Losing my connection (22 ways to get it back)

connecting bw“We crave, we deeply yearn for, release from the limitations of a dogma that declares separation, disunity, and judgement to be the essential condition of life.”

The “dogma” that Neale (Donald Walsch, NDW) refers to is essentially organised religion and we are living in seriously challenging evolutionary times. The idea of connecting to the Divine is barely a footnote however in the mainstream output.

You needn’t be massively awake or a hardened spiritual seeker to realise that when you are in a good place, a good “state” or just feeling happy then good things become commonplace. Equally obvious is that when life kicks you in the proverbials and you feel down, “bad” things are the order of the day.

I’ve almost done to death raising your vibration, if that isn’t an oxymoron, but joyously changing it has a massive pay off. It’s true that the better you feel the more you attract to yourself good things, good people and good vibes.

A close friend of mine, that rare combination of someone technically gifted and spiritually awake, has made it is business to find the Divine or God frequency. As I know through my healing and therapy practice when clients connect to God, all things are possible. I can just envisage my friend’s electronic box of tricks delivering the spiritual Midas touch.

Pause for thought. What do you do when you are “depressed”? You withdraw, stop listening to joyful (any?) music or listen to the Smiths, avoid reaching out and (physically) touching others and generally go into yourself. For me I have to make a conscious effort to connect. And sometimes I just don’t want to.

As Stuart Wilde once said, the trick to money is having some. The trick to happiness is to connect. The most powerful tactic of those currently running the system have is divide and rule. To stress, to brainwash, to inculcate in everyone that we have as little in common as possible. We are all our labels, our socially constructed and imposed identities, our petty, stupid and trivial differences.

I seem to be moving back towards offering advice rather than just satirising insanity, offering a few glimpses of timeless wisdom and suggesting a limited number of ways of “getting yourself back.”

The above words are the nearest I can get to the opposite which is “letting yourself go.” This expression generally refers to how people look and their body shape as opposed to their internal state, paradoxically which is what informs “the release.”

22 ways to get your connection back (these kinds of lists seem to be in vogue at the moment):

  1. Communing with nature, going for a walk along the beach, in a forest or in the hills…
  2. Seeing the Divine through the eyes of your beloved, your children, a companion animal or even a complete stranger.
  3. Listening to inspirational music.
  4. Watching the sunrise or a sunset.
  5. Bringing to mind at least one person (here or in spirit) to whom you have an unconditional love connection.
  6. Watching an inspiring speaker.
  7. Reading an inspiring book.
  8. Singing!
  9. Helping those in difficulty.
  10. Working for good causes.
  11. Fulfilling your life purpose.
  12. Meditating; this includes moving meditation, e.g. Tai Chi.
  13. Being grateful.
  14. Forgiving those who live rent free in your head.
  15. Communicating with loved ones in spirit through a medium.
  16. Praising and saying good things to and about anyone you interact with.
  17. Seeing hope and acting on it where all seems lost.
  18. Spending time with inspirational people.
  19. Being generous with your time and money to those who need it.
  20. Restarting your voyage of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-appreciation.
  21. Doing something creative.
  22. Being here now.

“Give everyone whose life you touch a sense of their own worthiness as a person, a sense of the true wonder of who they are. Give this gift and you will heal the world.”

NDW again.

The person whose life you touch most is your own.

Jack Stewart, feeling inspired (aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence”-I like that definition, maybe pass on aroused…), October 31, 2019. You know who you are.

P.S. The time, in case I haven’t spelt it out, to get your connection back is the time you feel most disconnected. And who said God didn’t have a sense of humour?


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