Outwitting your (self) Devil

Hill. “Are you the chief inspirer of sin?”

The Devil. “Yes! It is my business to gain control of the minds of people in every way possible.”

Hill. “What is the commonest and most destructive of all sins?”

The Devil. “Fear and ignorance.”

The only way this ridiculous (Delta, go back to sleep) variant exists is that our friends in the Wuhan lab are at it again. Otherwise (almost certain) it is part and parcel of the whole scam and therefore is a chimera.

But, to paraphrase Alex Belfield, that isn’t why you are reading this. If you buy no other book this year, make your choice Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

Why? Because Hill spells out in the simplest, most logical and watertight way possible how we have got ourselves into our present predicament.

The book was written in 1938. It only saw the light of day 72 years later, simply because Hill’s family were scared of the response the book may have invoked. The book is annotated by a woman called Sharon Lechter, and she describes it as the most profound book she has ever read. I’m tempted to agree.

You see my dear friends, the current battle between good and evil is being fought “in the minds of men.” Does the devil really exist? Read the book and you will realise the Devil exists in your mind and in the mind of every living being on this planet, including men.

To overcome the global tsunami of Satanism and evil, we not only have to tackle it head-on, now, we have to do totally change all the institutions which have preached lies, distortions and helplessness for millennia. In the USA, the greatest (pervasive, slow burning) evil is Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is a doctrine which convinces its adherents that white people are either willing (supremacists) participants in the oppression of all other races or rabid practitioners of unconscious (every other white person) bias. There is no doctrine more racist than CRT.

The purpose of this post is to convince you to buy the book. I have to balance giving you enough information about what it contains with not giving you too much so you just read this post and carry on “drifting”. In case you are wondering, I have no vested or financial interest in doing this other than to be on the side of good against evil.

The book will tell you how we got into this mess, through drifting- in other words having no life purpose and buying into destructive habits- and how we can overcome it. Watch my video, Outwitting Your Devil.

Of course the truth has been “out there” for millennia. The truth has been “in here” for longer. How do we access it is the perennial question? I don’t think there’s anything Hill’s book that is completely new to me, but the framework he has created, the emphasis he gives and the solutions he offers is its greatest gift.

To remain congruent, this post is, of necessity, brief. Doesn’t matter where you buy the book, it will be the best 10-15 quid you spend this year. I’m tempted to say or go back to sleep, but you wouldn’t be reading any of my posts if that was part of your make up!

Love to you all, Nanaste, Jack Stewart, “Freedom Day”, July 19, 2021.

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