Paradise Won

miceFacebook is another Marmite phenomenon. Many love it and find it addictive, and others hate it and avoid it at all costs.

For those of us who are “public figures” it is not easy to dismiss. And I personally have friends in many countries. So I grin and bear it. However the “dopamine hit” no longer works for me. If I post something up there and don’t get many likes, so what?

What intrigues me is how many of my friends have views which are the polar opposite of mine. And are often forcefully held. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt. We all have “friends” who are distant (geographically) and we have never met. Others may be closer physically, but are closer in terms of our affections.

I probably visit Facebook 2 to 3 times a week. I probably spend anything between two and 10 minutes on it. However I was faced with the realisation this morning that I couldn’t care less if close friends or people I value (almost all of you) love or hate Jeremy Corbyn. It matters not at all what your views are on Boris Johnson. Brexit or Remain? Not bothered. I may have a “friend” who is racist or homophobic, but I have no idea who they are. And I’m sure they don’t exist.

We will never extricate ourselves from the current planetary crisis by arguing at the margins. I have my own views on all these issues obviously and will admit to getting at least irritated, sometimes angry when people in the public eye knowingly tell lies. Which regretfully is a pandemic. Most people have been misled; the power of the media to convince people black is white and white is black has never diminished. And yet despite our living in a post-fact Society with “fact checkers” I wouldn’t trust to tell me the time, it still doesn’t change my view of those who I value.

We are all sparks of the Divine, we are all Divine. We are all angelic whether we realise it or not. Who we are is not defined by our socialised values and beliefs. Everyone has helped someone else. Before help was given the person was not regarded as undeserving because of any unspoken opinion on anything. Random acts of kindness and all that jazz. Pay it forward. Unconditional love. I’m trying.

And if you too are struggling to rise above the nightmare that had once threatened to overwhelm us, take some faith from my personal experiences and never give up.

It cannot be said too often we are all work in progress. And before anyone is poised to call me naive and simplistic let me say this. The primary global solution offered by those currently running the planet is war, violence and austerity in all its forms. If we have violence or anger within us it will always find a way out. The ultimate cliché and the ultimate truth. Love is all you need. I have no wish to spend my remaining years in this incarnation “fighting” all the wrongs in the world. I will never turn a blind eye to injustice and violence and hatred to any sentient being, but to repeat, love is all you need,

We are all richly blessed, thank you for reading this post. Any prizes for guessing the music?

Jack Stewart, Monday, 02 December 2019.

Thank you to one very special person. You know who you are.

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