The Hero’s Journey (continued)


I can’t remember when the bug of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey first bit me. Many years ago I suspect. However I’ve always been interested in mythology, metaphors and stories as ways to communicate with each other, make sense of the world and explore the deeper recesses of our psyche.

Last night I went with a mate to a talk on the subject at the excellent  Isborne Centre, Cheltenham. It was rather impressive and delivered by Will Gethin. The audience was fully engaged and one particular person caught my eye. My interest in the subject was such that I considered running talks and workshops on it myself. But life got in the way. The Hero’s Journey is the framework for such films as the Matrix, the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Star Wars, indeed most Hollywood “Blockbusters”.

I have yet to meet anyone in this incarnation whose life doesn’t “fit” into this exceptionally powerful model. Below is my take on the potential contribution of Campbell’s creation:

What are we here for? To wake up, to serve, to be fulfilled, to love and be loved and to leave the “earth plane” having made a real contribution? What stops you from “pursuing your bliss”; tapping into all of your amazing resources, meeting people who will support you in your quest, and exorcising your “demons” and living an extraordinary life?

Hear your soul’s heroic call, turn around the legacy of the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship or serious health issue.

There are between six and fifteen+ stages of the journey, depending on which version you read. I’ll keep it simple. It is the antithesis of a life of quiet desperation. You “Hear The Call” from without or within. For most people a significant event (as given above) starts the conscious process. You then have a choice, you can Accept The Call or do nothing, that is refuse it. There are consequences of the latter. I suggest you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. If you accept the call you then have to “Cross The Threshold” and get out of your comfort zone and rise to the challenge. The next stage is finding a Mentor(s) to help guide you through “The Dark Night Of The Soul” which is transformational and delivers a “Gift” for you to bring back to help yourself, friends, family and/or the world. And of course this cycle repeats itself throughout your whole life, sometimes it is massively important other times less so.

A wonderful friend, commenting on my current plight, asked the question how people who lacked (spiritual) insight (The Hero’s Journey is a Spiritual journey) and wisdom would cope with my situation. The answer may be obvious. So rather than relive a life like mine, God forbid, make sense of your situation and attract your own insights using this model. It is impossible to capture hundreds of pages of literature in a short blog post, but as always, I hope to have enthused you and offered some direction.

Namaste, the tunnel’s distant light looks closer and shines that little bit brighter this morning.

Pursue your bliss, note to self.

Jack Stewart, October 1, 2019.

And the graphic? Anything Greek will do.

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