Jack 11 Sep 19

A make of toothbrush or the name of a once famous British comedian? The trend of selling out our language for commercial products began many years ago. For example using words like freedom, divine, revolution, ecstasy, the list goes on, for an assortment of alcoholic drinks, chocolate, marital aids and all kinds of crap. Today an Internet search will throw up products, services and “brands” before essence and meaning if the search term is a word like wisdom. The dictionary doesn’t help but just about everyone reading this post will appreciate wisdom. I’ve had a few attempts over the years of sharing mine, hoping my wisdom at least concurs with that uttered (this voice dictation software can’t recognise certain words of my northern accent. Uttered is altered. Maybe Dragon knows something I don’t) by a wise person and I suppose the ultimate goal is for anything here to end up on BrainyQuotes. Maybe. But I can’t act.

Here’s some wisdom from David Icke:

“If you can put a name to what you think and believe in and if you can put a name to the group that believes it you are in a prison”

A point of view shared by many known as spiritual teachers rather than truth activists. Go for it Dave:

“We are enlightened, our perceptual programs stop us from accessing it.”

And as previously revealed by Murdo Macdonald Bayne, the truth can only be discovered for yourself once you have let go of what is false.

Let me bring in (Princess) Diana:

“As each person realises what they can give to each other and what they can give to the whole planet then life will change. And it can change in the twinkling of an eye.”

And there is a lot more where that came from.

We all have within us a spark of the Divine. We know God is everywhere. The time for intermediaries between ourselves and the Divine should have fallen away hundreds of years ago. Consciously reconnect.

When I use the Healing Code process with clients I ask them to identify a source of shared unconditional love. For many it is their partner, for others their children, parents, grandparents or pets. For a select few they feel this Divine connection. Of course whoever is chosen is a bridge to the Divine. How many people do any of us know who operate out of an almost permanent, fireproof Divine state? Even the person who wrote Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch excludes himself from this claim.

Vanessa has been helping me in healing two precious clients in the last week. She was a bridge to the Divine when she was here and, the irony is not lost on me, her healing from spirit may exceed her 3-D healing “power.”

So all my wonderful friends and people I have never and probably will never meet who read this blog the “nuclear winter” of the last three weeks is drawing ever closer to being transformed into a little sunlight. Many things have kept me going, they have been mentioned, and yet certainly the most powerful comfort of all is the knowing we never die and that Vanessa is happy in Nosso Lar.

Once the vehicle of the beautiful soul that was Vanessa Stewart is consumed and the gloom lifts, her family and friends can begin or continue the process that is rebuilding our lives.

I include a picture of myself taken an hour ago at the top of this post purely because I was intrigued if a camera could capture a mood other than grief or despair. I think we have managed it.

Blessings to you all. Namaste.

Jack Stewart, September 11 (is this date significant?) 2019.

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