Pavlov meets Orwell, ft Aldous Huxley and D.A.R.P.A., accompanied by Mr Nice.

sunTruth activism without a spiritual dimension is a cold, friendless cul-de-sac. Spirituality, lacking an awareness of who is manipulating our perception and being ignorant of our origins may create a warm fuzzy feeling but for me it is being adrift on a rudderless ship.

A balance of forces, duality, is about love and fear, “good” and “bad”, light and shadow. The rabbit hole is indeed very deep and if you journey too far and too often there is a danger of hopelessness, cynicism and-sorry for the mixed metaphors-and being back on the hamster wheel.

I know the planet will only be saved through a spiritual solution. Not sure that millions of oppressed people would sacrifice what little they had for that nugget of wisdom. Most of us who in live in the West, not all of course because poverty exists in so-called affluent countries, cannot appreciate what it is like for three quarters of the world’s population. So poverty is a reality for most people. And yes we know that many “poor” people have a simpler, less stressful and better life than those in the rat race.

A recent champion of the individual, Jordan Peterson, continues to refresh a much-needed perspective in a world full of generalisations and isms. We are all racists/sexists/transphobes/Nazis now. It has been written elsewhere, one of the most extreme individual acts, suicide, is also a social phenomenon.

My knowledge of the Second World War, the Nazis and all that went with it was exceedingly limited until I read the Bernie Gunther novels of Philip Kerr. I’m sure I would find few dissenters to the statement that most Nazis were bastards, but not all Nazis were murderous psychopaths. The world power elite may well be dominated by soulless psychopaths, but there are many people near the top of the global pyramids of money, religion, politics, science, commerce, the military and technology who may well turn when the system starts to crumble. Some of them will do this purely out of self-interest, but others will do it because they no longer can live with themselves. And it is happening, and it has always happened.

And we have the phenomenon of spiritual ego. Those who manipulate our hunger for completeness, oneness and wholeness to serve their own ends. Whilst religion is another cul-de-sac of dogma and spirituality is open-ended, not all religious people are write-offs and not all spiritual people are role models.

As Wayne Dyer once said we live in a world of paradox. We are exhorted to be true to ourselves, to be ourselves in the face of a world and even friends and family trying to unconsciously mould us into their “perfect” likeness. The desire from them for us to change can be manifest, in our faces, or more subtle like some kind of Pavlovian dance of reward and punishment. But of course anyone reading this, and myself, is totally free of this accusation! We who know never judge, never manipulate, and never want a world in our own or some idealised image do we?

So we are all to blame, and none of us is at fault. Another paradox.

I’ve often wondered what happens when all the light workers are celebrating, the world has “ascended”, and the bad guys lost. Will we feel overwhelmed by or just have pangs of triumphalism? For some, having dedicated their lives to “the cause”, surely they will feel vindicated?

Many self-help books, spiritual texts and any number of spiritual teachers will tell you to be true to yourself, to be who you really are. Classic question. Who are you really?

We all have a shadow side, and again isn’t it fabulous if we can have a relationship other than with our parents or our children that is based on unconditional love. No conditions. Love me no matter what. That’s one hell of a tall order. There are few people on the planet who could tolerate a relationship in which the other person lives predominantly out of their shadow. Or that is how it may be perceived.

It was only in later life, as both my parents approached their time to pass, that it finally sunk in how much they loved me. I suppose my childhood wasn’t much different to most people. Without boundaries as children we will never become fully functioning adults. We have all been in the situation where we considered parental boundaries as coercive, controlling and sometimes irrational.

“The energy frequency of pure love heals anything.” The classic statement by allopathic, naturopathic and holistic doctor Ben Johnson. I know it’s sucking eggs time. There’s more to love than adoring someone, being willing to do anything for them and standing by them no matter how hard it gets. Sometimes (all the time) it is about how we show our love. The easiest ways are to listen to the other person, to respect their opinions and to avoid at all costs imposing our own will.

Broaden this out to larger society. Most people reading this will know “sun cream” is carcinogenic. Fluoride in toothpaste is ultimately toxic. Young women placing mobile phones in their bras is a recipe for breast cancer. And hundreds of other examples. So how often do we steam in and point this out to the ignorant? To “educate” the masses is a full-time job for millions. To attempt to rescue those slowly killing themselves through ignorance is a fruitless journey to the same destination. And what about free will?

Someone said it was easy. They must have done.

A possible title for this post was squaring the circle. I’ve used this expression many times but have never bothered to find out what it actually means. I like the definition below.

“Philosophically and spiritually, to square the circle means to see equally in four directions—up, down, in, and out—and to be whole, complete, and free.”

So like most of my posts and the posts of the wonderful people, all of you, who appreciate my writing you could describe our mission is to square the circle.

I suspect there isn’t a writer alive who knows with certainty whether his or her cryptic statements are understood by the reader. The more cryptic they are the more clever we appear? I’m not sure this is my motivation, because at the other end of the spectrum (stating the obvious) you can insult the reader. And let’s be honest it’s great when you get it right.

What follows may be too close to stating the obvious, but I’ve given myself a get out clause above.

“Being ourselves” means, our light selves, our higher selves, coming from the heart and the soul. If this is how we mostly are, then occasional episodes of our shadow selves may well be forgiven and forgotten. It is about awareness, looking beyond our own universes, and ultimately, faith. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve told the story of the lab rabbits being injected with a lethal cocktail of chemicals and their failure to die on schedule. Keeping them healthy and alive was the laboratory technician responsible for feeding them. They were kept alive through the love he had for them. Urban myth or not I just hope once he had realised what was happening he left and worked in animal welfare.

Well, we’ve all reached, I trust, that familiar place. Love is the answer, despite our life experiences, the actions, ignorance and occasional vindictiveness of others. As we are all one, ignorance, vindictiveness and any other unwanted behaviour in others is a reflection of ourselves. By being our true, higher selves we will ultimately attract those to us who resonate in the same way and we will also serve as role models and inspirers to everyone else who is on the path.

Love is the answer. And isn’t it liberating you don’t need any qualifications to use it?

Jack Stewart, July 31, 2019.

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Taken from Marianne Williamson’s famous quote from Return to Love, attributed wrongly to Nelson Mandela. I’m sure she was flattered…

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