Watch Renegade


David Icke is a few months older than me. We both come from working-class backgrounds, he was born in Leicester, I was born in Warrington in the north-west of England. Fame, prior to his awakening, was thrust upon him. It is clear that before his life changed he never sought to pursue a life for the greater good of David Icke.

I have read all David’s books and just recently watched “Renegade” the film of his life. I’ve written a few books; put myself about in the healing and truth activism community here and abroad. There any similarity between us ends except that I’m at one with his message. I smile as I write this because over the years I’ve told anyone who would listen I’ll be quite happy to address an audience of any size. Yes speaking to an audience of 1 million would not faze me.

Somehow, I suspect that potential audience will not be disappointed. Because I would struggle to find the message that would stimulate such demand! Unfortunately I have bought into the Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none mind-set. How to pitch it? A bit of rabble rousing? Having a go at “them”? Revealing secrets, new information? Making people realise the world is changing? Encouraging non-violent resistance?

I think I’ve just described what David Icke has been doing the 30 years.

Where do you draw the line? I always felt an outsider at both primary and secondary schools. Any attempt at selling the Queen, mainstream economics, mainstream biology and conventional “wisdom” galvanised my resistance. Post university, I got lost a few times up a couple of left-wing political cul-de-sacs and took a long time to appreciate the spiritual dimension of our existence. I’ve met some fascinating and highly influential people over the years, some famous, some you’ll never hear of. To paraphrase Archimedes, how big is your lever and where to place the fulcrum? Like Militant of old, start with one city, Liverpool. Ubuntu, one small town. Get rid of the Tories and wheel in a “real” socialist, Corbyn, unless the Zionists or Blairites finish him off first.

Get out of the EU, create a domino effect which collapses the whole rotten edifice? First we take Brussels, then we take London/the Vatican/Washington?

Perhaps the answer is an independent England within the EU…

Sarcasm aside, one answer is to ditch our labels (gender, race, colour, sexuality, income bracket and anything else which falsely defines us) and wake up to the fact we are all one and all in this together.

If you read “The Ringing Cedars” some clues will become seductive. The central figure, Anastasia, refers to both the inertia of the sheeple (not her words of course) and the challenge to those of us wanting to change the world to deliver the message in such a way that it is heard. Again Mr Icke has had these issues at the forefront of his mind for three decades.

To be re-motivated, re-energised and inspired, keep watching those who are at the cutting edge. Do your own bit when you can. As Paolo Coelho once famously captured in his amazing book “The Alchemist”, follow your heart.

Watch Renegade.

Jack Stewart, Thursday, 13 June 2019.

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