Uncomfortable bliss.


Many years ago I read about horrific experiments being performed on rabbits. Been injected with plutonium or uranium to see how toxic it was. The “scientists” no doubt expected the rabbits wouldn’t live more than a few days. But they did. It was discovered later that the lab technician who was “looking after” the animals took them out of their cages and stroked them every night. The love he gave them offset the effects of the lethal chemicals. Yes of course they all died in the end. Maybe they upped the dose or sacked the technician.

Also many years ago I was fortunate to have met a world-renowned Tai Chi master. To watch this man was an exercise in perfection. He was in his late 70’s, and looked about 20 years younger. What I didn’t expect of course is in between demonstrations he would go out of the side door and enjoy a crafty fag. I also remember reading accounts of Chinese men who had smoked all their lives living to well over a hundred. And if you watch this 10 minute video of Bruce Lipton-it is incredible-you will see how it is possible to counter the effects of strychnine poisoning.

In my last post I talked about the need, the requirement, to have faith and belief in what you are subjecting yourself to in relation to dis-ease. Of course if you are given a death sentence following a cancer diagnosis the opposite is true.

Those of us who have spent their whole lives swimming against the tide occasionally wonder what it is like to let go and let the current take us. Ah the bliss of the mainstream. Our wonderful Queen, our much maligned politicians, the integrity of the BBC, the need for wars, the forthcoming death of the planet, the proven effectiveness of mustard gas chemotherapy, original sin, a vengeful God, the quackery and deceit of naturopaths, homeopaths and chiropractors, and the sheer futility of challenging the status quo. Hallelujah!

Oh to reclaim the hours spent putting forward an alternative perspective. One grounded in research, in optimism, in hope. Oh to re-claim sitting in “polite company” in agreement with everyone who unthinkingly and religiously repeats what the mainstream has told them. To enter a “superstore” and not squirm when Muzak belts out from the in-house loudspeakers. To drive and switch on radio Gaga and refrain from comment when the accepted narrative is repeated yearly, monthly, daily and hourly.

I still crave for my chlorinated, “refined” sugar infused, aspartame and MSG riddled processed shit.

Oh dear the mask has slipped.

The supreme irony of it all. As above so below, as within without. What does one do having seen the world of “They Live”? Swap the dark glasses for spiritual pink ones or throw the dark glasses away and retreat into the abyss of comfortable numbness?

Were it so simple.

Bless them all, visualise paradise, forgive and connect to source. But never look the other way when the train is coming.

Discover, uncover, recover the truth. Keep your mind open and be humble enough to realise you know far less than you ever imagined. Dedicate yourself to a life of service, love yourself and keep seeking. Especially within.

Jack Stewart, June 28, 2019.

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