Happy when it’s raining.

rain dance

“Jesus said to them: ‘Whosoever has ears, let him hear. There is light within a man of light, and he lights the whole world. If he does not shine, he is darkness.’”

This quote was taken from a Gospel you will not find in the Bible, that of Thomas (24). I’m not sure what relevance it has for what follows but I like it anyway.

I was in a very good place this morning.

Our external world is an out-picturing of our internal world. So by getting into a good frame of mind we kick-start a succession of good experiences. We open the door to “the zone” and “flow” moments. It works and I had this happen to me often. But of course not often enough to convince me. You can’t spend nearly 7 decades on this earth without being influenced by the prevailing wisdom, sorry brainwashing. We all know that the mainstream view is what goes on inside us is a mostly irrelevant, meaningless sideshow whilst the external world is what real, concrete and significant.

(I have to add a caveat here. The speed of change in the world is such that articulating the mainstream mantras is in itself becoming problematic. Planetary awakening is gathering pace and the “walking dead” of yesterday are becoming resurrected.)

Most of us would prefer to go through a day when good things happen. If we have someone close to us who is challenged, we have even more reason for doing so. I guarantee if you read this book, allow it to resonate, and put into practice what you have just learned it will change your life. I suppose like the inverse of the boy who cried Wolf, if I recommend too many books that change lives my credibility will collapse. The essence of the book is that for change to take place we must feel that change, feel the emotions of the state we want to bring about now. Otherwise we are communicating doubt and a state of lack. As the priceless author of this book, Neville Goddard wonderfully states from the outset:

“This book is concerned with the art of realising your desire… There is a treasure in it, a clearly defined road to the realisation of your dreams… Were it possible to carry conviction to another by means of reasoned arguments and detailed instances, this book would be many times its size… It is seldom possible however to do so by means of written statements or arguments since to the suspended judgement it always seems plausible to say that the author was dishonest or deluded and therefore his evidence was tainted. Consequently, I have purposely omitted all arguments and testimonials, and simply challenge the open minded reader to practice the law of consciousness as revealed in this book. Personal success will prove far more convincing than all the books that could be written on the subject.”

Love it.

Back to this morning. Within the space of 30 minutes I received a warm smile and hello from a stranger, found a parking space, pulled up just in time to receive a phone call and had just been given news that a significant relationship had drastically improved.


Then reflection. If it were that easy to programme our day, and we really got good at it, our lives, then surely everything, will be perfect, no more lessons to learn, heaven on earth. As someone who buys into the viewpoint that we are here to learn, we need banana skins to enable us to do so. You can have too many catastrophes though. Another challenge.

To facilitate my goal of mastery of controlling my thoughts and feelings I need support. Going to what I would consider a sacred place, the local cathedral, helps. Religion was inflicted upon me as a child and I don’t need an intermediary to ask Jesus if I’m sufficiently redeemed to enter the gates of heaven. However cathedrals are sacred spaces, and I doubt if those building them spent their lunch breaks trying to get the local population to become born-again Christians. There is sufficient divine energy in most cathedrals to lift the spirit. And so it is.

Just before I went into the cathedral I was listening to some CD’s (they still exist thank God) of American spiritual medium James Van Praagh. He was asked what was the greatest challenge in his life. He answered by saying that we are all unlimited, magnificent, exceptional beings who can throw off our restrictions, heal ourselves and heal the planet. The challenge? To convince people of this fact.

Well it all begins with me and you doesn’t it? Is it easier to convince others of this than fully believe it ourselves?

I’m going to park this blog post here, exhort you to buy Neville Goddard’s writings and await the next offering.


Jack Stewart, August 12, 2019.

P..S. Oh it seems I have omitted spelling out the point of this piece. In case you haven’t guessed it it’s much more difficult to be happy, to operate from the inside determines the outside when it’s raining. Unless you (believe) have Native American roots and can change the weather. I have witnessed the weather being changed. I have witnessed and created, frequently a few years ago, miracles. YOU CAN TOO.

P.P.S. Why the hell haven’t I heard of Neville Goddard until now? Divine timing eh.

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