Passing through…

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In my post of August 29th, Bargaining Phase, it was suggested that I could have “passed” before Vanessa. This had been communicated to me from spirit by Jonathan Brown a couple of years ago. Well clearly I haven’t unless this was ghost written before August 23rd. I do remember on more than one occasion another “prediction” that Greece would be my final resting place. And also relevant here is-another spirit communication-that we, Vanessa and I, would move to Greece by 2022.

Unless I “ascend” before May next year, when I will be living in Greece, the second prediction is likely to come true. Had my beautiful Vanessa come through her crippling condition, we already had taken steps to look at flats in Nafplio, Greece’s ancient capital, in order to spend a few months a year there.

The themes covered in this very brief post will be resurrected and continued some weeks down the line. Of the many powerful life lessons Vanessa taught me, one was to be more respectful of other people’s worldview and their feelings. I do this as a matter of routine during my therapy sessions. Without entering my clients’ world and for the duration of my time with them not communicating unconditional love I would be quite useless. The incredible privilege of serving, of helping people let go of their biggest challenges and to facilitate (re) connection to their higher selves is beyond price. The truth activist part of my nature had been somewhat more forceful and persuasive. It is impossible to guarantee that this persona has expired, but there is no doubt whatsoever that since my darling passed a more loving, reasonable and balanced man is emerging. The irony is that he was emerging anyway; it didn’t require Vanessa to leave the earth plane. It has all been speeded up.

When anyone passes to spirit, even by “accident”, there is a legacy of unanswered questions. There is a whole plethora of explanations, contributory factors and there will always be unanswered questions simply because we all have a different worldview.

In closing I have read many accounts (and can offer an explanation for some people I knew a little nearer to home) of tragedies, of those who entered this world already at a disadvantage, and of those who in most people’s terms had a shit life.

Anyone who reaches 60 should have had a mixture of highs and lows, curses and blessings, delight and despair. This sums up my life to date and even though I only knew her for four glorious years I suspect anyone who knew/knows Vanessa would agree it describes hers too. Maybe everyone’s.

I will never tire of restating my conviction, my knowing that Vanessa is no longer here in the physical sense but she is with me for eternity from spirit. This post is a necessary reflection before her funeral next week. My higher, spiritual self has already processed the event and will remain calm and at peace. My earthbound self, known to most, is fighting, resisting and is very fearful. The dance between the two of them is intriguing. You may guess which one is in the ascendancy as this is written.

We all know, don’t we, that the beginning of any change, any release, is the acknowledgement of “the issue”. Thank you for your indulgence, have a great week and blessings to you all.

Jack Stewart, September 2, 2019, our “anniversary”; the date four years ago when Vanessa and I first realised we may have some connection…

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