obeliskHad a fabulous day today, still processing, still on a natural high. Maybe that’s the way the cookie crumbles or maybe something else is at work.

I find it impossible to believe anyone reading this has not had a series of incidents in their lives which could be classed as synchronistic or serendipititious. If you look these words up using the online Microsoft word dictionary (which is normally pretty good) you will find nothing that does justice to either of them. So let me try.

Imagine a life in which you are richly blessed, a life probably very little different from anyone else’s, but one in which you anticipate, you expect and sometimes you have a knowing that good fortune awaits you. Some people have described this as the Law of Attraction, but it is far more than that. I have no way of knowing whether I have had more or less of my fair share of trauma and bliss than anyone else. However if you get to a place where “good things” happen routinely, where things that really matter-you fill in the blanks-turnout the way you want them to then you are no different to the person who expects the worst and gets it. Except of course s/he couldn’t imagine a life like yours and you don’t get a life like theirs.

When I fully expect, which isn’t all the time, to get a parking place I invariably do. Part of me finds it difficult to accept 100% success so maybe I programme myself for a more comfortable 90%. But parking is small beer and if you can’t get a space near where you want one then it’s God’s way of telling you to walk.

So you expect something and you get it. You see connections between things which border on the outrageous. You are let down and you anticipate, after a suitable period of feeling less than ecstatic, a turnaround. The turnaround then happens.

You meet the very people you both want and need to meet. The experience of encountering the ones that you want to meet vastly outweighs the downside of meeting someone who teaches you an important lesson.

Very often, especially during the early stages of this life changing mind-set, there can be a time delay between the experience and the lesson. In other words the lesson is not always obvious. Of course another potential minefield awaits. You can become overenthusiastic about the good stuff, about the significant people or person you have met. For me, like everyone reading this, we have to find ways to value everyone’s life set against the tide of skewed information and bullshit which condemns us. I reckon part of my over-enthusiasm is my gratitude for this life, my appreciation of people I meet and, as quoted in the last post, the joy I feel in helping people feel worthwhile.

(Pause for reflection. I write almost all these posts using voice dictation software and having done this for some time it is frighteningly accurate. However someone local is setting off fireworks and every time I come to dictate the page jumps. Not sure what the lesson is here, I will perhaps offer an explanation at the end, assuming there is one.)

I’ve referred to the value of humour many times on this site and as the post nears closure what price would you give for an energy (an issue?) which invigorates you, makes you feel alive and gives you a fixed grin? The music for this post takes me back to when I was 20. I loved Gilbert O’Sullivan then and I still do. John Lennon was one of his greatest fans. There may be a message in this song but I’ve chosen the track just because I love it. Maybe like the fireworks which have now stopped there is no need for an explanation.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners most famous song may also be appropriate but that might give the game away.

Jack ‘smiler’ Stewart, November 1, 2019. As always, in perpetuity, but slightly more sure of it, richly blessed. Love to you all.

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