“You are richly blessed”

Blessed-QuoteThis is one of the favourite sayings of White Eagle, a spiritual teacher who passed many (hundreds of) years ago. When something is self-evidently true, I don’t suppose it matters who said it other than to attract people to its source for more of the same.

We all have times, for some unfortunately oppressively so, that life seems to be the opposite. But I’m going to skip the debate for now and suggest that the energy always present in the background captures rich blessings. It’s another way of saying we are permanently connected to the Divine, no matter what we are going through, but we choose or forget to be consciously aware of it.

(Some of you may have spotted my subtle or not-so-subtle linguistic trick here. If I say that life is underpinned by being blessed then it’s obvious which side of the debate, the other being life is a bitch then you die, I’m coming from…)

As I write, the weather outside is atrocious. Very strong winds, rain and a foreboding grey sky. But I remember Billy Connolly once saying there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothes. Unless you have invested heavily in your hair…

Yes, we are our thoughts. I love Bruce Lipton. Apart from his wisdom, heavily backed by science, he has a wonderful way of expressing his words, even complex scientific phenomena. Lipton suggests that our days are spent being informed/directed by our subconscious to the tune of 95% plus of the time. If we enjoy our days, then our subconscious is richly blessed. Although I’ve met thousands of people in my lifetime I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has had his or her subconscious suitably (positively) programmed as a child to enable them to negotiate this incarnation trauma-free.

If you have been taught or brought up by parents and significant others from birth that you are indeed richly blessed then guess how your life is likely to turn out. Having had positive programming won’t stop crap coming your way. But it will reduce it massively and it will enable you to deal with the “hard yards” with skill and conviction. For the majority of the population I’m sure you can suggest terms other than these to describe your lot. I’m so convinced of my powers of persuasion that you will now go away and allow “I am richly blessed” to become your mantra.

Just one problem. Overturning a lifetime’s conditioning cannot be achieved by reading this post. Research ways in which you can re-programme your subconscious which appeal to you. There are many, and once you are comfortable with your choice the investment you made in terms of improvements to your quality of life, health and prosperity will be repaid a hundred times over.

Might I also suggest you find a compelling reason to change. Or someone who inspires you. Or a powerful mission. Or even deciding the negativity and tragedy in your life is the last straw.

I’m not sure when the expression “soundtrack of my life” appeared. Was it a spin-off of Desert Island Discs? For the uninitiated a weekly BBC radio show which asks guests to punctuate their life story with meaningful and significant (to them) pieces of music. I think it may be obvious here that my contention is that being richly blessed is the continuous soundtrack of all of our lives. If enough of us thought this, believed it, and knew it as the truth, then it would be manifest. Until the day arrives when global consciousness changes irreversibly, grab a bit (a skip load) of happiness, let go of quiet desperation and begin by acting as if you are richly blessed.

It may become a habit.

Much love, blessings to you all, Jack Stewart October 25, 2019.

The song below (Coldplay Viva la Vida) is one of my favourites of all time. Thanks to the Gloucester Old Spot for the inspiration:

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