A Day of Serendipity

miceA few of my friends have lately been talking about dating agencies. One friend in particular was scathing about them. I have to be honest, and even things I detest, advertisements, take the proverbial out of this rather interesting technological courtship ritual.

So the thought occurred the other day; why isn’t there a film about this? And guess what? There is. And it has in it two of my favourite actors Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren. Not sure of the plot, and I’m not an avid cinema goer, but it looks promising. The Good Liar is out in November.

Surely a risky business dating agencies? How many of us like to talk about ourselves? How many of us like photographs of ourselves? In an era of forced gender fluidity I’m going to make a sexist comment. I have yet to meet a woman who is relaxed about having her photograph taken. Jazz hands all round.

What are people looking for? A fling, a serious relationship, a husband or wife? Reason, season, lifetime. Some people are with us fleetingly for a reason, “good” or “bad.” A lesson. Some last a little longer. The season may be a few months or a few years. They depart from our lives at the behest of either party yet may remain friends or they may not. More lessons.

A lifetime? The word has more validity perhaps for someone in their 20’s or 30’s. Those who use dating agencies, “mature” people, may find the word lifetime less significant.

My earlier memories of dating, 40+ years ago, were not good. I never knew whether to jump in too soon or play it cool. And for the life of me juggling several relationships would have had me in Gordian’s Knot.

A close friend who has been told his soulmate is “in the pipeline”, and he has met her, has rather amusingly joined a “Green” dating agency. I’m hugely in favour of environmental protection, of clean air, rivers and oceans, of free energy (which exists of course and has done for over a hundred years but is suppressed), of animal welfare and recycling. As may be obvious from several posts the man-made global warming scam needs to be exposed. Continuously. But my friend and I can laugh about it. I don’t see him glueing himself to anything, even a pork pie (Green but he loves and craves meat), any time soon.

Personally I find humour, taking the proverbial, the most powerful tool in not only my armoury but also in society generally to counter the insanity that besets us all. Political correctness, woke idiocy and snowflakes seem to be losing the battle to sanitise and crush genuine comedy. In fact I get the sense of a growing backlash. I hope and trust Good Liar has more than its fair share of humour. Life is serious, appalling things happen, but it also has to be taken lightly. Indeed my favourite fictional detective, Bernie Gunther, has a highly developed sense of the ridiculous and a very quick wit. And he is as politically correct as Bernard Manning, George Carlin and Chubby Brown. But his world is (Nazi) Germany from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

max wallThis was never going to be a long post, and I wish I could infuse it with more humour, but for some reason I feel I’m skating on thin ice. So I will resist the temptation to fuse Extinction Rebellion, genuine environmentalism, Greta Thunberg, Greenpeace and green dating agencies. Surely there is some excellent material here but I suspect it is subscription only.

You are richly blessed.

Jack Stewart, no afterthoughts, no surrender. Sunday, 20 October 2019.

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