Where to begin?

This may be false…

A couple of days ago I posted the picture you can see on the left, with my comment “Food for thought.” A family member, who I greatly respect, but have not heard from for some time, informed me that this was false, designed to incriminate a transgender activist. She may well be right, in fact, I believe she is.

Anyone bothering to read this blog post knows that false narratives, false flags and downright lies and distortions are the order of the day on social media and in the mainstream. Unfortunately from all sides of the political spectrum.

However I am exceptionally grateful for Amy’s feedback.

Politically, I have spent almost all of my life as a left winger, a socialist, a liberal. I have fought for the rights of oppressed minorities and been instrumental in creating policies to counter discrimination and promote diversity. Before this whole, hideous transgender debate (over 20 years ago), one of my first psychotherapy clients was a man who had had surgery to change him into a woman. Such were the social attitudes of the time, my client suffered (s/he contracted pancreatic cancer) under the weight of ignorance and media concocted lies about people like her. Gender reassignment was in its infancy.

Moving on to the present day, or at least a few years ago. Before Covid, the “news” story that would never go away was transgender. Whilst I’m no expert on the subject, and very few people are, it only affects a very small minority of people in the world. If this issue consumes you I would recommend strongly the Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray.

Using Murray’s term intersex, people “born in the wrong body”, who genuinely need surgery to become fully functioning human beings, have my full backing. My client was one such person.

The world came very near, and some would maintain it is still an all present threat, to becoming a global communist dystopia in 2016. Child trafficking, paedophilia, corruption at all levels of government, endless wars, social credit, total surveillance, medical negligence and euthanasia, GMO’s, Chemtrails, 5G… Need I go on?

Any challenges to the mainstream globalist agenda are first met with the charge of racism. This usually does the trick, but if it doesn’t misogynistic, homophobic and…wait for it… transphobic seals the deal.

Can someone explain to me that if I object to 3 year olds being considered for “gender reassignment”, for drag queens in their full regalia telling sexualised stories to primary school kids and biological males competing in women’s sports I am somehow being “transphobic.”

For the record, I have not been accused of being transphobic by Amy, but this term has been thrown at me previously.

I’m sure the figures are wrong…

I don’t hate anybody. This use of language is insane. If I object to the behaviour of any human being, their identity, self-declared or otherwise, is an irrelevance unless they are promoting an agenda. It is on record that many senior Nazis were homosexuals. Is this a homophobic statement?

My God, we live in the most surreal, ridiculous and depraved period of human history. There are over a hundred genders? Men can give birth? Open borders, uncontrolled immigration is OK? “Surgical contraception”, i.e. abortion, of a nine-month-old fetus is OK? All levels of criminal behaviour are OK because of white privilege? Riots are peaceful protests?

None of this is.

In several previous blog posts, I have made the point that the war we are currently fighting, is a fight to the death. A war between good and evil. Truth activists and genuine freedom fighters far, far braver than me and those in the military, are standing up to global tyranny. This obsession with inclusivity, gender fluidity, diversity and criminal rights is a sideshow. These issues should all be treated on their own merits and not conflated.

If we don’t fight the paedovores, the Satanists, the psychopaths and their bag carriers, what remains will be internment camps for not only white supremacists like me but also the “oppressed,” downtrodden unfortunates and their advocates.

We must all stand against all forms of genuine oppression. Perhaps we can start by putting our energies into exposing and bringing down the global human trafficking and paedophilia networks which include most of the Satanists hiding behind the razor wire in Washington DC.

And I don’t care what kind of “phobe” that makes me.

In closing, I have had hundreds of psychotherapy clients over the last 25 years. I have interacted with thousands of people on self-development and healing courses. No doubt amongst those people have been a handful of dubious characters. But I doubt it, and the wonderful work I am fortunate to be able to do, deprived of it temporarily by this Covid scam, means that I have to love my clients, treating them all as equals.

This I can do effortlessly, and I do it gladly.

In future I will no doubt come across this issue again, and this is the principal reason I have written this blog post. Any accusations of any kind of phobia will be met by a referral here. And if this doesn’t cut it, I can do and will do no more.

Love to you all, Namaste.

Jack Stewart, March 9, 2021.

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