Lazy Faith

Villa Melia

“I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.”

Nikos Kazantzakis

Hoping for nothing is another way of saying detachment. The absence of desire. Fearing nothing is captured in Psalm 23, fearing no evil as I walk through the shadow of the valley of death.

For reasons which have yet to emerge (apart from my love affair with Greece) I have been drawn to Cretan writer Kazantzakis’s famous phrase which adorned one of my T-shirts about 20 years ago. I suppose if we didn’t expect anything other than that which is divinely guided to us we would be in a rather advantageous position. Yesterday I was rooting in a box of angel cards and “randomly” chose the card Faith. Somewhere on one of my public pages nicely inscription “Everything that ever happens to us is for our enjoyment or growth or both.”

It’s not difficult to have faith when the sun is shining and everything works as it should. The trick is to keep one’s faith when the brown stuff hits the fan. “God”, the Divine, is both within us and “outside” of us. The Healing Code process I use continually as a therapist connects the client to a state of unconditional love through (mostly but not exclusively) another person. I also use Core Transformation which allows the client to reach their “wellspring within”, another term for our divine “spark”. Do we just have a spark, i.e. a small part of ourselves that is Divine, or are we completely Divine?

If we were permanently consciously connected to the Divine then we would both hope for nothing and fear nothing. Think about it for a moment. Even if we act on the basis that we just have a spark, as opposed to a raging fire, then how could we be ill, or suffer lack or live a life of quiet desperation? To quote Florence Scovel Shinn: “There is no (fill in the problem state or difficulty) in the Divine mind.”

So we doubt, or a part of us does, and we have less than 100% conviction and faith of an outcome. Florence concedes that it is difficult to control our thoughts and suggests it is easier to control our words. And just like the mainstream news media if something is repeated often enough it is believed and may even become manifest.

Let us briefly part company with Nikos, assuming he conquered desire. How about this from Neville Goddard:

So my Blessed Ones persist, do the work and who knows where it will take you? If enough of us follow Neville’s advice who knows where we can take the world.

Jack Stewart, October 7, 2019.

The track below is Lazy by David Byrne. Fabulous and I would liken it to the antidote to snake venom having spent an hour listening to the most appalling X-Factor cloned garbage which passes for music these days on commercial radio. I am free only when I take my headphones into the gym and screen out, yes you’ve guessed it, Free Radio.

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