Many years ago very good friend of mine, a man who has his finger firmly on the global pulse, made a couple of statements. Firstly that the media, mainstream of course, creates reality for 95% of the global population, and has to be addressed. Secondly he talked about discernment.

Discernment is the ability to judge which things of a particular kind are good and which are bad.

Who do we trust? Who benefits? What are the consequences of buying into a particular narrative? For ourselves, other people and humanity?

As we know the overwhelming majority are not discerning. The mainstream narrative is accepted uncritically and mostly unconsciously. I am not pointing the finger at anyone here, as I swallowed the media narrative about Donald Trump until the Covid thing broke. I have spent most of my life researching, and seeking the truth. But how I fell for this one!

Does what you are reading about the world now resonate with you? If what you are watching makes you feel uncomfortable is it the person who is saying it, what they are saying or the fact that what is being revealed challenges you? Can you recall times in your life when someone has told you an unpalatable truth? How did you react? Deny it and attack them? Feel guilty and spend the next few days being miserable but ultimately dismiss the truth? Or perhaps you realised deep down what was being said was true. And then you proceeded to act on that truth.

I cannot believe there is a person who is conscious who has not had this experience.

Change can be painful, and few of us welcome it, especially when it comes at an inconvenient time, which of course it always does.

And many of you know the old cliché, which unfortunately for us all is true, the bigger the lie the more people will believe it. This was attributed to Hitler or his propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

What we are all going through now on this planet, and isn’t it incredible that it affects everyone, is a time to re-examine our personal lives and beliefs and how much of what we are being told by governments and the mainstream has any basis in truth. No s*** Sherlock!

People have accused people like me of wasting our lives by seeking out what is “real”. If you follow what is going on in America in particular you will now see an epidemic of Trump haters accusing him of what they are doing themselves. Social justice warriors (and I used to be one) scream in people’s faces (I never did nor could ever do that) about intolerance and injustice. Trolls on social media do the same. Another cliché. When you point your finger at someone else three fingers are pointing back at you.

How does anyone deal with the statement “everything you have been told is a lie?” It’s too big, too threatening and for that reason can instantly be dismissed. I thought I had a pretty good idea of the extent of the evil in this world. I’ve heard some unbelievable accounts of depravity from my clients. I have read many books, watched many videos. However I find accounts of cruelty to children and animals very difficult to process. When helping a client who has suffered a personal nightmare, I’m rarely fazed by it. Why? Because they have come to me for help and I help them. I have done something about one person’s encounter with evil. Sitting here, writing blog posts, signing petitions and donating to charities has some impact. But it cannot immediately impact on an account or an image of depravity posted on the Internet. I am empowered when helping a client and am relatively powerless reading about human trafficking.

Or am I?

Do I succumb to the media narrative that there is no such thing as human trafficking? Do I ignore the likes of Jimmy Savile, Harvey Weinstein, Brian Epstein, Ghislane Maxwell and the statue outside the BBC’s Broadcasting House (created by a paedophile, Eric Gill) as isolated and exaggerated incidents?

We all know about cognitive dissonance. How something in front of us contradicts our worldview. We ignore or deny it.

As above, so below.

Those of us in the autumn of our lives have been abused, betrayed, abandoned and lied to at a personal level. To a greater or lesser extent we have done that to other people. Surely from a personal point of view our goal must be to leave this planet a better person? By becoming a better person we help everyone around us. And by helping everyone around us we help humanity, the planet and all sentient beings.

I’ve said many times when I begin these blog posts I often end up somewhere I hadn’t anticipated, simply because I feel wisdom flows through me, it is not my creation.

So here’s my yardstick, and it’s no more mine than anything else, it is a universal truth.

If those who attack you, or those who tell you lies are acting out of a belief that their actions and words are designed to help them become a better person then you are making progress. Because they are not.

How do you know what is a lie and what is the truth? Does it resonate? What kind of feeling does it give you? Is it something you feel in your heart? If you go inside/meditate what do your impressions tell you?

It is both complicated and very simple. Who benefits from wars, disease, poverty, riots, screaming abuse, deceit and ridicule of others? Who benefits from placing one group above another? Who benefits from being a victim?

One of the many amazing gifts I got from working with male survivors of sexual abuse many years ago was this.

Not one person I worked with saw themselves as a victim. Yes they wanted justice, yes some of them wanted to do unspeakable things to their abusers, and yes many wanted compensation for having their lives destroyed. Rightly so. However, to a man, they called themselves survivors. And having escaped that living hell they were right. They survived.

Many of them eventually let go of the label survivor. I am in no way trivialising their nightmares, but I have survived two near-fatal car crashes and three serious motorbike crashes. That was then and this is now. I am not a survivor. I survived. They are not survivors, they survived.

Having processed and let go of this nightmare my clients are no different to me. Or you.

We are not our history; we are not our biological spacesuits. If these two aspects of living on the earth plane have to be engaged to raise awareness, to secure justice then so be it.

Yes perhaps everything we have been told is a lie. Parents in the Western world are now waking up to the reality that their children are having lies told to them under the guise of “education” about race and gender.

If 2020 is the year in which the forces of good defeat the forces of evil, and it is, then let us all look inside ourselves with discernment.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if we created our individual and collective reality instead of the corrupt mainstream media?

Love to you all, Jack Stewart, 9/11/2020.

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