The Last Battle.

We are now in a spiritual war, an information war. “We have one chance to get this right.” And so it goes. Revisit what went on during the last century. The causes and build up to the First World War. The Great War. The war to end all wars. And what happened to the warring factions after that.

Millions gave their lives whether fighting “on the front” or having their cities destroyed. Women saw their husbands and boyfriends for the last time.

Death by choice (the Armed Forces) or by merely “sheltering in place”, having your home bombed, was as real as the chair you may be sitting on or the walls that surround you.

In July 2021 it is much more subtle. The post-war nightmare of “had the Nazis won”, of control, surveillance, censorship, restriction, subjugation and indoctrination is nearer than you think. The Untermenschen today are the endless groups being oppressed by white men. Women, Blacks, LGBTQ…

In the USA the indoctrination is called Critical Race Theory. I have no idea how much of this is being taught in UK schools. However I do know that “woke” has infected our culture in a way that Covid would be proud of.

I recall many years ago watching a number of people talk about the impact of the fear of death had on everyone. My response was to accelerate my understanding about this and all life and to enable myself to diminish my fear of death. I have no fear of being called up, unlike (how willing were they?) volunteers who served in both World Wars. Perhaps my greatest fear is that I should pass in the midst of this nightmare, and watch events unfold from the world of spirit.

My belief is that God wins and I don’t need to pass to observe and participate in a new world. As I like to say to my friends, we are walking a tightrope. If we were fully and continuously aware of our connection to the Divine and we treated every aspect of our lives with unconditional love then we would be untouchable. But “coming down here” brings with it major challenges.

I’m doing my bit, but it never seems enough. Something else to work on.

And lastly if you want your world turned upside down (yet again) watch this film. It may be propaganda, it may be lies, it may be distortion. But it may be the truth, and you know what the truth does. Buckle up:

EUROPA: The Last Battle (2017) – Full Documentary HD (

Love to you all, Namaste, Jack Stewart, Friday, 09 July 2021.

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