Synchronicity, Serendipity, We’re all going to die…

Have you ever been woken up to the fact that something massively significant existed in front of your eyes but you never saw it?

I’ve been going to my late wife Anne’s grave on and off, about every month, for three and a half years. Around her headstone are other graves. I will occasionally pay attention to them if they have nice flowers on them, a new inscription or they are being neglected and weeds are blossoming.

This morning, July 25, I went with a truly wonderful human being, Jonathan Brown. Jonathan is a medium but has the wisdom of an 80-year-old Sage in a 35-year-old body. He is the first to admit there are areas of his life that are less than satisfactory. I will resist the temptation to wash his dirty linen in public. Like all of us he is work in progress. However…

His connection to the spirit world, his compassion and empathy, his capacity to spot things few would notice are extraordinary. So there we were cleaning up Anne’s headstone and 6 feet away, diagonally south-west was this:

diana malvern cropped

As you will discover if you go onto our website, have briefly described this phenomenon. This post goes into greater detail. Vanessa has been told that sometimes when a robin appears, it is her father Keith (bringing a message) from spirit. On the grave on the left side of Anne’s grave, there are two small replica robins. On the grave on the right side there is a robin inscribed in the headstone.


On the grave in front of Anne’s there is a headstone inscribed “Evelyn Beaumont.” Evelyn is the middle name of Vanessa’s younger daughter, Olivia.

On the grave diagonally behind Anne’s (north-west) is a stone with the inscription ‘Jim.’ Anne’s father was christened Joseph but was known by most people as Jim. So on some correspondence his name Jim appeared in quotation marks.

The chances of a Diana Spencer being in the graveyard are pretty remote. The chances of a Diana Spencer being 6 feet from Anne’s grave are astronomical. Factor in the robins, Evelyn and ‘Jim’ and you have something to stir the soul. Of these four synchronicities I have noticed one of the robins.

Even the most dedicated ambassadors of spirit can lose their connection and feel isolated and mired in this “3-D” reality. For mere mortals like me this kind of information surprises me at the time it is happening and then I go back to my material world view.

But not this time. I’m sure my friends and family in spirit are sick and tired of sending me “proof” of a world beyond this one. Thank you mum, dad, Anne, Gary, my grandmother and Bee. I get it. I love you.

(Over the last couple of weeks I have had a sense of déjà vu and another round of challenges which nearly pushed me over the edge four years ago. Jonathan gave me a reading on Monday which helped turn me around. The six people mentioned above all came through from spirit with messages beyond price. Thank you Jonathan)

Jack Stewart, July 25, 2019.

P.S. If you want to get in touch with Jonathan Brown, go here 

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