Putting a Stopper in the Bottle of Death (how we are conditioned)

One of the major challenges for those of us who know what’s going on, is to get our heads around the ease in which the global population has had all its civil rights removed, is being played like an instrument, and when told to jump, asks how high?

You can understand why those currently in power continue with their tyranny. All you have to do is walk round any town centre.

That there is a mountain of research and evidence, which counters almost everything the governments tell you, is an irrelevance. Surely 98%+ of people do no research, are hypnotised by the mainstream and follow the herd unquestioningly.

I’ve known for decades that the musical scale in common use has been deliberately changed. Check out Solfeggio. We can’t have people entering blissful states, connecting to the Divine, through readily accessible music can we? Nor can we be trusted with forms of measurement, the calendar and how we tell the time.

What follows in this brief post is a massive subject area which I cannot do justice to. So if anything strikes you is over the top, then, as always, it’s time to do your research.

Thousands of authors and psychologists will tell you that 90% + of our behaviour comes from our sub or unconscious mind. We run “programmes” continuously. My video explains it in more detail. What do you think would happen if the subconscious programming didn’t just exist during our formative years (0-7) but throughout our whole lives, through our language (Words change DNA), by virtue of our very existence, and in truth every single aspect of our lives?

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

Charles Baudelaire

Many of us have done to death the Goebbels quotes about the size and nature of lies. Horse to water and all that. But if you study how humanity is influenced, from cradle to grave, it goes way beyond slavishly watching the BBC and reading mainstream “newspapers.” Many of you will comment on how “Hollywood” uses predictive programming through films to reinforce the status quo and prepare us for a dystopian future.

A very detailed and fascinating little book, Putting a Stopper in the Bottle of Death, by Gary Fraughen, will give you chapter and verse of the depth and scope of the conditioning process. I’ve always known the manipulation was deep and wide, but like Trump’s swamp there is far, far more than you ever imagined.

Why bother reading that and paying attention to what I’m saying here? The more we realise what is going on, know the “playbook” of the Elite, and are able to recognise the conditioning and manipulation at source, the sooner we can help others do the same. And we know what follows after that…

So, almost everyone-of course I include myself-has been conditioned and manipulated since birth. That’s the bad news. The good news should be obvious. In the USA the demonic and wholly corrupt media, have failed to convince anything up to a hundred million Americans that Trump is the worst world leader since Hitler. If “we” could do nothing against a lifetime of psychological operations deployed against us, then “truth” would never see the light of day.

Perhaps then the strategy should be to educate those who show a spark of awareness, stop blaming the ignorant for everything, and consider all the many ways we have at our disposal to shine our light amidst the gloom. If their greatest weapon is fear, we know our greatest “weapon” is love…

Even Goebbels knew the score:

“There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under

their own weight, and truth will again triumph.”

I like his last word, it has resonance. WWG1 WGA.

Namaste, Jack Stewart, December 23, 2020.

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