Post-Covidia Fenestration (UPVC, the new tool of white supremacy).

The window fitters are in today. Normally, I hate routines, but this morning, before they arrived, I felt really down.

The blessing (at times the curse) of being aware, conscious and awake is that you can deal with these episodes. “Where did that come from?”

Last night I was watching an old episode of Waking the Dead. In it, one the characters went inside prison, undercover. He was a policeman and it was an attempt to gather some intelligence on an unsuspecting inmate.

Many years ago, I visited clients (sex abuse survivors, imprisoned because crime was a coping strategy) in four different prisons. Grim doesn’t cut it.

So, in the scamdemic, we rely on routines, we are imprisoned in our own homes, have to “comply” and some of us (everyone reading this) despise injustice and value freedom above all.

I instantly found the source of my depression. And it lifted. Lasted all of 30 minutes.

A close friend is devising a programme (brilliantly simple but powerful) to empower people to resolve mental health issues. Post-Covidia, the world will be beating a path to his door, unless the trauma is so deep denial kicks in. Which it will.

  • My point here?

Depression episodes are normal given the current dystopia. Acknowledge, explore and let go. If it’s happening to you, it’s happening to others. In some cases, almost everyone. When someone communicates with you, it’s their reality they are projecting. Novels, books, videos, it’s all filtered through someone’s paradigm, their world view.

For a day, I can’t go out, can’t work normally and enjoy my space. My God, I’m a victim of Fenestration! Call up the keyboard SJW’s! Cancel the fitters, ban new windows, boycott double glazing. Stand firm with the oppressed! UPVC windows are tools of white supremacy!

Stay in, beat yourself with a stick, blame someone. You know it makes sense. Enjoy the view from behind the sofa.

Have you seen the most powerful scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest? I won’t spoil it if you haven’t. Now is the time to break free, or check in at your local re-education camp.

Well, at least I can join a Fenestration Unheard Common Cause group…

Namaste. Smile, you’re on Facebook camera!

Jack Stewart, 24 March 2021.

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