehicle for this process is language. Phobias for example, are irrational, very deep fears. Phobias cannot be rationalised. In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) the term often used is V-K (visual kinaesthetic) association. In other words, the phobic person sees something (visual) and automatically, instinctively, reacts (kinaesthetic). If you are a sadist, find someone who has arachnophobia and put a spider in front of them, dead or alive, and you will know what I am talking about.

So, we have the terms trans-phobic and homophobic. Not agreeing with someone’s lifestyle choices, declaring there are only two genders, and disapproving of men who “identify” as women in women’s toilets are described as hate crimes. It all gets very tiresome.

And the point is?

It’s hardly surprising that morality gets a bad press. Comeback Martin Luther King, the world needs you. Who remembers Mary Whitehouse? It’s 20 years since she passed. I’ve never been a fan of puritanical zealotry, and there are probably very few things I would agree with Mary Whitehouse on. However, we know many religions embrace sexual oppression but we also know that sexualisation of pre-teens, normalisation of paedophilia (Minor Attracted Persons) and denial of biological realities are firmly on the agenda.

Some reading this will dismiss these growing concerns, in the same way that the Marxist cultural revolution tells you that criminals are criminals because of capitalism. Blameless; let them out on bail.

I have yet to listen to all of Carolyn Myss’s deliberations, but I am at one with her contention that it all begins with you and I. We have given our power away to the state. We have entrusted our health to the “professionals”. We want “them” to do it for us. We shop in supermarkets out of convenience and mourn the passing of the corner shop.

This article is no guilt trip. Guilt is the tool of the race-baiters, the Social Justice Warriors and the false prophets of Covid Armageddon. And Catholic priests.

Like you dear reader, the lessons and the learnings from the last two years have been so many that they have been impossible to track, to absorb and to interpret. I am no paragon of virtue. I am no prude. But in everyone’s life surely there comes a time when they realise the tide has to turn. And it turns when each one of us makes a stand.

No, I find the contemporary cultural preoccupation with sex and all its forms abhorrent. I have seen the damage in my professional life wreaked by sexual abuse in institutions. You wouldn’t want to know. Closer to home I have seen the insidious and erosive influence of “Bohemian” values. Conversely, I know the beauty and the magnificence of conscious relationships, shared understanding and service.

If all that a life “down here” is about is nudity, promiscuity, endless swearing, drag queens in infant schools, gender fluidity and “doing what thou wilt” (Aleister Crowley) then we won’t need the microchips. None of what is going on at the moment could ever have come about without the vast reservoir of tolerance that is present in humanity.

The problem is that those abusing that tolerance have almost unlimited wealth, influence and power. As many authors worth paying attention to have said, none of this is by accident. Nearly 90 years have passed since Cole Porter wrote “Anything Goes.” We have work to do. An awful lot of water has “flowed under the bridge” since 1934.

It strikes me that puritanism is devoid of humour. Debauchery is devoid of humour. Humour at someone else’s expense, cruel and mocking, is not humour. You had a word for it didn’t you Caroline?

Evil. Where would it have taken us? It’s never too late for a happy ending. Come out from behind the sofa.

Jack Stewart, December 16, 2021. Love to you all, Namaste.

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