Right enabling left.


In my world Jesus was the first socialist. Indeed if you research the Essenes you will find much to support this. I have spent most of my life “fighting” for equality, justice, freedom and believe everyone has equal value.

However… I have always believed in personal responsibility. Yes “the system” should support those who are in serious difficulty. But it is each one of us who is in charge of our own destiny, given the caveats of karma, “free will” and the influences of other dimensions. Indeed since I discovered NLP in the 80’s my career has all been about self-empowerment.

The arrogance around the globe of those in power I have always associated with conservatism and right-wing ideology. I will admit to have been partially sighted, partially deaf to the actions and voices of those who believe in personal freedom.

When I worked in Manchester City Housing Department also in the early 80’s, the actions of the leadership of a particular trade union (most of my working life I have been a trade union member) open my eyes to a different form of tyranny. I never forgot it.

So over the last few years I virtually believed everything the media told me about Donald Trump. But the problem is that the media controls the narrative, controls our perception and controls our lives. Obama good, Trump bad.

I used to be at the forefront of policies and actions designed to liberate oppressed sections of our society (race, gender, sexual orientation, disability) and to this day remain proud of my contribution. Yet contemporary identity politics is an abomination. Pansexuality, cis-gender, non-binary and identifying as a teapot. The alarm bells started to ring.

In a process used in psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, there is a priceless concept called the Drama Triangle. I might have written about this before but make no apologies for repeating it. We all have our favourite role. Victim, persecutor or rescuer. The victim believes they are “not OK” and view their oppressors as “not OK” or “OK.” Naturally victims have low self-esteem and if they view their oppressors as “OK” they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Victimhood of course lies at the heart of identity politics. Straight White men are the worst oppressors/persecutors. They are most certainly not OK.

In this model persecutors need their victims. The persecutor may appear to believe they are personally “OK”; they certainly believe their victims are “not OK.” The rescuers believe they are OK and appear to believe their victims are OK. But most of those in power and especially those drunk on power, trot out platitudes of “safe” (God help me), protection, security and concern. In truth professional rescuers hate humanity. You don’t need me to list who these people are. Switch on the television, you will see them. Wall-to-wall; 24/7/365.

It has been a massive education for me talking about the nature of reality with my lady who is a Conservative. She is also compassionate, open-minded and very assertive. How she has opened my eyes! I will always believe in the philosophy of the Essenes but I am nearer to her values than I ever dreamt possible.

The liberation of this inverted, insane and Satanic world will not occur from the wolves in sheep’s (rescuers) and wolves (persecutors) clothing. The best examples I can give you of these people are Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and most leading Democrats in the USA. We have them over here in the UK but they seem to have gone to ground. Their day (persecutors and “not OK” rescuers around the globe) will come. Very soon.

Well, you will be pleased to know there is a life-affirming version of the Drama Triangle. Victims are learners, persecutors are teachers, and rescuers are enablers.

None of us can learn if we are kept in a permanent state of fear. We look to our “leaders” to rescue us from this nightmare, thinking they have our best interests at heart when the opposite is true.

As Martin Luther King said we need leaders (teachers, enablers) who are in love with humanity. Apply this test intuitively to the specimens you see daily telling you their Orwellian measures are for your own and the collective good.

It’s a hard lesson for the sheeple to stomach. Their rescuers are contemptuous of their existence.

So in closing my awakened friends, enable, teach and love humanity.

Jack Stewart, May 23 2020.

And by the way, psychopathy may grossly distort it, but many persecutors despise themselves and project self-hatred on their victims.

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