About a week ago I remember a dream. We all dream of course, and some of us can remember our dreams easily. Not me, rarely can I remember my dreams. Anyway this one was a little strange, because what popped into my mind’s eye at some unearthly hour was this:

Ezekiel 8:23

I didn’t know Ezekiel was a book in the Bible, but given the “8:23”, it was reasonable to assume it was. So I checked it out the next day, but there was some confusion about 23:8/8:23. 23:8 refers to prostitution and has no obvious relevance. If you put in 8:23 into a search engine, 18:23 comes up:

“Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live.”

Does this have relevance? You bet. Whilst the detail often escapes me, I am permanently mindful of the words of (Princess) Diana, channelled through Anne Stewart from 2012-2013. Below is a quote from In the Stillness Everything Happens, Chapter 11, channelled seventh of May 2012. The first paragraph below is my question to Diana:

“Yes Diana I do have a couple, and thank you again for the wonderful wisdom. You mentioned the Earth being overcrowded, and I have read plans about the people who are running the planet to kill most of us so that the population goes down to around 500 million. I’m wondering what your observations on that are?”

“Well, they will try of course but the more of you who can shed light on this, the better. A lot of these people have come down-however ridiculous it may sound to you- people have come down to help the planet, to lighten the planet. Yes some will go, some will go of their own accord. Because when they find out, as I have said previously, when they find out what has gone on they will not be able to comprehend, and take in, and understand…and they will leave this planet… They [‘the powers that be’] will try, and they have already done it in the past, we know that, and they will try again. And some people will pass. But the more people who know what is happening-and wow how this is spreading and how pleased we are-the more people know what is going on, the more people will be able to save the planet.”

And from Chapter 14, channelled June 29th, 2012. By the way, what is today’s date? June 29th, 2021:

“I have said before that as things come to the forefront, as things, as the truth is being told there will be some unpleasant times. People will think they are going mad because for all these years they have been programmed and it is so ingrained into their thinking, into their way of being. So many things that really they don’t know who they are. Because they have all these beliefs, beliefs of other people, of other generations. When they realise how everything has been lied to them, even the Bible, even the way the food is meddled with, even the way the monetary system has been so corrupt and for so long, even all the evil with paedophiles, some people will not be able to take this. And there will be suicides, and some people as I say will feel they are going off their heads.”

“Because as with you, it has been drip fed over many, many years. And so you are aware of what is going on in the world but you must also be aware that there are many, many people who are very closed. And these people are good people but they are very closed. And as everything is coming out, coming out with great force they will become overwhelmed with negativity. They will become very frightened, they will become very angry the way they have all been misled and their emotions will be so mixed that they will explode. And for some people it is going to be most unpleasant.

Some people will know that it is their time now to leave the planet, they have done what they needed to do and they will leave. And that’s okay, because there is no death, it is just a body. They have done what they came to do, and that’s that.

It is difficult for you to believe that the world is going to be so much better. So much kinder, so much more love. It is very difficult for some of you I appreciate that, now when everything seems such a high state of anxiety, and insecurity. And we are doing it in the gentlest and the best way that we know for all humanity, but it has to be done, and it cannot be done without pain. We are working to ease the pain to the best of our ability and things are coming in so quickly it is quite overwhelming for you there on the earth. And we know this. We are taking all the steps we can to be with you and to guide you.

There are more angels and more spirits on this planet now than ever. Doing their own work quietly and in their own way through the grace of God. To help the turbulent times to One day soon these times will be as calm as the sea, you will hardly be able to remember all that is going on at the moment. You see everything has a cycle, nature has a cycle and if you put out and cheat and lie and steal and rape and pillage, yes you may get away with it for generations. But I tell you this, what you sow you truly reap. Nature, and the law it must be. That is the law, what you sow you reap. If you sow love you will reap boundless love in many, many ways. If you sow greed, and hate and lies and you cheat then imagine what you are getting back. It is unimaginable what will happen to these people.

They will not escape, the law of God is not cruel-it is fair and it is just. But it is the law.”

Diana also talks elsewhere in the book about whistle-blowers and perpetrators of evil having deep regrets and turning to the likes of me for therapy. Maybe…

Well, who would have thought of a synchronicity within a synchronicity? Let me continue. On Sunday, June 27 my partner and I went to a truly fabulous place called Berkeley Castle, about half an hour’s drive from here. Amongst the many exhibits was an ancient Bible, about 400 years old, and it was displayed as left.

The page is from Ezekiel chapter 23 and starts (top left-hand corner) with verse 8. Verse 23 is displayed too.

I don’t think I need to suggest the odds of this happening by chance are incalculable.

So, I need time to process all this and who knows where it will lead?

Jack Stewart, Namaste, Tuesday, 29 June 2021

And I forgot to add…I was born on June 23rd, and at the age of 8 a hugely significant event occurred.

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