Your Tower of Babel


“I was in doubt. I now know; all doubt has gone.”

Have you ever been in doubt? What is the opposite of doubt? Faith, certainty, knowing, conviction? There are some people (this is highlighted in the NLP ‘convincer strategy’) who are never truly convinced of anything. Probably me. But despite the lack of 100% conviction, will go along with their choice. We all differ on what it takes to convince us. Some of us have to see proof, some are convinced by what they hear and the rest by what they feel. And maybe we can smell and taste a particular choice. And last but not least, some of us know.

If a decision is absolutely critical, for example divorce, marriage, deciding to have a child, leaving the country, buying a house etc. then we may need a greater degree of certainty and longer to decide. Or we may not. The distinctions of the convincer strategy include:

  • a number of examples
  • a particular length of time
  • instantly
  • consistently

So if you want to sell me a car I might need to look at several cars before I choose. I may need to take an hour or a few days to decide. Or I might decide instantly and lastly I might need consistency in whatever you are ‘selling’ to me.


Bill Shankly (left-Liverpool Football Club’s icon) famously once said that football wasn’t just a matter of life and death but was more important than that. Bill was a hero of mine and still is but I think we’ll stay with life and death as the most important issue of all.

What is possible? If you believe in quantum physics, or even subscribe to it given the mainstream worldview of Newtonian cause-and-effect physics then the world is your lobster. In a phrase? All things are possible. We can “step into” a place of all possibility. A lapsed genius may remind you that your beliefs stop you from going to that place. The context of all this is what is possible for me? Our external world is an out-picturing of our internal world. With caveats.

Put the my truth/the truth argument to one side for a moment and let us address the question of what happens when we die. The answers range from nothing, that’s it, “Good Night Vienna” to we never die, we are eternal, we just change form. Do any of us know until we get there?

I’m on pretty solid ground with most people, excepting (one of my previous incarnations) atheists that “our next step” takes us to a world in which all things are possible, in which the word doubt has no meaning. Many, many years ago (research suggests) that our ancestors communicated telepathically before language dominated. And we also know that many indigenous peoples, for example Aborigines, still can and do. In Heaven/Nosso Lar we have instant manifestation. And I can’t imagine any kind of paradise, any kind of higher dimension, is full of chronically ill people.

Most, if not all, people reading this will have experienced some kind of instant or very quick manifestation following a desire or thought. You lose your keys, you ask or intend or believe they will manifest. They do. You want a soulmate. They come into your life within a week.

In summary therefore we can manifest heaven on earth. Many people reject the idea of manifestation out of hand and could never accept all things are possible. It is relatively easy to write this as I am in rude health and not racked with pain and confusion. When in pain all we want is for the pain to stop. It clouds our judgement and makes it extremely unlikely we buy into all possibility. If fatigue makes cowards of us all, pain challenges our faith.

As a recovering academic, the word faith rarely featured in my life. Surely everything can and should be challenged? Everything? Why bother “clearing out the attic” of falsehoods when the idea of universal truth is a nonstarter?

Go and research the placebo effect and the incredible work of Bruce Lipton. If we are administered a particular drug or procedure or intervention then surely to believe, to have faith in these things increases the likelihood of their success? Do we need to believe in them totally? Do we have to have 100% conviction before things work when we are suffering? If we do and those of us who are incapable of having 100% belief in anything are up against it.

If our backs are completely against the wall, and hope is all but lost and our lives hang in the balance then all that remains must be an unfathomable knowing we can pull through.

I have yet to get to a place of imminent extinction. A few times in my life (trivial by comparison) I have had my back against the wall. In all those cases a seemingly miraculous turnaround occurred. Was it divine intervention, karma (yes positive karma does exist) a strong belief or fireproof faith? And how do you account for a few traumas which can be explained spiritually with hindsight but have no redeeming features? How many miraculous turnarounds do we need to counter the effect of devastating events? If we suffer a series of traumas, without resolution, and without any kind of redemption it is going to take quite a lot for us pack up and move to the place of all possibility.

“S/he is at peace now.” How many of us have to “cross over” to find true peace, to experience total knowing, to be completely free of doubt?

For the past 20+ years I have been a regular visitor, through being on training courses, running training courses and working one-to-one to the place of all possibility. For the times I spend with clients I am in a place where there is no doubt, where all things are possible. Then they don’t pay me. Joke. The rest of the time doubt visits me, as it did to John the Baptist and Jesus to name a couple of Avatars…if they existed…

Doubt heaped on doubt eh?

I have yet to meet the person – I’m sure they exist – who inhabits the place of total knowing. When life throws massive challenges at us the place of total knowing calls us but all we may hear is the siren call of doubt. For one I will still do my utmost to spend longer in the place of faith, certainty, knowing and conviction. And yet I need to go nowhere.

If no one helps me, even though many can persuade and even “convince” me then what do I do?

We are all Avatars. Let go and let God.

Easier said than done? True, but consider the alternative.

Blessings to you all as usual; may you find that place within.

Jack Stewart, September 6, 2019.


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