Avalon, a place of mystery and legend, steeped in history and of global significance. Do your research. I’ve been to Glastonbury about half a dozen times and it never fails to generate a mixture of emotions within me.

Normally I ask Jonathan for one or two readings a year, just to keep me aligned with plans I made elsewhere. Lately of course my sanity has been maintained by weekly readings. These days if your loved one is away from home you stay in touch by phone, Skype or some other technological process. In a recent reading it was suggested I go to Glastonbury Abbey and sit with the Christ energy. I’ve been meaning to go into the Abbey for some time. It is truly wonderful and no trip to this special town is complete without it. Even if the weather, the greyness, the misery is more in keeping with an Extinction Rebellion celebration.

Some who visit here will dismiss the Arthurian and Joseph of Arimathea connection. It has even been suggested Jesus came here too. The history of the place, as stated in the narrative surrounding the exhibits in the museum is a combination of invention, truth, spirituality and licence. Believe what you want to believe. Feast on the legends and the incredible energies of this unique place or wander round like a fart in a trance and wonder why you bothered.

To stand any chance of communicating with spirit you have to do this mysterious process of raising your vibrations. To avoid yet another debate it means, for me at least, feeling upbeat and positive. Something I have been all my life but lately has been almost impossible. But not today.

Vegan and vegetarian food are the primary ingredients in most of the cafes and restaurants. What a fantastic change. To think over 35 years ago cheese and chips was the singular vegetarian meal of choice when eating out. And I can think of at least three cafes where the food is phenomenal. If your diet consists primarily of McDonald’s and Red Bull and for you shopping can only be done in the local retail park then stay away from Glastonbury.

Have you ever been anywhere that doesn’t have a downside? Sorry folks but the downside here is the large minority who have lost the plot. I personally don’t care how you dress but I do care if you strut about the town as if you own it. And look down upon people who don’t share your passion for clothes which look like a combination of a Tracey Emin afterthought, a straw bale gone walkabout and an explosion in a paint factory. “Precious.”

The second time I came to Glastonbury, haven of peace, a fight nearly broke out in the High Street between two blokes each trying to be more precious than the other.

Yes you can have too much of Wicca, Olde Shoppes, Witches, Druids and Vulvas. But in truth who cares. It is more than compensated for the things I’ve mentioned, for the glorious organic supermarket, genuinely good gift and bookshops and the surreal nature of the place. And it was worth every penny of the 20 quids worth of fuel it cost me to get here and back. And then some.

When I finally got into the Abbey grounds, which are huge by the way, I sat down at a table in the outside café for a coffee. I was definitely picking up a vibe. The central building-only one of the ruins has a roof-has a few benches on the ground floor and an altar all of which are sheltered from the rain. I sat down. There were about another half dozen people sat in respectful silence next to the altar. When I’m in contemplative mood in a sacred place I don’t want anyone too near me, and there wasn’t. As soon as I sat down I started to twitch. When I twitch involuntarily something is affecting my body’s energy field, and although it happens far less frequently than I would like, it is a sign usually of communication from spirit.

It is seven weeks and a day since Vanessa passed. Jonathan has regularly told me that she will only come through after she has healed and I am sufficiently free of anger and pain to be in the right frame of mind. Well it took all of 30 seconds after I sat down to know I was in communication with her. It was her. She came over just as she would have done when on the earth plane. Listening intently, in a good space, funny, intelligent and philosophical. I was rather emotional, shock horror. I struggle to remember what she said specifically, but what I do know is the truth that when we pass we let go of our issues, struggles, shadow and ego which can often wreck our lives “down here.” Having raised my vibration I too, for that blissful five minutes, was operating out of my higher self. For the hour that followed I have probably felt as good as I have done in 50 days of mostly simmering despair.

Whenever anybody asks me how I’m feeling my truth is that each day can be up or down but there is an underlying upward trend of feeling that little bit better. Yes, coming home to an empty house is occasionally purgatory, but my beautiful cats help ease the pain. Watching escapist nonsense on the TV is a suitable distraction as is reading any one of four books (mood dependent) before I go to sleep.

I’m told I’m doing rather well and I suppose there some truth in that. There are many things I have yet to experience in this life and some would scare me witless. No I cannot imagine what it is like to be a soldier in a combat zone, or to be incarcerated in Guantánamo Bay, or being given a terminal diagnosis. No one knows what it is like to lose one soulmate unless they have done so and very few know what it is like to lose two in four years. But of course so what? This is my path and my reality. I am dealing with it, I have to deal with it and I’m seeking no sympathy. I’m told I will come out of this a better person, and that the pain will eventually go away.

arthur GAWell thank you Glastonbury Abbey, thank you King Arthur, who of course never existed. And bless all you precious inhabitants of this rather strange place; you do add something to it despite the few times you make it exceedingly uncomfortable and give “Angry of Tunbridge Wells” a field day. But not today.

Love from a grey, wet and globally unwarmed, fact less and propaganda fuelled Malvern.

“King” Jack Stewart, October 11, 2019.

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