Give the devil his P 45

satan arm-wrestle-god

This post explores a familiar theme and as always, by exploring that theme shines a bright light into some dark corners.

I more than get the impression that those who read this are of a similar ilk. Spiritual seekers, truth activists or a combination of the two. The familiar path for us is one strewn with obstacles. Setting yourself apart from others, however close they are, can be at times a massive strain. Whenever thoughts occur that suggest letting go of my rebellious nature, I merely have to switch on the TV, go to the local retail park or listen to Radio Gaga.

In going against the grain, the repetition, the blindness, the bias, the manipulation of statistics, the systematic take down of alternative perspectives on the Internet, all take their toll. Yes I’m repeating myself but living with someone like Vanessa took me out of this somewhat combative world which had become all too familiar.

Jonathan Brown knows a truly amazing healer, Helena, who went to see Vanessa a week before she passed. They would have become firm friends had things turned out differently. Helena mentioned her greatest influence (I’m sure I’ve spoke of this before) is Murdo Macdonald Bayne. I’m three quarters the way through his fabulous book Beyond The Himalayas (pp 154-155) and what follows features partly on my Jack Stewart page:

“Now, if you were shown what was false you would find out what was true by yourself. Remember, nobody can tell you what Truth is, you alone can experience Truth when you know what is false. You cannot experience Truth if you accept what another man says, and thus not think for yourself. Those who tell you what Truth is are the false prophets, but you do not know that yet, because you are caught up in your belief…. You have only to look into your mind to see what is there and you will see it is not the Truth, but merely an idea of the Truth. ‘I AM’ the truth. I cannot be anything else, because there is no other life but the one in which there is no division; therefore the illusion is in your mind, a self-created illusion, and that which is created is not the Truth. Only that which is not created is the truth and you do not know what it is but you will know that ‘IT IS’ when you rid your mind of all that is false.”

If you reject the idea that we are programmed from birth, and almost all of the programming is the opposite of the Truth then the above paragraph will not resonate. Another interesting spiritual teacher, the late Dr David Hawkins, suggests that the majority of the population, who are locked into left brain dominance and could be described as asleep, cannot even understand anything to do with spirituality. Their “paradigm” or worldview has no place within it for a higher power and things that cannot be nailed down.

There was a time when I was a false prophet, active in the Labour Party in the 1970’s and 80’s. Yes I knew the Truth and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. Hawkins has another wonderful shorthand way of describing this phenomenon. He says anything that can be described as an ‘ism’, for example socialism, environmentalism, racism, capitalism, the list goes on, retains those who are blinkered. Guilty as charged. Only a fool would ignore the problems of environmental destruction and the evils of racism, but to put your whole focus on these things is a recipe for disaster.

The Truth? My truth. We are all One. If we lose our connection to the Divine our lives can fall apart. Any ‘ism’ divides us, separates us. Hawkins has a great sense of humour and again he restated the obvious by saying if God is omnipotent, is in all things and is omniscient then s/he must be the Devil! So the Devil is humanity’s creation. Works for me.

I’m rapidly approaching the time when my grief over the loss of Vanessa subsides enough to allow me to focus on other avenues of interest, but she is always with me and will always be part of my life. Writing is becoming more important; thank you all for helping me with my trauma.

Rid your mind of all that is false. Quite a tall order but take it from me as one who has still a mountain to climb, it’s worth it.

Blessings to you all. Namaste.

Jack Stewart September 4, 2019.

P.S. For our non-UK readers,a P45 is/was a form given to people who have been sacked or made redundant.

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