Everything is exactly as it seems.

phoenix“Most of us live on the level of what happens…some of us live on the level of how things happen… and on rare occasions, a few of us reach the highest or causal level of why things happen.”

Taken from The Essential Collection by Neville Goddard p 220.

Neville died in 1972 so he escaped the post-fact, social media obsessed, technologically deterministic age of deception. In other words we are surrounded by those who are queueing up to tell us why things happen. In the USA bad things happen because people are racist, sexist or Russian assets. In the UK it probably boils down to how you voted in the Brexit referendum.

But why assume it is about bad things? Perhaps it’s because we don’t need to analyse or dissect good things, scapegoats are conspicuous by their absence.

Mr Goddard, like just about everything he writes about, touches upon something that runs very deep. I will give you a personal example. Over 13 years ago I was involved in the very expensive purchase of a plant nursery, a wood, a wildflower meadow and internationally famous gardens. It later transpired that the price had been inflated by the previous owners. So what happened? We got ripped off.

How did it happen? Not enough due diligence, probably we were blinded by the delights of the purchase and maybe were a little naïve.

Now the interesting bit, why did it happen.

During the 18 months we were there, we encountered a number of acts of sabotage, further deception, the local (Fox) hunt dogs running through the nursery, members of staff being lied to by the previous owners and a host of other challenging episodes. So it would appear naiveté has its price. So that’s that.

Or is it?

There is no doubt the experience took its toll. And yet there were periods when I felt I was living in paradise. Having consulted a number of friends in the spiritual community we had the house exorcised. Further up the lane from the nursery was a massive house which had been converted from a “children’s home.” About a mile away was the site of an old hospital, previously a workhouse. The canal running past the property was rumoured to have been the venue for mediaeval torture. For me the energies in and around the nursery were dark and as heavy as I have ever experienced.

This was in 2006. Apart from the events of the last four years it is as near to the edge as I ever want to be taken. We left having lost a substantial amount of money but regained our sanity. Just before we left, my wife Anne was told by spirit that we had been brought there by God for a purpose. The darkness needed to go, and we were able to do it.

“God never gives you more than you can handle.”

Diana, from In The Stillness, Everything Happens.

You choose. Naiveté, bad luck, faulty genes or a mystery? Sounds a bit like a chronic illness diagnosis doesn’t it?

Well I’m with God as you might expect. I’m not sure that the “rational” explanation of everything that happens in this life could have ever cut it with me. Even when that’s all I used to call on. I can list at least a dozen, maybe more, episodes in my life which have no rational explanation. And I know everyone reading this will have at least one themselves.

So this is an invitation to consider metaphysical causes and apply them to some of the greatest tragedies or mysteries in your lives. I know by doing this you run the risk of alienating those close to you. If by sharing your “higher-level” explanation you will be creating problems for yourself, then keep the explanation to yourself or share it only with those who are on your wavelength. I know I am neither unique nor “special.” I do have a long list of experiences which not only defy rational explanation but also have allowed me to adopt what some might consider either a deluded mind-set or in truth an awakened one.

I’m getting to the stage now where I smile, or laugh or feel sorry for those locked into a 3-D, materialist view of the world. It is not only life limiting, wholly inadequate and in some cases destructive to those who hold it, but it offers nothing, nothing when it comes to changing this insane world. And it offers even less to individuals when tragedy or trauma strike.

This morning I had rather an interesting thought. Someone who I have never met “popped in” to my head, but were I to meet in certain circumstances would massively challenge my non-violent stance. I dare not go there. I have an idea what he did, and how he did it, but I’m leaving the why out.

I have no doubt an explanation, which is now superfluous, will arise sometime never. However through his destructive actions a series of events were set in train. I’m sure there is a better concept but I’m conscious of the idea of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Many years ago I was involved in the attempted healing of a tragic young woman diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. It was too late to save her but I can honestly say the healing was directed purposefully to her family. She had a young son who was about four. A picture of her (she was a stunningly attractive young woman in her 30’s) and her subsequently estranged husband and the son occupied centre stage downstairs. She was bedridden and hideously distorted by steroid drugs to combat the pain. The whole experience will never leave me, and I haven’t seen the family for years, and never had the privilege of meeting her son.

His name? Phoenix.

Events in my life are beginning to conspire in a similar fashion. Chronic illness and psychological abuse are pretty heavy duty things to cope with. I talked about redemption in my Helen of Troy post, suggesting even the worst things that can happen to us will ultimately become a page in our personal history. And in several other posts I’ve quoted Nelson Mandela’s concept that for everything we experience we either win or we learn. Or both.

So Phoenix my young friend, wherever you are I hope and trust you are using the gift of life from your precious mother to rise from your personal ashes. You may already realise, or it may be sometime in the future, that you are richly blessed. Tragedy and trauma are part of this incarnation, they are inescapable.

How we “frame” them, what we do subsequently and our ultimate belief in the universe being a friendly place will all determine the kind of life we lead.

Call me naive, but I suggest more accurately you should call me blessed and privileged. I like that.

Love to you all, Jack Stewart, Thursday, 19 December 2019.

Music? Has to be Stevie Wonder.


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