Belted and braced

wayne d

“Fear knocked at the door, faith answered and there was no-one there.”

Old Irish Proverb

Are there any certainties in life? Death, wars and ascension? Wouldn’t you like a greater degree of control of your life, or are you happy que sera, que sera…

If you could summarise the shocking state of humanity, all sentient beings and the planet in one word, that word would be (the need for by those ‘in charge’) control. Just ask George Orwell.

Closer to home if you wanted a book published you would go to several publishers. Unless you were related to George II and write about Winston Churchill. If you go to a restaurant there is usually more than one option on the menu.

Cyclists reading this will usually take with them when riding some tools, maybe a puncture repair kit and a helmet. I have no idea how many cyclists take no precautions in the event of an accident or breakdown. For those of you who travel you will know certain countries have very lax laws on riding motorbikes. Helmets are compulsory in the UK but in many countries they are not.

What is the interaction between risk aversion and being “sensible”? Amongst those who can afford it, how many people have life assurance?

My curiosity was encouraged from childhood. Curiosity can range from wanting to know how things work for example, which leads down a classic left brain path to wonder (right brain) without the need to know anything, just to appreciate the world. And apologies for my broken record bit, but Ringing Cedars and The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of the Everyday will reawaken your capacity for wonder, reverence and awe.

Scepticism good, cynicism bad.

But whither Faith?

If someone told you they were making a 200 mile drive and were worried about breaking down, so they were going to tow a back-up car behind them, you might question their world view. If a friend had contracted a serious illness and they wanted to live, but confessed to being realistic and made arrangements in the event of their death, would that constitute risk aversion, pessimism or diagnosis shock?

“In his healing work, Jesus didn’t imply that we haven’t been having a great deal of success lately with leprosy, but if you listen to me you have a 30% chance of surviving over the next five years. Instead he declared ‘You are well’, affirming faith in the highest spiritual level, and healing took place.”

From There Is A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem by Wayne Dyer page 207.

Do you know anyone today for whom their word or touch would be on a par with Jesus? Someone in whom you had total faith? Maybe John of God? If you had NO DOUBT, NONE, would you automatically heal?


How much faith do you have in conventional doctors? If you are prescribed a drug how much store you place in its ability to positively affect your health?

Over the years I have met dozens of people who have had serious illness. Those who have bought into whatever treatment they are receiving be it allopathic or naturopathic impress me. If someone comes to me and they are taking pills and tell me they don’t like the pills and wish they weren’t taking them I have a ready-made answer. You are telling the body it’s okay to abuse it, and the treatment is worse than the dis-ease . In other words if you are taking anything or doing anything to improve your health believe in it, be congruent or stop doing it!

You don’t have to be a conspiracy realist to know that conventional “medicine” is designed mostly to suppress or manage symptoms. So most prescribed or over-the-counter “solutions” tend to have an immediate effect.

Take cancer for example, did you know true likelihood of surviving cancer and the (conventional) cancer treatment is less than 3%? But if you are told this figure is 40% would you be more disposed to chemo-or radio “therapy” as your recovery method? I’ll leave you to do the research. But please look at sites other than Big Pharma sponsored Cancer Research UK.

What has to happen for us to believe in something when our health, our very existence is threatened? What kind of proof is required for us to subscribe to any actions we take? Must we see it if it is externally visible? Look in the mirror? Hear from others about how well or ill we look? Is recovery defined by the absence of feeling pain? How long can we go on without any sensory signs?

Again, you don’t need a medical degree to know certain indicators suggest dis-ease. That is temperature, blood pressure, “evidence” from scans and X rays.


“Whenever you are afraid of the body, you will try either to protect yourself from it or fight against it. In either case, the strong feeling of being alienated from the body sucks the life force out of every cell. Your cells go into protection or fighting mode, commonly known as the fight-or-flight response; hence, the life force energy is wasted, which prevents them from growing, healing and regenerating themselves.”

Andreas Moritz, Cancer Is Not A Disease It’s A Healing Mechanism page 292.

Now just suppose what you have just read was conventional wisdom. All your life you had been told to love your body, to care for it and to avoid ingestion of harmful or non-organic substances. You switch on the television and there are at least half a dozen dramas and documentaries spread across many channels advocating and practising this approach. Further, all your friends and family think the same. Anyone who thought the body was a collection of parts, bound to wear out and fail during your lifetime, without cause or explanation, would be at best ignored or satirised or at worst closed down or ridiculed. In fact so powerful was the popular belief in the body’s natural healing ability that it was so ingrained that it wasn’t even a topic of conversation. We are on a roll. Just suppose there were hardly any “lifestyle” hazards, no toxic chemicals used to spray our food, no toxic chemicals sprayed in the sky, no electromagnetic fields which disrupt and seriously damage our health and the society in which we lived was caring, compassionate and treated everyone equally.

I realise by expanding at last paragraph to include things which may be considered “Utopian” there is the danger of neutralising the argument about the body’s natural ability to heal.

So be it.

Anyone who knows me also knows that the late Wayne Dyer was one of my favourite spiritual teachers. I have read many of his books and I still feel his presence in so many ways. This post closes with 10 points Wayne lists in the introduction of his book There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem. First I will paraphrase a wonderful quote from the originators of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

None of this is true but it does have consequences…

Here are Wayne’s ideas, or truths depending on how you experience the world:

  1. Everything in our universe is nothing more than energy. That is, at the very core of its being, everything is vibrating to a certain frequency.
  2. Slower frequencies appear more solid and this is where our problems show up.
  3. Faster frequencies such as light and thought are less visible.
  4. The fastest frequencies are what I am calling
  5. When the highest/fastest frequencies of spirit are brought to the presence of lower/slower frequencies, they nullify and dissipate those things we call problems.
  6. You have the ability and the power to increase your energy, and access the highest/fastest energies for the purposes of eradicating any problems in your life.
  7. There are some basic foundations and principles that you will need to understand and practice in order to access spiritual solutions to any “problems” that you may be experiencing.
  8. Your ultimate choice, once you understand these principles, is whether to align yourself with a higher energy field or a low energy field.
  9. In essence, when you finally come to know and understand the world of spirit on an intimate basis, you will see clearly that all problems are illusions in that they are concocted by our minds because we have come to believe that we are separate from our source, which I call God; you can label it anyway you would prefer.
  10. These illusions are nothing more than mistakes in our thinking and like every error they dissolve when put face-to-face with the truth.

Wayne wrote that book 18 years ago, in 2001. He passed to spirit one week after my wife Anne, August 29, 2015. He died from a heart attack having suffered from leukaemia for six years. One of his books sold 35 million copies. He wrote well over 30.

The last word. What would you rather align with?

Jack Stewart, June 20, 2019. Bless you all.

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