What will you miss?

What will life be like without, can you cope:

  • Screeching, interminable wokeness?
  • Gender fluidity?
  • Politicians, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Energy clones telling lies every time they open their mouths?
  • Virtue-signalling supermarkets, deluded small shopkeepers and assorted jobsworths?
  • Wall-to-wall victims, playing all the “isms” cards?
  • Cretinous, patronising and truly appalling lowest-common-denominator advertising?
  • Smug, self-righteous, clueless “journalists” from “quality” newspapers?
  • Lying, paid off “doctors” and “professors” peddling fear porn?
  • The BBC, CNN, MSNDC, ABC, ITV, Sky…?
  • Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Planned Parenthood, Joe Bribem, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocassional Cortez, Don Lemon, the Cuomo’s, Gretchen Whitmer, Lori Lightfoot, Owen Jones…?
  • Dancing idiots?
  • Box tickers?
  • Overbearing bureaucrats and “law-enforcement” operatives?
  • Mask wearing, people avoiding humanity, jumping into traffic, cringing?
  • New Covid strains?
  • Cancel culture?
  • Joylessness, hopelessness, Stockholm Syndrome?
  • “News” (w) anchors?
  • Prescribed, confined, pathetic, predictable and totally unfunny “comedy”?
  • Compliance, restrictions, limitations… Mandates?
  • Snitches, curtain twitchers, lost souls?
  • “Essential” items?
  • I was only following orders?
  • Covidised town centres, arrows on the pavement, STAY 2 M APART!
  • Only two/four/six/eight people allowed?
  • Queues outside any shop selling anything of value?
  • STAY HOME, ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY signs on motorways?
  • Wars, human trafficking, paedophilia?
  • “Peaceful” riots, vandalism, Black Lives Matter?
  • “Celebrities”?
  • Plastic food?
  • Greta Thunberg?
  • Extinction Rebellion?
  • White privilege?
  • “Fact” checkers?
  • Social media censorship?
  • Outside winter “dining”?
  • The word SORRY?
  • Denial, delusion, cognitive dissonance, brainwashing?
  • Supermarket excessive profits, “crisis” profiteers?
  • Zoom, Tik-Tok, ON-LINE?
  • “Air” gestures, elbow greetings?
  • Gadgets?
  • Mail-order, click-and-collect, track your parcel?
  • False flags, crisis actors, mockingbird media?
  • Electoral fraud, mail-in voting, Dominion machines?
  • Bill de Blasio?
  • Piers Morgan?
  • Hollow, programmed, two-dimensional “spokespeople”?
  • “Staycation’s”?
  • Upturned tables and seating?
  • Government guidelines?
  • Satanism, child murder, “spirit cooking”, “minor attracted persons”?
  • The Georgia Guidestones?
  • The Cabal, the Phoenicians, the Global Reset, The World Economic Forum?
  • Global warming/climate change/global cooling/carbon footprint/Al Gore?
  • Chronic illness, managing symptoms, plls for every ill, coping?
  • Lives of quiet desperation?
  • Gamble (Be) Aware?
  • 70/80/90/95% “effective” vaccines?
  • Wi-Fi soup?

Jack Stewart, January 15, 2021.

Truly imagine, feel what it is like without some or all of these nightmares.

Namaste, love to you all.

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