Only human?

gandhiThere was a slight deviation in my last blog post, love took a back seat-well at least in part-to a rant about collective human folly.

If you read the post you will realise I was offering a solution, and yes every night I do send healing to the world and to those peddling the fear agenda. But we all know don’t we that to react is to strengthen. Having a go at the stockpilers, the naive and gullible fans the flames.

Two things come immediately to mind, mirror neurons and entrainment.

Mirror neurons? When we perform an action or when we see an action being performed, Mirror neurons are a group of neurons that activate. A bit technical? OK. Try this:

“Mirror neurons allow us to learn through imitation. They enable us to reflect body language, facial expressions, and emotions. They play an essential part in our social life. They are key for the child development, as well as relationships and education. Humans are social beings programmed to learn from others. We all reach our goals working as a group than individually. Seeing a parent, professor or student show a cognitive skill or any other skill, gives us a tangible experience rather than learning from explanation.”


So we learn by imitation, by modelling others. Of course! I would suggest this is our primary way of learning.

Ever heard of mechanical clocks synchronising when left in a room over time? And women’s menstrual cycles when in prisons for example doing the same? As a trainer, if you want your audience to feel any emotion, feel it yourself. Entrainment. And mirror neurons again.

My current reading is a book I can’t put down. Sanctuary, the path to consciousness. A novel, but one which explains quantum physics and spirituality rather well. I’ve just finished a chapter about how one’s essence can be energetically contained in a photograph. If you are an explorer of the paranormal, psychometry describes how we can tap into a huge amount of information about someone from one of their personal possessions. Homeopathy uses the principle of an “energetic signature” suspended in water or a tablet which triggers the body’s healing response.

Remember Blake’s most famous lines:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.”

The essence of this is that everything (the universe) is contained in the smallest possible unit of matter and can be captured also by the expression “as above, so below.” I know this is a bit of a stretch for some, but it gets better.

So there we are. Whilst panic spreads, so does love. You may be forgiven for thinking the world runs on panic, but we know it doesn’t. Darkness, negative states and emotions can all be described as the absence of light and the absence of love. Without love, the very essence of everything, no life would be possible. There would be no consciousness as a medium to express and experience anything. If God, an organising intelligence,  is omnipotent and omniscient, that is in everything and everywhere, then s/he clearly is within the devil, Lucifer. Or might it be that the devil is a human creation?

I am putting together the script for my Love Heals talks, and if you go here you will find out more about my forthcoming book.

An expression we all use, and I’m no exception, is that when we make a mistake is: “I’m only human.” We are human, naturally, but we are infinitely more than a “ragbag of conditioned responses” (Deepak Chopra’s wonderful phrase) going around dropping clangers right, left and centre. Of course we make mistakes and we always will, but being human our challenge is to rise above the static, the fear in all its guises, the propaganda and the trivia.

If we are conscious and awake, and can take a step back when all around are encouraging us to lose our heads, we can return to a state of being superhuman, which in truth is who we are.

If enough of us step into being (return to) superhuman and transmit love, maintain loving thoughts and make our lives the message (Gandhi), then my last post will be my last rant. I’m not going to excuse myself for being human. Being human is an incredible privilege and blessing. I am proud of being human; let us all celebrate that and entrain the world…

Did I say I love you all? And of course it helps, does it not, to be in a state of entrainment oneself.

Love Heals.

Jack Stewart, March 6th 2020.

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