The personal life is alive and kicking

Rwanda-Genocide“We are born with hope; we are born with a smile.”

David Luiz, Brazilian footballer who plays for Arsenal, commenting on the similarities between African culture and Brazilian culture when on a recent visit to Rwanda.

Amongst the endless pearls of wisdom that flow from Eckhard Tolle one is that the ego demands of us that we should always oppose something. Opposition is institutionalised in our culture. Not all cultures of course, because at least one native American Indian tribe, I believe it is the Hopi, will resist all attempts by others to make any of their people appear superior to anyone else.

I am not one who opposes competition. I don’t believe people should be given prizes just for taking part, nor do I believe in the over-hyping, of the obsession, especially in America, with “winners.”

We are all different, we are all unique. We all have something of value, a purpose for being here on earth. Culturally we know that certain things are valued above others. To be a “successful” actor or actress is accorded infinitely greater value than carers, parents, helpers of all descriptions, cleaners, peacemakers, healers, gardeners…the list goes on. It is obvious even to the most distracted.

I have always admired David Luiz, even when his mistakes have benefited teams I support. Although he has the occasional meltdown, you don’t become a Brazilian international and play for teams like Arsenal and Chelsea without having talent. Luiz plays his football with a smile and, unless you know I’m who I’m talking about, looks like Sideshow Bob out of the Simpsons.

Characters like Luiz light up the world. Boris Johnson stands for just about everything I don’t, but I like the man. I can give you a long list of people whose values are radically different to mine and who conduct their lives in ways in which occasionally appals. I celebrate their “bottle” and the controversy they create.

“Feelings, insights, affections…its suddenly trivial now…the personal life is dead in Russia, history has killed it.”

(Pasha) Strelnikov (Tom Courtenay) from the film Dr Zhivago.

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last five years you will be aware of the assault not only on free speech is also now on free thought. After all language is the universal expression of what we think. If we are continuously checking what we say for fear of causing offence or worse then it reaches back into our thoughts. If we delete the words we might normally discuss, we are in effect deleting the thoughts behind them. As a number of people who will not go quietly have said, being offended is part of life. Even in my personal utopia people would compete in ways which avoid lionisation of the winner and destruction of the loser. Have you ever competed for the affections or attention of a parent/family member/partner/friend/husband/wife/teammate/sibling? What was your prize?

You might believe all this is trivial, yet another facet of a rapidly changing contemporary culture. However you might be slightly more concerned if you realised that around 51% of Americans would like greater control over “hate speech.” Is there anything more sinister, anything more ridiculous and anything more representative of the brainwashing of our times than “anti-hate” groups screaming obscenities at those they deem to be peddling “hate?” Peace marches that end in violence. Bombing/killing civilians to “save” them from regimes the West has deemed should be changed.

What is our true nature?

The answer is of course, it depends who you ask. If you put forward a partial viewpoint, recruit certain “names” to your cause and repeat it often enough then it becomes assimilated by the majority. Gender may not be fluid, but perception is malleable, fluid and subject to influence by the mainstream 24/7/365.

So my friend Mr Luiz, carry on playing your football with a smile on your face and all you characters out there, excepting those created by the media (want another oxymoron?) e.g. “reality TV stars”, stay with it, resist all attempts to make you toe the line, conform and become a grey, meaningless nobody.

We are neither zealots, racists, homophobes or snowflakes, social justice warriors and climate extremists at our core. It has nothing to do with nature or nurture and everything to do with consciousness.

Consciousness is who we are and our consciousness is informed by our perception. Swimming with the currently engineered tide is a recipe for what happened ten years ago in the country David Luiz recently visited, Rwanda. Do your research.

“We are all one.” It cannot be said often enough, for if I were to say it 1 trillion times it would be a long way behind the number of times the mainstream has parroted the lies that we are “useless eaters” needing to be programmed, divided, controlled and saved from ourselves.

David Luiz is a very good footballer who has made occasional errors, fortunately not enough for him to be dismissed or written off. But the quote I began this article with is of global significance and that is why I felt compelled to write this post.

Blessings to you all, love to you all. Namaste. Jack Stewart, October 26, 2019.

You’ve missed these P.S.’s, be honest…Anyway, David Luiz scored today [27/10]. Must have read this post.

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