Everything has a silver lining…

link fish bar 2

I’ve been meaning to try out a different local fish and chip shop for some time. The one we normally use is very good, and we only have fish and chips twice at month at most, but I’m a sucker for stories which relate to Greeks. I reckon a sizeable percentage of UK fish and chip/burger shops are run by Greek Cypriots.

Many years ago, Anne and I visited Messalonghi, near Patras in Central Greece, a town famous for its association with Lord Byron. It is also where wonderful sea salt is extracted. We met a colourful character (Greek, what else?) who had run a chip shop on the Wirral, a peninsula adjoining Liverpool for 10 years. Great bloke, who had this unforgettable strap line:

“The better the batter, the better the fish…”

How true!

Back to Malvern Link Fish Bar.

There were a few people in the shop on Thursday night (11/7), and an inexplicable warmth from one of the two young female staff serving. She took my order, and asked, genuinely interested, how I was. My (typical) reply “I’m very well thank you. How are you?” 

“I’m very well thanks. Everything has a silver lining. With a smile that lit up the street.

Now I’m certain many if not most of you who find their way to this site will know that this kind of unbridled, agenda-free positivity is as rare as hen’s teeth in X-Factor Britain. Even some of my friends can find my relentless optimism, even after having dismantled yet another cabal or system serving lie,  a bit much! For me, unless you are an optimist, why get out of bed? You are going to have a shit (Stored High In Transit) day. Whatever ‘they’ are up to, you can create your own warm, fuzzy bubble, which will send ripples out to the whole universe.

Things are rather challenging in my life at present, and the unspoken, if not articulated (mainstream) perspective of the majority is the opposite of this young woman’s worldview. She lifted me, and three days later, I’m still thinking about it. Fabulous.

Optimists of the world unite, you have paradise to re-gain!

Bless you all, yes even those of you wanting to take us down the road to hell. One day you will join us.

Jack Stewart, July 13/7/2019.

The fish and chips? Rather good…


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