Bargaining Phase

godOne of my favourite terms of self-description is “work in progress”. Having made a study over 40 years of the human condition, the state of humanity and the nature of reality you may find something of interest in this post.

How prepared are we for what happens after we “die”?

I could easily describe my many traits and qualities, plus any recurrent thoughts, regrets and unfinished business I have. But you will have to buy the book. I’m not selling my soul to Google or Facebook. And what follows may infer judgement on my part. For this I apologise in advance but this issue is too important to be hypersensitive.

We are eternal beings right? Every one of us leaves the earth plane as an evolving soul. We may have completed all our business here but no-one is the finished article. If we were, what is the point of it all?

I’m very fortunate not to have had the Auschwitz concentration camp education of Viktor Frankl. If you haven’t heard of his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, it is a must read. To survive that unspeakable nightmare and then to learn and reflect in ways which help the whole world places Frankl in the highest echelons of spiritual teachers.

Anne and Vanessa Stewart have been my most precious and powerful teachers. Had I passed before either of them, which in Vanessa’s case may have happened, I’d like to think they could have articulated what I need to do in my next manifestation. I avoid the word incarnation because it seems to apply only to the earth plane, and I’m not coming back. To sit here in judgement of either of them would be a travesty.

Vanessa’s dad passed when she was 7. I wonder if he could have had an earth plane leaving certificate? What about an “earth school” report to take with us when we die? I’m sure most of you are aware that one of the most common threads in writings about our transition, our journey “back home,” is the life review. And even if you don’t know this you must have heard about life flashing before us as we near our last breath.

(Pause for thought. The sheer futility of existence if we just had this one life. We are all “random events,” life is a lottery, if we make three score years and 10 without chronic illness we’ve cracked it. Frankl knew nothing; there is no divine intelligence, what is the point?)

We plan our lives with our soul group, having had innumerable previous incarnations, and we purge our karma, ensure when we “come down” we will purge a little more. Innumerable lessons, innumerable encounters, choice points to return to spirit and then we do it all again. While it’s a nice idea having an earth school report, the life review makes it paperless. Anything missing from this scenario?

The simple answer? What is the effing point of coming back, time after time, when the pinnacle of achievement is to eat a burger made of (very tasty) artificial meat? Get off the treadmill! Ply your trade somewhere else. Unless you are addicted to the matrix. If you come back here with full knowledge, fine. If you come back here relatively clueless, God help you. And s/he will. If you ask.

If you read Only an Angel Will Do, which I promise will be published next year, you will find Anne Stewart had a particularly challenging life. Yes it could be argued, and I would be one of those doing the arguing, that the challenges enabled her to excel as a healer, teacher and medium. My biggest challenges have occurred in the last five years. What happened in the previous 62 years was a walk in the park by comparison.

In reflective mode this morning, I was looking back at the stressful events in Vanessa’s life. My thoughts then migrated to the well-known stress scale. The maximum score on the Holmes and Rahe scale is 600. In fact a score of between 300 and 600 generates this:

“You have a high or very high risk of becoming ill in the near future”.

Before I continue I am not, repeat not, suggesting that there is a cast-iron cause and effect between stressful life incidents and an early demise. We all know, or have heard of people who have very stressful lives but survive relatively illness-free to old age. But equally if you do enough research and study it doesn’t take a genius to work out that for the majority, stress is the cause of almost all illness. And even if you don’t accept the research findings who wants a very stressful life?

I’m using this approach to de-personalise the very private life of Vanessa Stewart. And it may be obvious that as we get older, the number of those close to us who pass to spirit increases. The death of those close to us is traumatic! It’s probably pretty meaningless to ascribe a score over a lifetime but one thing I will say is that if childhood traumas are not resolved then their effects ripple out for as long as we are here.

In the last four years, my score exceeds 700. I’m staying healthy. Over Vanessa’s lifetime-and I can guarantee there are many things I don’t know, so this score is a gross underestimate-her score exceeds 1400. How significant is the death of one’s father at the age of seven?

You could be forgiven for thinking this exercise is an attempt at post-rationalisation of the mystery of why Vanessa left this incarnation at the stupidly young age of 61. And you can also be forgiven for thinking that a psychotherapist would say this, wouldn’t he? And hasn’t he been plying his trade as someone who can help release these traumas? Mea culpa.

Yup, some people have extremely stressful lives and reach 100. Others have relatively peaceful and stress free lives and book their ticket home at half that age. If I could resolve this dilemma in this blog post I would merit the adulation of humanity, something I could not deal with and would find impossible to process. So, no problem there then.

Having reached this point my feelings are that this post is primarily an attempt to raise some very significant issues that require your attention. It is also an expression of extreme frustration and no little guilt that my self-appointed task as someone who did help Vanessa release some of her Demons was far from finished. I’ll leave it there.

Thank you as always for reading this. I hope to have been of some service. Bless you all.

Jack Stewart, August 29th 2019.

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