Love was the Enemy (part two of Love is the Resistance)

Dont-be-satisfied-with-stories-how-400x600What gives us life on this planet? The sun. The sun has been demonised. The sun gives us cancer, “climate change”, and deserts. Bill Gates thinks we should block out the sun.

So, let us demonise the glue that holds us together, the substance of the universe, that which gives life, that which gives life meaning.

Without love there is nothing.

In the last post, Love is the Resistance, I listed seemingly endless ways in which life appears to give us a good kicking. I ended on the somewhat cryptic comment that from this moment onwards it needn’t be like that. It would be ridiculous to suggest that those who have had a somewhat loveless life can heal quicker than those who haven’t.

Or would it?

Over the years I have worked with some severely damaged people, and that damage is a polarising force. It can propel you towards wanting resolution and redemption so badly that the healer/therapist just has to find the right approach and the client does the rest. Equally, and I recall one person’s situation with great sadness, the damage can lead to a conclusion of total despair and disillusionment.

Cue the mantra. Anything can be healed, not everybody can be healed.

I suppose another way of looking at it, again simply because almost all revelations which serve humanity come from uniquely personal journeys, is what would life be like without love? Those of us for whatever reason have blocked love (or “hardened our hearts” to use Lorna Byrne’s profound phrase) where would we be in a totally loveless life? I think you all know the answer to that.

Love is essential as the air we breathe and our lack of it, to varying degrees, has impaired our lives. What can we do?

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France

We can start by loving another sentient being.

I’m hearing the words now inside my head: “What happens if I’m not loved in return?” The obvious presupposition in this question is that your choice of who to love is random and conditional. We are back surely to a “lucky” and chance-ridden existence. Just suppose you had it within you to find even an animal who would love you back and more significantly a person with whom you could have a conscious, game-free relationship?

What would you rather believe? Are you prepared to make the effort?

(In order to keep my sanity I have to satirise the latest outpouring from “woke” culture. I suppose as we move inexorably towards merging with machines then sex with a metal vessel to heat food is not beyond the bounds of possibility. So how many of us will be embarking on a “pansexual” adventure to discover the secret of a soulmate’s genitals? Maybe paradoxically the inclusion of this apparent insanity reinforces the message that love as referred to here is nothing to do with sex….)

I could go on forever repeating the messages from just about all my previous blog posts. You will be spared that. So in summary let me say this:

  • Everyone is capable of loving and being loved
  • “The energy frequency of pure love heals anything” (Dr Ben Johnson)
  • You are neither a prisoner of your genes nor of your beliefs. Both can be changed almost effortlessly, but let me repeat the old joke about the light bulb. How many psychotherapists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the bulb has to want to change.
  • You are powerful beyond belief (Diana)
  • Consciously (re) connect to a higher power
  • Put as much effort into making your life a masterpiece as you have into your work or career or all your projects
  • You are neither a victim or a patient, unless you have broken your leg…
  • Serve!
  • Take risks, follow your heart
  • Do what’s right; you know what is right!
  • Keep an open mind, be forever curious
  • Get help and support to release your past
  • Daily, weekly, regularly immerse yourself in beauty, positivity, knowledge and intimacy; let go of mainstream conditioning and negativity
  • Find appropriate role models, they abound

If you scroll back to most of my blog posts you will find references merely a click away.

I’ll leave you with this, love to you all and continue to have a wonderful New Year. If I can do it, you can do it, and therefore the world can do it. We are all one.

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”


Jack Stewart, eternally inspired, December 5th 2020.


“You have a gigantic pool of information and experience to draw upon (from your simultaneous, not past lives), but this will be utilised according to your present conscious beliefs“.

Jane Roberts, Chapter 19, Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, 1994.

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