Inside I am Beautiful…

beautifulAnother subject of endless debate. “Fat is beautiful.” If you are dealt a challenging hand at birth which almost guarantees you will not grow into a healthy, “normal”, optimal BMI scored (Body Mass Index) person then you have my support. Of course you may not want or need it, so apologies for these patronising remarks.

However, as captured in the post Beauty, I cannot side with those who can take responsibility for their lives and allow themselves to become ugly. Ugly in all its forms. We all know, we have all met, we have all watched those who might be described as physically handsome or beautiful but are ugly in every way.

Inside you are beautiful. And if the slow drip, drip, drip of propaganda that our external world is an out-picturing of our internal world is having some effect, then let me patronise you no more. As I said earlier, I love this picture. I had never heard of Roni P, the artist Veronica Pock until yesterday, when I visited her stall in Stratford-upon-Avon. Check out her brilliant work; she is helping raise the planet’s vibration.

I recall, vaguely when it comes to timing, but precisely when it comes to meaning, Anne Stewart once telling me (in person or through a medium) that spiritual healing evolves. Well, there’s a surprise! Isn’t healing evolving on the earth plane? And where is the likely source of stimulation for the latter?

We hear endlessly about “advances” in conventional medicine. And if they save or improve people’s lives they will always get my support. But as long as drug-based treatment exists it is driven by the profit motive. And there is no profit in cures, only management of the symptoms. But nothing is so black and white. Check out this recent story which moved me, along with thousands of others, to tears.

What I am saying is that advances in non-allopathic medicine have occasionally been spectacular. Having been a student, participant and teacher of healing modalities for over 25 years you will have to take my word for it. Or not. As always, please do your research.

I know I’m on safe ground because I’m describing the global dynamic of progress. X years ago no-one had an answer for condition Y. A “cure” is found and we celebrate.

My personal journey through around 40 healing “modalities” has brought me now to Family/Identity constellation work. The dynamics in play to get me here are 1) The perpetual personal drive to help my clients get to the root cause of their problem, as quickly as possible and 2) Testing out new modalities which come to my attention and most significant of all 3) The deaths of Anne and Vanessa.

I’ve already admitted by quoting from a work on Family Constellations, that the answers may remain a mystery in my lifetime. However one thing is certain, as certain as night and day, is that we will get to a point in history where illness no longer devastates humanity as it increasingly is doing today.

The pain of grief from loss is an exceptionally powerful motivator. And if we discover, as we have, that 5G for example is a killing technology then how many have to die to halt its “progress?”

All roads lead to global awakening.

How can you not be beautiful inside?

(Princess) Diana has some advice for you:

“Ask the body, what does it want? How can you help it? Even ask the body what food it wants. I will tell you without doubt that you will get the answers.”


“Bless your food. You will balance the food and you will notice it will taste better.”

From In the Stillness, Everything Happens.

The-Love-GardiansLife is good. It always was, always is, and always will be. We just have to find the beauty inside…

Thank you to my inspirers. And love to everyone else.

Jack Stewart, Monday, 28 October 2019.

(Left) Another Roni P painting.

And, the song below is a bit off beam, but it’s John Lennon and rather catchy.


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