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Oh my lord…Yes, we all know about the beholders eye, but surely, even in this technologically driven, American pop culture dominated, morally bankrupt inverted matrix, without beauty our chlorinated goose is truly cooked?

Beauty, aesthetics, appreciating art, music, theatre, literary masterpieces, poetry, according to the wisest spiritual teachers and sages, are the antidote to social collapse and cretinous behaviour. Check out the late Dr David Hawkins for this.

Beauty comes in so many forms. We see it in adults, children, animals, nature. We can see it in others even when their external appearance may deny it.

Here we go. Ugliness. A global pandemic. Leaving out death, wars, destruction, disease, famine, pollution, decay, neglect, murder, violence, discrimination, hatred, cold, soulless technology, ‘refuelling’ with fast ‘food’ and deliberate indifference.

What of the curse of personal neglect? Body losing shape and condition, one’s appearance having no value, walking around waddling, scowling, frowning, staring, spitting. Growing ugly. The beautiful child becoming the ugly duck. The f*** you mind set, obsession with media driven agendas. Stopping traffic to save the world and turning the protest into a littered landfill. Telling us what not to do and doing it yourself.

Oh God, I’ve been blessed to have had beauty in my life for almost all of it. In human and feline form. When it leaves you the ugliness rears up like a monster from Lord of the Rings.

Who, apart from God, creates beauty? We do. We are all beautiful and we are all ugly. Ugliness is within and without. Let go of that within and demand that without.

Jack Stewart, from Skiathos, September 2019.

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